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Living the life of an it girl

Novel By: creativegirl11

Based on the most popular girl in school and her love life with the quaterback . View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

We pull up outside my house, Carter leads me into the house,

"No sex," he whispers "I want to cuddle and just spend the night together"

"Alright, we can do that babe." we climb the stairs to my room and enter , I stroll into my closet and grab some sluttly pj's, even though my boy has no intentions of have sex tonight, doesn't mean I can look hot and make him want me more. I change into the quickly and head back out into my room Cart is laying on my bed in his boxers scanning through the movies on the tv. He selects something scary and I curl up against him. I press closer as the scary parts play, eventually I drift off and enter a dream land, I am laying in my bed, Carter is curled up beside me, I glance up at him but his eyes are blood red,

"Oh baby boy you didnt tell me you were a vampire.....I think I like it." I say pressing my lips agaisnt his.

"I could kill you you know,"

"I am willing to take that risk" I say shifting my hair off my neck allowing him to drink, his fangs sink in and its a burst of pleasure, I can feel the wetness building between my legs, Carters seemingly cold hands roam my body, and find my folds of wetness, he rubs gently, he removes his fangs from my neck and unbuttons his pants allowing his dick to come free, I take it and suck it engulfuing the whole thing, he pulls my hair back and rips my clothes off my body in one clean pull. " Oh strong," He lifts me so I can mount him, He slides smoothly into me and I push down to meet his powerful thrusts. We move quickly our bodies rubbing against us, he sinks his fangs into me again and drinks making it much more pleasurable for the both of us, suddenly he pushes me off him and the sensataion of falling jolts me awake. I sit up in bed, and gasp for air never have I had suck an enjoyable dream.

"Babe what is it? Did you have a nightmere?" Carter asks

"No, I had a really good dream," I grasp my throat, no holes it was a dream.


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