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Living the life of an it girl

Novel By: creativegirl11

Based on the most popular girl in school and her love life with the quaterback . View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 7, 2012    Reads: 681    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Hey Guys, well thanks for the read, This is one of my first attempts at this sort of writing, I am looking for feed back please feel free to say whatever you feel like. And i will try my best to update as quickly as possible, If you arent here for the story, just to the sex skip to chapter 2 and keep reading from there. Thanks in advance.

Chapter 1
Why do assholes always attack me??

As the finally buzzer sounded everyone emptied out of the stands and walked out onto the football field to congratulate the guys on the big win. I scanned the crowd trying to find my boyfriend Carter. Crowds of people blocked me view,
"Hey, J," Brandon called to me I turned to face him.
"Hey, congrats, on the big win, you guys played amazingly" I told him.
"Thanks, so how have you been I haven't talk to you in forever,"
"I've been really good really busy,"
"Yeah I think that's the same for all of us," Brandon said I scanned the crowd and saw Carter making his was over,
"Hey, J!" Carter called
"Hey babe," I said walking over to give him a hug and kiss.
"Hey are you joining me for interviews, I really want to show you off,"
"Cart, I'm not a trophy!" I laughed
"I know but your so amazing I want everyone to know that your mine" he said kissing me again.
"I'll be there in a second,"

"Alright," he said hugging me tight and heading back into the crowd,
"Bye Brandon, I'll talk to you after," I told him,
"Yeah, bye J," he said I could see hurt written all over his face,
"Brandon is something wrong?" I asked
"As a matter of fact there is, when did you and duch-bag over there happen?"
"Brandon that was rude, and I'm sorry that I didn't give you the 411 but we've been dating for 6 months how could you be so clueless?"
"I'm clueless?" he says stepping towards me "J I've been in love with you for years how could you be so clueless?" he says grabbing my shoulders. " Tell me you feel the same,"

"Brandon I'm sorry but I can't, because I don't feel the same, please let go that hurts,"
"Not till you admit the truth all you do is lead people on, you flirt like crazy and you don't expect people to gather feelings for, I know you have to like me, you've been flirting with me for years." he says squeezing harder
"Ow, Brandon that hurts please let me go,"
"Than your nothing but a slut, and sluts deserver to be treated like sluts," Brandon leans down and tries to kiss me I put my hands up to push him off,
"Brandon stop I don't feel the same please let me go,"
"Not until you admit the truth!" I can see Carters best friends Jordan and Jason making their way towards us.
"J, is everything okay?" Jason asks
"No its not getting this insane asshole off of me!" Brandon squeezes harder "OW!"
"Bro, let go of her,' Jordan tells Brandon
"Not until she admits that she has feelings for me or she's a slut!" Brandon says.
"OW!!" I cry out. I can Jason texting someone who I can only hope is Carter
"Brandon, let J go she doesn't like you and she isn't a slut," Jason says. I pull back but Brandon squeezes harder.
"Please let me go," I say tears rolling down my cheeks I see Carter coming through the crowd and what happens next is something I never expect Carter runs towards us and punches Brandon in the face, Brandon lets go and I stagger back, someone catches me before I fall, I turn to see Jordan, I wrap my arms around him and start crying,
"J are you okay?" Jordan asks me
"No, I'm terrified!" I sob,

"J?" I hear Carter say I let go of Jordan and walk into Carters arms, "Are you alright? What happened?"
"He attacked me, because he thought I liked him, and he tried to kiss me and he called me a slut because I wouldn't admit my feelings for him." I sob " Take me home please?"


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