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Rosie's Instruction

Novel By: Cloe

Rosie is a wayward and rebellious student, until she meets the new teacher Mr M, who forces her to learn the true meaning of obedience... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 16, 2009    Reads: 2,105    Comments: 2    Likes: 5   

Rosie had been babysitting for Mr D, and now she and Mr D were sitting on the sofa together. He had given her a drink and she had taken it, because she wasn't on babysitting duty any more now that Mr D was home.
Rosie was sitting on Mr D's lap, her back to his chest, her legs splayed out on either side of his knees. Her short skirt had ridden up past her hips and his fingers were brushing the crotch of her pink panties.
She moaned as Mr D's fingers rubbed at her clit through the thin cotton. When he parted the material her smooth cunt was revealed, slick and shiny with her wetness. His fingers slid over her wet lips and swollen clit, one finger slipping inside her.
Rosie opened her legs wider to accommodate Mr D's ministrations; a second, and then a third finger was inserted into her tight wet cunt as he slid her clingy white T shirt up over her pert braless breasts. Mr D squeezed and pinched Rosie's pink nipples as he finger fucked her pussy.
She felt Mr D's fingers slide out of her as pulled at her panties, tugging them down past her knees, off over her bare feet. Unzipping his trousers, he extracted his rock hard cock and wiped it over Rosie's cum-slimy pussy before sliding it inch by inch into her tight little cunt.
She was rocked back and forth, up and down, on Mr D's cock as she sat on his lap, legs akimbo. Mr D's stong hands roamed over her exposed breasts, squeezing them and tweaking her nipples, gripping her hips to him as he pumped her.
Rosie was enjoying being bounced around on Mr D's knees, but he pushed her from his lap and onto the floor.Rosie landed on her knees, her skirt around her waist, her T shirt pushed up over her breasts. Mr D gripped her ponytail with one hand, and with his other hand grasping the base of his cock, he wiped his cock, coated now with her juices, over her face before stuffing it into her mouth.
Rosie choked and gagged on Mr D's length, rammed deep in her throat, as he bobbed her head up and down using her ponytail as leverage. Then pulling hard on her ponytail, he yanked her away from his cock and up onto her feet, propelling her towards the side end of the sofa.
She was pushed roughly forwards over the arm of the sofa, her breasts hanging down on one side and her bare arse raised high on the other. Mr D kicked her feet apart, widening her legs and her parts at the same time. Mr D beheld with pleasure the lovely sight of Rosie's long parted legs. Her white knee high socks encouraged the gaze to travel upwards, towards her bare parted cheeks which hardly concealed her inviting shiny-wet pink cunt.
Rosie felt Mr D plunge into her from behind, his fist curled round her ponytail forcing her face into the seat of the sofa. As he fucked her harder he pulled her ponytail hard, forcing her head up and back, making her arch backwards, raising her tits. One hand snaked around her throat, gripping her hard, choking her slightly, as he inserted one, then two fingers into her arse.
She bucked and jerked beneath Mr D's cock and fingers, simultaneously fucking her in both holes; she choked and spluttered under the hand gripping her tightly around her throat. As she felt a third finger seeking entry into her tight little ring, she felt his cock twitch and stiffen inside her pussy. She knew he was going to cum explosively, and she felt her own orgasm begin to build.
Rosie cried out loudly as Mr D rammed into her with one last thrust, his cock spewing hot spunk deep inside her. Mr D kept his fingers in her arse and his cock in her cunt long after he had cum, and when he pulled out of her she felt a torrent of liquid ooze down the insides of her thighs, testament to how wet she was and how copious his load had been.
She remained leaning over the arm of the sofa, catching her breath, while Mr D zipped himself back up again. Then she pulled her her skirt back down over her hips and her tight white T shirt back down over her breasts, the points of her hard nipples showing through the thin fabric. She put her pink panties in her bag - they were too sodden to put back on - and waited for Mr D to give her the ten pounds he owed her.
Rosie loved babysitting for Mr D. It was easy money, and she always had fun when he came home. She hoped he'd need her to babysit for him again really soon.


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