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Water to the Flames

Novel By: citcat11

Being dragged away from all that you know and being thrown into a world of pain and torture would break most people but it has only made this girl stronger. Will she break free or will someone finally break her down. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 5, 2013    Reads: 1,218    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Authors Note: Hi guys this is my first attempt at writing please give me as much feedback as possible as to whether you tthink this is worth continuing with. Thanks and i hope you enjoy.

Chapter One

Drip. Drip. The eyes that followed the single drop of water falling from the ceiling were sunken and dark. The cold seemed to envelop her small body sending shivers through her, shaking her very bones. It had been two months now and every day the cell grew a little smaller threatening the crush the life out of her but the fire that burned inside was stronger. The men watched the body sitting rigidly on the monitor shaking their heads in frustration.

"This bitch has to break sometime, there must be something that will it the spot" one of them said searching for the answer they all craved. The girls they took usually broke within days and sold for a tidy profit but this one was numb to everything they had tried. The beatings made her bleed and bruise but she didn't break, the starvation stripped all the eat from her bones but she didn't break, they even left her in extreme bondage for days on end but she didn't break. If anything she became even wilder.

"Why don't we just get rid of her?" asked the man with bruising covering half of his face and his nose twisted from a recent break.

"You are just still mad that she got the better of you" laughed the first man but he stopped after the leader of the group frowned at him.

"There is a gentleman coming to view the girls this afternoon, get her into the shackles I won't have her trying to escape again." With a curt nod the leader left the room and the remaining men took one last look at the girl who caused them so much trouble before leaving to prepare for the arrival of the buyer.

Drip, drip ,drip. The anger that burned inside the tiny figure almost consumed her soul. How dare they take her from her home and throw her into this madness. They will not break me was the thought that ran through her mind day and night. She winced slightly as she moved to ease the pressure on the bruises that covered her body and let her mind run over everything that had happened in the past months.

It was dark outside when the door opened to the small house that she called home waking her instantly. She lived alone so who the hell was in her house. Creeping out of her room she peered down the hall way and seeing it was clear she made her way down the stairs and checked the living room. That's when she felt the hands close round her neck throwing her down on the ground and a cloth was pressed down over her face. A body crushed her into the floor stilling her struggles as the drug washed over her and everything went black.

She had vowed to herself the day they threw her into this cell that they could do whatever they wanted to her but she would never co-operate with them, she would never be broken. Since then she had endured every torture they had thrown at her spilling only a few tears and never when they could see. One day she had managed to slip free when the dreaded door opened to admit another sick individual with the usual thugs but she was caught before she could even see daylight, not that she went down without a fight. That brought a smile to her face when she thought about smashing the thugs face against the wall should have been more careful she thought.

The rattle of keys summoned her back to reality as she heard the cell door being shoved open, its rusty hinges screeching in complaint. Two pairs of rough hands threw her up against the far wall holding her there by her throat whilst she writhed and screamed at them. They clamped the shackles around her wrists smiling to themselves at the small victory they had won and turned leaving the girl chained to the wall. Hanging her had in defeat she began preparing herself for the torture she was sure would follow thinking to herself I will not be broken.


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