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Memories of a love past

Novel By: cellissa draylor

This starting out as a simple thought about the past, a memory of a past love, a time of reflection of enjoyment, to be fair I had no intention of anyone but me being able to see it, but it kind of grew much bigger and more intense that I thought it ever would. It’s kind of based on truth, my then girlfriend/lover was taking a journalist course and, long before the internet came along, we thought it would be good to record, using a Dictaphone, to record a sample conversation/pretend interview which later we could pick to pieces and see what and where could be improved, all I have added is a little bit extra detail and taken out the names. View table of contents...


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"When did you first realise that you were lesbian or did you realise you could be bi?"

"I never once thought I was bi-sexual, the thought of being with a man is something which even today makes me feel psychically sick. To me there body is an experiment that has gone wrong, it lacks everything as far as sexiness is concerned, at least from my point of view. I knew I was gay at the age of fourteen, well I could put a name to it, I have always been attracted to those of my own gender, but at fourteen I was old enough to know what a lesbian/gay was".

"Were you at ease with your sexuality?"

"No, is the simple answer, I was educated at a church school and whilst In many respects that was good, being classed as gay is something which you soon learnt to be the ultimate sin. Back then it wasn't the same as now, being attracted to your own gender was seriously frowned upon by everyone, not just religion. I remember the bombing of a pub in London, a nail bomb, planted and executed simply because it was a gay bar, things like that and homophobic comments often scared the hell out of me, so I buried it and just never dated anyone"

"Who was your first true love or fantasy love?"

"My first true love was you, though I know you don't believe that, I remember as a six year old dancing around the school playground, holding your hand, telling everyone we were going to get married. I still remember the look of disgust on some of their faces, even though we were only six and hadn't got a clue what marriage was"

"When did you have your first sexual partner?"

I was seventeen; it wasn't planned one of those drink fuelled events that happen when you're young, bashful and confident just seem to happen. I'd known her about six years; you'd gone off to Scotland four years earlier and devastated me, not that I expect you to feel guilty of course. I'd gone on a camping trip with a friend, well actually in fairness it was just an excuse to get away from home and investigate the pleasures of booze, what the parent doesn't see, she can't find out about, well that was the theory. We headed to coast and one night we got seriously hammered, alcohol tends to reduce the inhibitions and soon enough we were kissing full on, it always amazed me how sexy it was, kissing I mean, lips to lips, soft flesh that was full of nerve ends, which screamed with delight.

I remember kissing her, moving my mouth down to her neck, letting my tongue stroke the surface, mouth occasionally nibbling at her ear, tongue glancing teasing the lobe, hearing her whimper in delight as my hand touched her breasts and damn she did have gorgeous fully rounded and sensitive breasts. The nipples were delicious, to roll them between your fingers, pull or twist, and later suck and bite upon them and watching the shudder of delight ripple through her.

"What was the best and worst thing about a single relationship?"

"The best was getting you for the first time, soppy but it's true, the worst was the day you told me you were getting married, I suddenly realised that you weren't exclusively mine and the thought that I would have to share you with a man of all things hurt like hell, but I soon realised why it had happened and to be honest I couldn't walk away even if I had wanted to."

"Do you remember the first time we made love?"

"Yes do you?"


"Prove it"

"I'm the one asking the questions, remember"

"So, it doesn't mean I have to make it easy for you, I remember every moment of it, how it began to how and where it eventually ended up. It started at the cinema, as the lights went down, I expected you slap me when my hand touched your leg, I remember you leaning over and kissing me so softly on the lips, that I felt my mouth tingle, my heart for a moment flutter and stutter. I remember the beaming smile on your face, the glistening in your eyes, my hand left your leg and touched your face and we kissed again, this time more passionately. I remember how our mouths entwined, how you drew my bottom lip out between yours, how your tongue snaked inside my mouth, searching, teasing, pleasing and alighting my body. God I was so nervous, I was kissing you, I had to restrain myself, fear that if I went to fast you'd run, but at the moment I could have eaten every inch of you.

"I know my hand rested upon your breast, you were wearing a flimsy summer top, I could feel the nipple underneath, now that was so arousing, feeling it stiffen and become aroused beneath my palm, I remember eventually making an effort to take control, I kissed your neck, soft sensuous embraces, my tongue stroking the flesh. I remember also at least half the audience was by that time watching us not the film. We never did get to see the end of the film, we left half way through and went to the only gay bar in the city, were we continued snogging over martini and lemonade. I remember you wearing jeans and to my surprise tights, I had never pinned you as a nylon girl so that was a surprise."

"What do you mean a nylon girl"

"A tights' wearer I had always presumed you'd be into flesh or stockings, prior to that all I had seen you look at was stockings and suspenders, so I just guessed you preferred them."

"I only looked at them because I thought that's what you were into"

"Yes right, I think you can count on one hand how many times I have worn stockings, I've always been a tight's pantyhose wearer ever since I was child, not that a child really wear stockings, but you know what I mean. I remember being in that pub and the landlady saying how nice it was to see a young couple in love and not afraid to show it. That made me laugh because I was terrified, not of the location but because I was with you and you turned me on so much, I also remember telling you I wasn't going to drink anymore that day and that if this was going to advance we should stop drinking. To my complete amazement you said okay and we left, heading back to your place, now I really was both impressed and pulsing with pride, because it meant you wanted me as much as I wanted you".

"Why do you do that?"


"Run yourself down so much?"

"Because I live with me, I'm a realist, I know who and what I am and I don't pretend to be the most gorgeous girl out there. I remember getting back to your place, bloody hell it was a palace, in the most expensive part of York as well on the river bank, everything about it screamed money. I remember the door closing to your flat, us looking at one another, I was so hungry for you, I don't think you could ever understand that, your hands placed themselves around my waist, drawing me into you; the kiss was lavish, spectacular and took my breath away. The way we embraced, held, touched, stroked and teased was orgasmic itself, I could feel my pulse racing and body heating up rapidly. Your hands clamped my ass, nails dug into the cheeks that felt so damn good. I remember kissing the crest of your neck, my fingers unbuttoning the first button of your blouse, my tongue swirling, skimming over the naked flesh, before kissing again every inch where my tongue had been.

"I pushed you back against the front door, I heard you back thud against it, my hands moved down to your jeans, unbolting and unzipping them, drawing them down your long legs, it was then I saw that you wore tights, your entire lower body clothed so seductively in nylon that I thought for a moment I was going to start drooling. I suppose also at that moment you realised what my biggest kink was, other people called them passion killers as I remember, but to me tights were something and still are that is deeply alluring and utterly sexy, added into that you weren't wearing knickers and you were shaven, I thought I was going to collapse with delight.

"I remember putting my hands on your thighs, the touch of my flesh upon the very summit of your rounded hips was incredible, softly my palms stroked, following the shape of your body, feeling it beneath the sumptuousness of the nylon, all the while, our mouths once more began to kiss lavishly, tongue's flicking wildly, exploring, occasionally your lips closing around my tongue as you sucked suggestively, moving your head back and forth. My hands stopped for a moment at the bottom of your hips, the beginning of your thighs, fingers spread apart, and I remember smiling, taking pleasure from the fact that I could feel the warmth of your sex, which meant amazingly to me, I was turning you on. Your mouth kissed, embraced my chin, lips curling around its base, tongue lightly stroking it, my body erupted with delight, I'd never had that before, I breathed deeply as my body shuddered with the effects, my fingertips lightly applying pressure to your inner thighs, not enough to tear the nylon, but enough to know you would feel them.

"I lowered myself down your body, my face drawing level with your stomach, hands moving aside the blouse that you wore, and my mouth moving to embrace your navel. The moment my lips pressed against your belly button, I felt a huge shudder sweep through you, to let my tongue swirl over the indentation caused a million new delights to ripple and surge through you. I was amazed, I'd found a spot on your body that made you sigh with pleasure, an erotic zone that really was totally unique, my mouth continued to feast, to kiss, tongue licking, swirling, before slowly continuing its descent, towards the band of nylon that marked the beginning of your lower body.

"My tongue traced the darkened band of nylon, from hip to hip, then and then back, lips kissing also, deep sumptuous embraces were made onto your hips, across towards the inner thigh, I could now smell the odour of your delight, it was like honey to a bee, the sense of delight I had is still hard to explain, to know that I was turning you on, arousing you and making you hot was something which was a real confidence boost. I opened your legs slightly, just enough so that I could put my head between them, there my tongue danced over the inner thigh of your left leg, deep lustful kisses peppered their surface, tongue roaming freely, feeling the clash of nylon over skin and listening to the waves of sighs that escaped your lips.

"I looked up and smiled as I saw your eyes closed, your face beginning to get lost to throng of desire, I could see the tips of your nipples erect like budding storks of passion that wanted to display their pleasure. You breathed deeply, as I continued to kiss, to smooch, orally make love to your inner thigh and then finally change legs and begin all over again on the right hand side. Your hands held my head; fingers entangled themselves in its long length, pressing me against the flesh as finally my lips moved towards the moistness of your crotch. Your touch was strong, demanding, I could feel the tension within you building, the desire, the need, but at the same time, the want and wish for it all to linger, to sink into you, it was like food for my passion, stimulating and nourishing me, driving me forwards and giving me confidence.

"My lips pressed up against the very summit of your moist feminine sex, a slow exaggerated kiss placed with lingering precision over its nylon covered surface, a teasing gradual flick with my tongue, a long sensual swirl upon its edges producing a violent, yet wonderful shudder from you and gasp of delight from your mouth. I felt your hands tighten their grip, fingers entwining themselves deeper into the mass of hair, pulling tighter as your eyes closed and your thoughts almost became abandoned to the feelings that engulfed you. With the touch of my lips pressing, dragging themselves over the very hood of your warm, sexual moistness, my tongue swirling, flicking, pressing against its surface, tasting the fluid that seeped from within you, smearing over and into the gusset of your nylon tights.

"Each deep breath that you took was a sign of victory, the throbbing of your heart, the tautness of your muscles; the tightening of your grip was a symbol of my reward, the pulses that traversed through your body sent a new wave of delight, a fresh new seepage of fluid which my tongue and mouth worked symbiotically together. My tongue ran down the centre of your gusset, pressing itself tight against the reinforced nylon, feeling the warmth of your sexual organ beneath it, the moistness of the arousal which had spilt from within you. Your head was thrown back, chest arched out, the sigh was dramatic, I could smell the new surge of desire which took hold and consumed you, the desire that was spent from your body. My hands gripped your thighs, fingers digging into their shape as once more my tongue roamed blissfully, before a strong, potent and lavish kiss was placed upon the very centre of your gusset and sex.

"looking up at you, my hands still holding your curving hips, feeling their contours, their shape beneath the softness of my flesh, fingers teasing, stroking the alluring nylon, my face inches from your yearning warmth of sexual treasure. Your face was a picture of agonised pleasure, the swarming delight that swept over you, consuming you, alighting and igniting nerve ends that celebrated in blissful euphoric style, flesh pulsed and shimmered, your whole body vibrantly alive, as your mind tried desperately to focus and quell the ranging storm of pleasure. I smiled broadly, as I began to turn you around, so that you now faced the door, you ass facing me, close to my face, the nylon covered cheeks untouched by my lips or tongue, a virgin expanse waiting, wanting to be satisfied, its surface poised to be awaken from its slumber and the nerves to become excited and stimulated like the rest of you.

"For a moment I could do nothing but look, the appearance of your backside, so perfectly crafted, so deliciously designed was, it seemed almost enchanting, the perfectly shaped cheek of each buttock a curving delight of sensuous muscle, waiting, wanting to be peppered with delightful and enchanting kisses. The tautness of the nylon material spread tantalisingly over its surface adding a mesmerising detail, the very edge or bottom of the gusset still moist from the excitement which continued to seep from within your body, the rising crack of your ass, so tight, so sumptuous, the seam of the tights resting between them was hypnotic.

"muscles within your body had tensed, your mind was waiting, imagination no doubt rampant, you knew what was coming, you could feel my hands holding firmly the curvature of your hips still, the hot sultriness of my breath that impacted against your peachy ass, spreading out like a majestic fan, fading into invisibility, but sparking into life the desire within you once more. Sighing deeply my head inched slowly forwards mouth opening, eyes closing, tongue extending, the tip of it touching, glancing the nylon covered flesh, just below the cheek of where the leg meets the rounded beauty of your ass. A shudder of delight swam through you, my tongue for a moment paused, lingered there in that one position before slowly, ever so slowly began to move following the curve of your buttock. A deep emphatic and unbridled kiss of desire was placed on the spot where leg embraces backside, a slow methodical embrace, laid end with desire, constructed to maximise the amount of pleasure that your body would feel,

"My tongue slowly, advanced, following the contours of your curving backside, its surface pressed tight against the flesh beneath the alluring nylon, feeling the material, as it climbed stealth fully upwards. You breathed deeply, your body once more inflamed by desire, nerve endings awake with delight, every ripple of my tongue against your nylon clad ass sent a new shudder, a crest of enjoyment through you, leaving behind a wake of sensations that flooded, danced and cavorted wildly within you. Pausing at the waist band of your tights, my lips kissed, tongue swirled, my fingers stroked and teased, and your legs relaxed then tightened as pleasure swirled again. Your entire body was a lead weight of desire, heavy, aching and yearning, struggling to remain still, fighting the compulsion to turn, to face me, draw me upwards and embrace the mouth that was bequeathing upon you such delights.

"Slowly my tongue now descended downwards, dragging itself lower, down the centre of your backside, the tip pushing itself against the crack of your ass, allowing you to feel the warm moistness of my tongue and the material of the nylon delving between your cheeks. I felt you shudder, you breathe deeply, you head move backwards as the sensation rippled and flowed through you. In my mind I could see your eyes closed, your thoughts abandoned to an imagination that fed and ignited the wild rampant desires within your body. Drawing downwards, following the curvature of your buttocks, my tongue paused, reaching once more the commencement of the gusset, the scent of your arousal was intense and growing, the hunger far exceeding that which I had expected. I kissed lovingly, and drew myself upwards, turning you around and facing you, with a beaming, broad smile and an expression of utter delight.

"The heavy lustful eyes of your face, told me everything that I needed to know, the yearning, desiring and sexual frustration of your face echoing the sensuous torture of your internal body, I could see the raging inferno of passion burning within you, I could sense and smell the odour of your body and feel the anticipation racing through your veins like adrenaline. Your hands cradled my face, I could feel your sultry breathing washing over my flesh, the deep longing breathes the heaving bosoms, the look of desire shimmering within your eyes, I could almost taste the desire that enveloped your body. Your face moved to the side of mine, I felt your lips close around my ear lobe, a shudder of delight a tingle of desire immediately igniting within me, causing a wave of pleasure to cascade throughout my form. Slow tender embraces, drawing pulling my lobe into your mouth, your tongue tenderly, sensually assaulting it, magnifying the sensations that swept through me.

"Soft erotic kisses that lingered and tantalised my neck were now being applied, mouth and lips working in harmony, leaving behind a wake of desire that sank deep into my flesh, I struggled to contain the purr of delight that was welling up within me, my eyes closed, mind focusing, trying to deny it, as a new wave of sensual bliss leaped from you to me. Kisses of potency were applied to my flesh that was hungry, starved for your embraces lips being dragged over the wakening flesh, a tongue teasing, gliding tormenting and stimulating, feelings that were awakened and provoked into life, my eyes closing as my mind digested the sensations which in truth I had waited an age to feel from you.

I draw your face from mine, this pleasure is something, which as of yet I am not ready to feel, my mind in singularly focused upon just one task and that Is to see the sensual delight tear from you form, to see you being enjoyed, your body cavorting, twisting, jerking beneath my touch and caresses, to feel your pleasure, your delight ripple from you to my mouth. Slowly I draw your top off your body, you stand there, back against the door, naked now all except the black tights/pantyhose that you wear, you figure, majestic in its creation is arousing, stimulating and a banquet of food that I so desire to feast upon. Naked exposed satin flesh that tingles and buzzes, a chest of unique design, so engrossing, so desiring that its almost salivating to gaze at, I know I have lust in my eyes, I can feel it surging through my body, its attacking me, eating me, my sex throbs mercilessly, my breasts heavy, nipples likes storks.

In my mind I have dreamt of this moment for two whole years, visions of seduction that have played out before sleep filled eyes, merging with a tired imagination to create a lustful playground born of desire and a deep seated lust. I breathed deeply, your perfume consumes my senses, its intoxicates me, embalms and floods over every inch of my body, you are becoming an addiction that I need to feast upon, a source of nourishment, a gentle, erotic plague that must be treated, tasted and sampled. My eyes look at the insane beauty of your, the slenderness the curving stature, the mounds of femininity, which sit so delectably upon your chest, pillows of passion and desire that long to be fondled, caressed, kissed, licked and sucked. To feel the erectness of your nipple between my lips, to let my tongue toy, tease, flick over its solid state, to have my head rise and fall with the rhythm of your breathing and hear what I hope to be a chorus of delight escape from your own mouth as I nestled and draw the passion out from within you once more.

My right hand touches, strokes the cushion of your chest, feeling the contours of your breast, from top to bottom, fingers but briefly lingering over the erectness of your nipple, my mouth kisses yours, my lips meshing, sliding against your own as my hand continues to suggestively dance and cavort with all delicateness that I could muster. You breathe so deeply, you kiss so sumptuously, so passionately, that our lips together tingle with the echoes of enchanting lust. My hand touched, pressed against the throbbing bosom, the soft flesh beneath it, the nipple erect and strong, between my fingers, softly, slowly, sensually being tweaked, pulled and teased. Hearing the beating of your heart, the racing of breath, the exaggerated kisses upon my lips was as sensuous as a thousand hands touching my own body beneath its clothing.

The smile on your face, the look on your eyes, the flooding of sensations both pouring into your mind and body was so clearly visible, a soft gentle kiss upon the lips once more, before my head began to work its ways downwards. Slowly descending, kissing the nakedness of your neck, letting my tongue glance the surface with its very tip, as my lips moulded, embraced the flesh which had just suffered the pleasure of my tongue. I could feel your body melt into a shudder of delight, the nape of your neck was where I lingered, where your chest met your neck, there orgasmic embraces were showered, my tongue ran over the soft surface, swirling, dancing over the flesh, instilling more and more sensations into your over wrought and exhausted body. I wondered how much more sensations and desire could be imposed upon you, how much more lustful intent could be surged through your veins , before the rabid, furious desire would lead to an explosion of uncontrolled lust that couldn't be brought back into check.

"Kissing the very tips of where your delicious breasts began was akin to honey to my mouth, soft, sensual, slow and purely exaggerated embraces, allowing my lower lip to be moistened, to be dragged over the sumptuous flesh, to feel my tongue, lightly dance and be joined by my upper lip, drawing all three acts together in one perfect, orgasmic delight, feeling you breath, your chest rise and fall, the power within you surge and ease, wave after wave just added icing to the top of very spectacular cake. Soft lingering embraces, that left behind a trail of devastation and tingling sensations, which sank slowly into your body, being digested and turned into fuel of your own desire. To run my tongue, down the slope of your chest, to let feel the nipple flick against it, swirl around it, to close my lips, my aching mouth around the summit of your exquisite passion and let my teeth nibble and grate at it gently, all knowing the desire, the feelings that it would inflame.

"The first murmur of something erotic escaped your lips, your mind was totally lost, abandoned to the throng of an erotic infection, your body caught up in outbreak of strenuous adult infection, your entire form shimmered and yearned, aching beyond description as I moved target and began to the same potent assault upon the other breast. Your hands held my head, cradled me close to your chest, touch so filled with lurid tenderness, pressing me against you, as if feeding the hunger that was burning, igniting within me. To hear the raspy whimper, a sound of enjoyment, of pleasure was like receiving liquid desire through my veins, my tongue, swirled faster, flicking over the knub of your breast, toying with it, inflaming the pleasure to rise further within you, as my mouth came to rest between your aching bosoms, my lips skilfully caressing, my tongue provoking, kissing the very edges of each breast, of each of the soft satin like mounds that stirred so much desire within you.

"I could feel the pounding of your heart, it's thumping within your chest, the rising and falling of your chest itself, as my mouth and tongue worked effortlessly to harness and develop all emotions that swirled and manifested within you. My hands rested upon your nylon clad ass, fingers massaging the buttocks, stroking, teasing working in unison with my mouth that still refused to dislodge itself from bequeathing exaggerated and profound embraces upon your sumptuous breasts. Slowly my mouth retreated, leaving behind the tingling, buzzing lust infested breasts and began to descend downwards, to kiss, lick the flatness of your taut stomach, to let my tongue glance over the soft flesh, expanding the sensations further still inside you. Passion burnt deep, burying itself into your very soul, consuming every inch of your glorious body, my tongue swirled and danced, cavorted around your navel, which in turn caused a shudder of pure ecstasy to cascade through you, I could feel every ripple, every quiver that traversed your body.

"Drawing further down your body, my fingers slid under the black nylon of your tights, a small but significant kiss, placed upon the crest of its waistband, feeling the nylon and flesh against my mouth, as my tongue gently swirled once more. The odour of your lustful perfume was heavy, arousal had surged through you, leaving behind the thick scent of its desire, it was intoxicating, fuel for my mind to feast upon, digesting into my body nourishing my own igniting sexual energy, as my hands, slowly, tediously began to draw the nylon of your tights stealth fully downwards. Down over your curving and beautiful hips, down to the commencement of your thighs, the gusset of your tights, soaked with the juices spent from within you, the beginning of moistened, soaked quim, waiting for my undivided attention.

"Your legs open slightly, perhaps an involuntary movement, but certainly a invitation that makes me smile, I breath in deeply, inhaling the scent of your arousal, my head inches forwards, I can feel the heat radiate from you, the burning of your sexual hunger matched only by the boiling, searing temperature of your internal thirst for release. Tension builds up within you, I can feel it, muscles straining, waiting, body bracing itself for the initial erotic impact, at the very summit of your pulsating vagina, I place a slow lingering kiss, my lips pressing against the lips, drawing the hood into my mouth for the briefest of second. I smile, knowing that it wasn't going to last long, but the echoes of it would reverberate through you with devastating effect.

"The murmur which flowed from your mouth was long and lingerous, a noise filled with desire and longing for fulfilment, your chest heaved majestically, your feet rooted to the floor, body tensing, muscles straining mind floating into the sensual abyss. Again my face pressed onto your lower body, my mouth curling around the lips of your aching pussy, drawing their lips into my mouth, teasing the sensations, feeling, tasting the nectar of your desire. Another murmur, louder this time, as my tongue delved into the moistness of your sexual crack, penetrating the fleshy folds, sinking deep into the treasure of female honey pot. Each breath that you took sent a wave of pulsating enjoyment through you, every caress my mouth made, every stroke or swipe, stab of my tongue, plunge you deeper into the sensual wasteland.

"Your hands held my head, as if guiding me towards the aching, longiness of your desire, my mouth feasting, kissing, sucking upon the silken lips, tasting the lustfulness of your body. Deep passionate embraces, my face pressing tighter against you, my tongue delving, searching, flicking over the nub of your clit, stroking it with an explosive delight. Your grip upon my head increased, your body tensed, as my mouth began to become more forceful, more demanding, holding me tighter against your sexual delight, your warm fluid seeping from you into my mouth and coating my all my teeth, tongue and throat.

"Your body ached, yearned for the excitement that was building, your hips began to gyrate, as my mouth continued its sensual assault, long lingerous embraces, teeth nibbling at its lips, tongue searching, toying with the clit of your desire, watching the sensations consume and override you with an infectious delight. I felt every twitch of your muscles, every rise in your body temperature, every strain and tense that you made, I could feel the struggle within you, the clinging onto and holding back the flood gates of your desire, beads of sweat formed on your flesh, nipples ached, clit pounded, heart rate soared as my mouth continued, determined to exhaust and expel every inch of your body's desire. You started to buck, to twist, your hands erratic, your breathing so potent, the juices flowing, the struggling reaching a conclusion, a shrill of pleasure, a violent shudder and soon my mouth was being overwhelmed by the desire of your passion. The flood gates had opened, pouring, gushing from you into me, my mouth desperate to sallow, to suck and lick every piece of the fluid that you expelled, shudder after shudder, wave after wave, my mouth feverishly working to cleanse your sex of its delectable juices, until you could barely stand.


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