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Sexually transmitted...

Novel By: casinoboss

Tommy wanted a simple night on the town. Something fun with no drama. Haley was just 16, and had visions of her own for this Saturday night. Rose was recently divorced and just didn't want to be alone. For all of them, Danny Oceans was the solution. A vigorous hot spot along the beach was sure to give each one exactly what they wanted..maybe even more. View table of contents...



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This is part one of a saga outlining a relationship between casinoboss and sugarbabe...She may even contribute her own POV from time to time.

This is chapter 1- A Night To Remember

Tommy pulled his Ferrari in under the breezeway at Danny Oceans Bar and Grill on Pacific Coast highway around 10:00 pm. It was a Saturday night, and the hottest spot on the beach was crowded.

With a capacity of 490, Oceans was always packed, and usually had fifty or more waiting behind the velvet ropes.

Tonight was no different.

But, like everything else in his life, things just came easy for the son of rock and roll legends Jimmy and Sally Castle. Brought up on the road with them, Tommy learned very early how to win friends and influence people. If that failed, there was always cash to grease the squeaky wheel.

A fifty to valet, meant a nod to the doorman that held the keys to a night in Heaven in his hands. Assured that a hefty tip was on its way, the doorman dropped the velvet rope seconds before a hundred dollar bill hit his other hand.

Oh, the line jumper was yelled at of course, but being yelled at was nothing new to him.

Once inside, the steady thump, thump, thump from the sound machine operated by an energetic black woman assured Tommy he was in the right place. The crowd was a mix of college kids, business people still in suits from their shitty office jobs, older couples out to renew whatever had passed them by, and the always present odds and ends. A fairly typical mix for beach clubs in Southern California.

He worked his way through the bustling crowd that was bouncing up and down to Lady Ga Ga's 'Born this Way', finally ending up at the waitress station at the end of the main bar.

At 6'5", he had to look down at most everyone in the joint, except the occasional linebacker bouncers that such places employed on weekends to take out the trash.

A tiny voice came from under his right arm, "Hey..wanna dance with me?"

He peeked under his arm and saw a very young girl, clearly not old enough to be there, wearing heavy eye shadow and purple lip gloss.

A smile formed at the corners of his mouth when he said, "What?" and glanced at a redhead a couple of barstools away.

The redhead with long red hair cascading over her shoulders, dangerous green eyes, and perfect blow job lips covered in orange lip gloss, was seductively smoking a cigarette. Their eyes met and the chemistry struck them both.

"Hey!" the young girl tugged on his elbow, "Coming?" then grabbed his hand and dragged him into the crowd. He glanced back at the mysterious redhead and wished it was her hand in his.

The song ended before they worked their way deep into the crowd.

"Well, fuck me." The young girl said.

"My place or yours?" Tommy said with a grin as he turned back towards the bar. She got on her toes and whispered as the DJ ignited the room with 'Bad Romance'.

"I don't much care now that you mention it."

Unsettled by her remark, "How old are you?"

"Old enough." A slow kiss on his mouth started an erection. He reached behind her and pulled her tight against him and said, "Not tonight, honey." The expression on her face told him he had damaged her tender ego, so he recovered nicely with, "But, I'll take a rain check if that's ok?"

They stopped at the bar where the young girl slammed back a shot of tequila and lit a cigarette, then kissed him with her smoky lips. "You sure you don't want me tonight? I might not be available later." Then sucked on her cigarette as he replied, "I'll risk it."

After she walked away, he sat on the barstool next to the redhead. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"Thanks, but I have a drink." She remarked with her pouty lips poised for a drag on her cigarette.

"The next one then?" He asked as he lit a cigarette and turned to her. She exhaled and said, "We'll, see."

The music began again and the young crowd drifted from the dance floor. Joe Cocker's 'You are so beautiful' shot out from the twelve speakers, leaving mostly young lovers and married couples still eager to dance.

Well, it wasn't exactly dancing; more like holding and grinding mixed with some heavy kissing.

"I do like this song." She said as she flicked her ashes in the crystal ashtray. He looked in her green eyes that had welled up and quickly surmised that this was a woman grieving over a lost love.

"It's true." He said as he touched her hand gently.

"What's true?" She asked dragging on her cigarette.

Once again, he smiled and replied, "You are so beautiful.."

Her heart did a quick flutter as she realized that it had been a long time since anyone had told her she was beautiful. Tommy had it right, although he didn't mention it to her. The fiery redhead was grieving over a lost love. Her husband had recently left her for a 17 year old slut . Now, everything that was hers; husband, house, furnishings, cars, expensive vacations were now the property of Amber Malone, aka 'the 17 year old slut'.

So, quite naturally, she was taken by the attention this handsome hunk was paying her.

"Are you flirting with me?" she asked as his thumb rubbed the back of her hand.

"I'm giving it my best shot. How am I doing?" Another broad smile dimpled his cheeks.

"Not bad. But, I'm not biting just yet." She held her cigarette between her teeth and used both hands to raise her long hair from the back of her neck.

"Must be using the wrong bait. Should I try something else?"

"I know you dance. I watched you and that little girl earlier. Did you know her?"

"No, and didn't and still don't."

"You kissed her. Do you always kiss women you don't know?"

Tommy leaned to her smoky mouth and kissed her lips softly, then said, " I typically don't…unless provoked."

"Have I provoked you?"

"You intrigue me. What's your name pretty girl?"

"Rose…and I'm no teenager looking to get laid in the backseat of your car, which I assume is a big Cadillac or Lincoln. I don't know you, but I have known dozens like you and they all have big fancy cars and a line of bullshit that has women crawling all over them. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some serious drinking to do."

Tommy stood and tipped his long neck beer back swigging out the last few drops, then stubbed out his cigarette and walked away.

What purpose would it serve for him to get into a beef with a woman in pain?

It was Saturday night and still early. The really hot babes usually start coming in after midnight, so he had plenty of time to find more suitable company. Disgruntled divorces were not his strong suit anyway. They always have to explain the myriad of reasons that their husbands pulled the plug on their perfect lifestyle.

Fuck that. With five marriages under his belt, he was in no mood for romance.

Fortunately, things really did come easy for him as the young teen grabbed his hand and dragged him through the crowd and out the back door, right past the lonely redhead lighting yet another cigarette.

Once outside, she pushed him against the stucco wall and climbed on him, wrapping one leg around his. With both arms hooked around his neck, she kissed him long and hard until his cock strained at his zipper.

"Let me help you with that honey."

In a flash she had unzipped his slacks, reached inside and pulled out his big cock.

"Hmm. Well, this should be fun!" She held it with one hand and slipped it in her mouth. He leaned back against the wall as the young girl performed a first rate blow job on him.

With one hand on the back of her head, he calmly lit a cigarette and was enjoying the moment.

The teenage lips wrapped around his cock were moist and shiny under the summer moon and he did enjoy watching her worship his cock. Worship as in sucking it so hard her cheeks caved in, then pulling it out which made a popping sound, accompanied by ample cock kissing before smearing it around her face.

Back inside Rose was rethinking her conversation with him. Why had she been such a bitch? Ok, he reminded her of dozens of men she had been with before she married Frankie Sullivan. Her previous romances had all been with players that she had met while out clubbing. Clubbers made lousy husbands and wives, so when Frankie bumped into her at a flower shop , she was immediately smitten with his dashing good looks and polite manner.

Six weeks later, they flew to Vegas and got married at a drive up window chapel. $89 bucks and no flowers, no pictures, no music except what was on the rental cars radio. She should have paid attention to the song. "Unfaithful" by Rihanna.

But, Frankie wasn't unfaithful right away, or at least she hadn't caught him cheating in those early years. However, the last couple of years, he was getting home later and later. Now, what plumber works until midnight?

Well, he wasn't actually a plumber anymore. He owned the largest plumbing and supply store in Indianapolis, which meant he was not just rich; he now had to go to conventions monthly. We all know what happens at conventions. The Amber Malone's of the world happen.

Rose tapped her glass at the bartender for another Long Island ice tea. He grinned at her as he stepped down the bar and stopped in front of her. "That's not happening. How about some coffee dear?"

"I don't want coffee." She said with volumes of smoke pouring from her mouth.

"It's coffee or soda. You're on number 5 hon, and they've been strong ones. I have a license, a very expensive license to protect, and John Law sits right outside every weekend just waiting for pretty girls like you to whip onto the highway. So, coffee or soda?"

"Pepsi then. And not out of the gun…I want a can and a glass." She stubbed out her cigarette in anger.

He replied, "One Pepsi coming up. Might help bring you to your senses."

Angrily, she shot back, "There's not a damn thing wrong with my senses!"

He heard her, but walked to the cooler to grab a can instead of just pushing the Pepsi button on his dispersing gun.

Another cigarette was in her orange mouth as he set the can and glass on the bar. He lit it for her and said, "A sensible woman would not have run off Tommy. Big mistake."

"Who's Tommy?" She said as she exhaled.

Pouring her Pepsi for her, he replied, "Tommy Castle…the big dude you shooed away."

"Is he a big deal around here or something?" Rose quipped.

"He's a big deal around here…in fact, Tommy's a big deal everywhere. I guess you don't watch TV?"

"Not much. Why?"

"He's on TV here all the time…channel 54…a cable channel. He has a show about gambling…you know one of those informative kind of shows where they give lessons on shit. Since he was a big shot at Caesars, he gives lessons on blackjack, craps, roulette...then sells his videos at the end of the show. Not that he needs the dough. Comes from money and lots of it. Smooth move letting Haley have him."

"Haley? The little girl?" A slow French inhale curled over her wet lips.

He nodded."Right."

"Well, you served her…and I know she's just a baby."

"She's also on my license…as part owner. My bothers kid…he died and she inherited his share of this place."

As if she needed any more shit to deal with, Frankie and Amber casually strolled through the velvet ropes. Instantly angered, she asked, "Where did they go?" then reapplied her lip gloss with a double coat.

The owner/bartender motioned to the back door.

She hopped from her barstool and walked to the back door. There was no reasoning with her now. A quick glance at her ex and the teeny bopper who now had everything she had worked years to have and to hold was all the inspiration she needed to open the back door and step into another world.

The noises were obvious. Noises she herself made thousands of times before. Her pussy twitched and moistened her silk panties.

Rose headed for the sounds and found the source quickly.

The teen was bent over a trash can being stuffed with his big cock. The sight sent tingles down her spine and it intensified when she saw him smile and crook his finger at her. Clearly, he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

No words were spoken. They simply weren't necessary. He bundled her under his right arm as he pumped his cock into the stunning teen. Rose lifted her glossy purple lips to his for a long steamy kiss.

Their tongues danced as they moaned in each other's mouth. His right hand had made it to her round ass rubbing it slowly as his cock buried in the little girl. Rose was so hot, so unbelievably hot, she soon found herself atop the trash can as the youngster ate her pussy. Tommy was now fucking one and kissing the other.

After a few minutes, they switched. The young girl had her legs over Rose's shoulders, as Rose went about bringing her to orgasm again and again. Tommy's thick cock was punishing Rose with each stroke.

The teen grabbed the back of Rose's neck, under her silky red hair, and pulled her tight against her cunt. Her tongue darted in and out of the youngest pussy she's ever enjoyed as Tommy held her hip with one hand, while the other reached around and massaged her tits. Rose the divorcee' and the teen were in Heaven.

Rose reached down and rubbed her swollen achy clit furiously as her tongue fucked the nub of the teen's clit.

It was coming hard and fast and they all knew it. They felt it from their partners. The teen squeezed her legs around Rose's neck, Rose's pussy tightened around Tommy's cock, as it swelled inside her.

Suddenly, a joint scream "OH FUCK!" echoed down the alley as the threesome squirted cum everywhere.

The teen hopped down and kissed Rose hard and said, "C'mon baby…he's not done!"

Rose looked behind her and saw him jacking off on her ass. She quickly spun around and the twosome went right to his cock. Between the tongue kissing each other and his cock, Tommy striped their faces with his thick cream.

Tommy watched as the two sexy women slurped his cum from one another's face.

The teen smacked her lips in delight. "Wow, what a fucking night! My first threesome and it was fucking amazing!" She lit a cigarette and started for the back door. Resting a hand on the brass doorknob, "I'm here every night…We just have to do this again...ok?" then disappeared as "Time after Time" by Cyndi Lauper poured out into the alley.

Rose zipped up Tommy slacks and stuffed her panties in her handbag.

They held each other and kissed for a few minutes.

"I do love your lips, baby. It's just your mouth you need to work on." He lit a much needed Marlboro. After dragging and exhaling, she took it from his lips. "I am sorry about that. I'd like a chance to explain."

"Please don't. This isn't my first rodeo. Now, I can take you to my place since you're clearly not sober enough to drive."

She kissed his smoky mouth and replied, "Or you could take me to my place."

He picked her up and carried her out front to valet as she kissed his neck a thousand times.

Valet pulled his red Ferrari to the curb, and opened the passenger door. Tommy gently set her in the red and black leather seat and kissed her softly. "Let's go home momma..

"Whatever you say daddy. I'm leaving everything up to you."

Rose leaned against his arm as he sped down PCH towards his penthouse in Hollywood.

Not even the roar of his 550hp engine disturbed her sleep.

It had been a very different, yet strangely familiar night for her.

Her dreams would be of Tommy Castle tonight.

Was he THE one?


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