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You, Me, He and She ;)

Novel By: caribbeancarmel




Submitted:Dec 11, 2013    Reads: 1,795    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1. Let Sleeping Dogs Lay…Or Not

"CHARLENE!" I've been calling my assistants name for the last minute and a half. I called her in my office so that we could discuss the up and coming wedding that we have yet had time to hash all the details out for. It's times like these when I regret sleeping with her. "CHARLENE…" this is becoming extremely aggravating and time consuming. I don't have time for her "I want to soak this up" after glow bull shit. If I knew she couldn't handle a good cum I would have never taken it there. "Let's try this again", I say to myself. "Charlene" I whisper against her ear, we're laying on the floor in my office and I had just finished making circles, playing splish splash with her love spot. I begin to rub my fingers up and down her spine gently exploring each vertebrae, I can feel her back arch bringing her ass closer to me. She moans and softly giggles "Yessssss baby?" I'm in control so even though her soft sexy voice brought a puddle to my panties as her words danced across my ears I wouldn't give in to the lust that was lurking near. We had business to handle and my business always comes first. "Pull your thong up and get your notepad out," I say as I push her away from me and stand up. I snap my La Pearle bra back in place and snap the buttons to my ivory silk shirt. Something about wearing expensive feminine lingerie sends chills up my spine, I grin to myself as I catch a glance of Charlene's body. Shaking my head and biting my lower lip, men break their necks to check her out and break their wallets even more trying to get a shot at spreading those lips like I just did. Licking my lip at the thought of what just conspired I zipped my pencil skirt and stepped back into my Louis Vuitton's. I walk over to my desk sat down in my plush black leather seat and pull out the file on the Miller wedding. "Here's the file on everything you'll need for the vendors. I've been very detailed with what the couple wants, I want the flowers, cake, and venue booked for appointments today. I'll need you to contact the bride for her invitation list, we'll at least need a rough draft no later than this weekend and as far as the DJ the groom says that he has a "friend" as I do air quotations, but you know what that means so have four on stand by and I'll set up the interviews with them personally." I sit back satisfied that I've given her sufficient information to get this work done. But Charlene is a procrastinator always taking her sweet time to half ass do things. This is why I'm giving her a copy of the file a week early. To be honest, I should fire her but the way she eats my pussy is worth the incompetence…. For now at least. She gets up and leans over for a kiss, I lean back eyebrow raised "you know better… keep it simple or cut it off." She stands up her face now twisted up with an ugly look of contempt "whatever Nadine" as she stomps out slamming the door. She's lucky the building is just about empty. I don't do drama and she knows this. I don't do relationships or love, this she's also well informed of. Charlene and I are a fling. Simple. Like ABC…123. The same kind of fling you have with your roommate sophomore year of college when you're way less timid and way more ambitious and exploring. This that we have, is nothing and going nowhere. Now I hate to be cruel and shove these rules in her face Char is hardheaded so I have to tell her every time I let her have a taste and every time I quench mine. This is sex. Period. I shut down my computer, close and lock the drawers to my mahogany desk and get my Louis handbag out from the cabinet behind me. I grab my cell phone and see I have three missed calls one from my brother, dad and …. Who is this…? I shrug my blazer on as I scroll down to highlight the number, I look around the room making sure everything is organized and put together just right. I'm controlling and I need to have things done a certain way, I've always been this way. My brother says I have OCD, my dad claims I'm just particular. Either way I don't care I like to have things my way, a certain way and that's that. Once I'm satisfied that each thing is in its place I grab my keys and coat and head out the door. I lock the door and hit send I placed the phone between my ear and shoulder and walk down through the cubicles to the main lobby I walk to my private elevator which conveniently had no cameras and just as the doors open a deep baritone voice answers the phone. I gasp as the voice courses its way through my body sending shivers up my spine "oh my" I hear myself say out loud. "Hello?" the voice says, my throat is dry all of a sudden and I lose my words "what the heck is going on with my throat?" I think to myself. I take a deep breath and clear my throat. Feeling my authority rise back in me I swallow remembering who I am, I state very smooth and confidently "yes I have a missed call by this number did you or do you know who called me? And if so what is your phone call concerning?" Mr. Mysterious laughed at me and all of a sudden it was happening I was getting dizzy with and unknown need an unexplainable yearning and his voice oh that voice was driving me mad and I didn't even know his name. "They told me you were bold and a take charge woman… I like that. Let me introduce myself my name is Damien Winters and I am partner at Winters and Winters investment firm. Normally I have Alicia my secretary handle this but she's out for the day. I have a client very interested in your company. I was hoping to set up a meeting with you to discuss stock portfolios, possible investors and our future endeavors. I don't know when you're available but… Somewhere in all his talking I drifted to my own place and his words became an aphrodisiac to my inner beast unleashing a dangerous side to me. Because as Mr. Winters was speaking to me my hands had found their way up my skirt and to my pussy I leaned against the wall and began to rub the outside of my moist lace panties. I feel my juices seeping through the fabric. I hooked my index finger on the fabric and pull moving them away freeing me a little. Cool air hits my pussy and I take a sharp breath in hoping he doesn't hear me. I use my thumb and middle fingers to spread my sticky moist lips apart. With my right foot planted behind me, knee slightly bent I began to rub my clit with my index in short circles. Warm liquid begins to flow down my leg. I feel myself tremble. I spread my left leg out a little more giving me more room to play. "Mmmmm yessssss" I whisper to myself "keep talking" I beg him with my mind. I move my middle finger down and begin to rub my entrance oh so slow that I nearly cum doing it. Not being able to handle it any longer I shove my finger in, warmth and wetness surrounding me. I quiver as my eyes flutter close pretending that its Mr. Winters hand up my skirt. My muscles tighten around my finger as I find my G spot. "Ohhh I fuck me so well" I say to myself in and out, I plunged a little deeper each time Mr. Winters spoke a word. I was almost there I could feel it, my breath was caught in my chest my knees were ready to give out sweat was dripping down my spine to the small of my back. By now everything was all over the elevator floor everything but my phone, no that I was clutching with all I had to my ear. I allowed my knees to give in and slid to the floor keeping my weight against the wall so I wouldn't collapse. I let my knees fall to each side pulling my middle finger out, I placed it in my mouth. "Mmmmm" tasting my sweet nectar only made me wetter and more angst with need. I placed my index and ring fingers in my mouth as well getting them all wet. I placed my thumb directly on my clit and pushed my three fingers deep into myself. My pussy cried out in joy as she adjusted herself for the invasion. Back and forth in and out my juices were sloshing out onto my outer lips and down my perfect plump ass. I never noticed the silence in the background or the sexy heavy breathing that started seconds later. My muscles began to twitch and my wet pussy began to clench even tighter around my fingers. "I'm cumming" I moaned out loud "ohhh daddy I'm cumming" I rub my clit faster trying to achieve two orgasms at once. And then I finally heard something on the other line "cum for daddy baby….yeah that's it…..mmmmm….yea… just like that… mmmmm… let daddy hear you cum." With that my body got stiff then whoosh my love juices poured from me, the very same fingers that brought me to ecstasy my now are digging holes in the carpeted floor. His last sentence snapped me back to reality. "Excuse me, Mr. Winters you say it is? Please do not make the mistake of assuming we'll have future endeavors. And as far as a meeting please feel free to call my office and my secretary would be happy to schedule an appointment." My voice dropped one octave and with enough venom to kill a city I said very icily "and don't ever make the mistake of crossing professional and personal the boundaries with me. I don't know what gave you the reason to think you can call me on my personal cell phone, a number I clearly did not give you. I take my privacy seriously and I hope you can respect that. Lose this number." And with that I disconnected the call not needing to hear another word. Once I my breathing calmed and I was able to get myself together I saved his number and made a memo to look him up. I placed my phone in my bag and picked up my jacket from the floor. I pulled my disheveled skirt down and smoothed the edges of my pony tail once I was put together I pressed LL. Feeling no regret or shame I walked out head held high, walking in my normal confident stride I click the remote to the car and the engine begins to purr. "Hmmmm, just like my pussy" I giggle to myself. I put my stuff in the trunk and enter the car. This week is going to be an interesting one… I pull off and head to my condo excited about what the rest of my evening may bring. "Dirty dirty girl "chastising myself in a girly sing song voice while looking in my rear view mirror. "Ha who cares? I am Nadine King hear me roar baby! Hear me roar!"

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