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A Unwelcome Visitor.

Novel By: Callmefelicia

Julia, a 23 year old, who works at a local bar with obnoxious men, snobby women, and a rude boss, comes home from a long day of work around midnight to find her door open and all the lights in her apartment off. She enters looking around, trying to see if anything was stolen and shuts the door. She enters her room, sliding out of her coat, about to lay it on her bed until hands grab onto her, covering her mouth and nose, and then everything goes black. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 5, 2011    Reads: 1,864    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

A/N: Hey y'all! I'm sort of having a little difficulty trying to figure out this whole thing, so messaging me for help would be extremely nice! I really, really appreciate the words of encouragement I got on the first chapter! I'll definitely try making this chapter longer! Just comment and let me know what you think! xx.

Chapter Two.

I wake up to the sound of two men talking, and go to rub my eyes until I realize my hands are tied together with what I assume to be tape and that I'm sitting in a chair blindfolded. I wonder how long I've been here, where I am exactly, and who I'm with. I try to talk but can't because a rag is tied around my mouth, making my voice muffled. I then resort to making as much noise as I can and thrash my body violently. The two voices stop and I hear footsteps walk toward me. I yank at the tape and try screaming until a fist collides with my cheek making me go quiet.

"That shut her up." One of the voices say. The two men let out raspy cackles until a door opens making them silent.

"I told you two to come to me when she woke up. I told you two to come immediately, and to pay close attention to her. I guess that was too much to ask for." A new voice says, and shortly after I hear what sounds like a hit and then a yelp. There's a silence for a minute or two, and I start panicking. I yank at my hands harder than before, making the tape rub it raw. I start to cry silently when it doesn't rip in the slightest bit.

"You two, leave. I want to speak with her." The newest, superior sounding voice says. I hear the door open and close again and then footsteps slowly making their way to me. I cower my head down, trying to avoid getting hit in the face again. I feel him staring at me, observing me, and I squirm a little, feeling uncomfortable. A finger nudges my face upward by the chin and I crinkle my nose a little. The finger strokes my cheek and I try not to flinch, afraid of what would happen if I did. The hands belonging to the voice go to the back of my head and untie the rag around my mouth. I move my mouth around freely and lick my chapped lips.

"Tell me your name." The voice says. I sit there, dumbfounded. A hand grips onto my shoulder, almost painfully making me blurt out.


"Julia....What is your last name?" The voice says, sounding closer to my face.

"Hampshire..." I say softly.

"Do you know why you're here?"

"Er....how would I know?" I ask, almost irritated at the question. I hear the man chuckle a little, and feel his fingers stroke my hair a little.

"Just a question, love." I immediately scowl at that response.

"Why am I?"

"Well...you see....I've been noticing you for awhile, but never had the courage to ask you for your name. I took the liberty to ask around, but it seems that you keep to yourself in that god awful place. I don't know how you could stand living there. I was visiting some old friends, and decided to go have a drink at some old bar and saw you. At that moment, I decided to make you mine. My slave that is." The voice says happily. My scowl deepens and I begin to shake.

"What...? What makes you think you have the right to just take someone out of their own home, and call them your pet? Are you crazy?" My voice begins to rise and I feel myself heating up with anger and fear. I feel hands on the back of my head, untying the blindfold. When my eyes become exposed to the brightness I lower my head and close my eyes, and open them slowly, letting them adjust. I slowly look up, and take in the mans appearance. I first notice that he's older than I...maybe by a few years. Then I notice that he's well dressed and fit. When my eyes reach his face I see him smirking at me looking him over. I look down quickly, not taking in his facial features and frown deeply.

"I am Charles Edmunds. Perhaps you've heard of me?" He asks with a arrogant tone. I shake my head no and glace back up at him to get a disapproving look.

"Hm. You do keep to yourself. Most people have heard of me. I'm one of the top hitmen in the world." He says sounding impressed with himself. I shoot him a look but keep silent.

"Er....where are we?" I ask.

"That doesn't matter." He says. I frown for a moment, neither of us speaking until I ask, "Why me? I was perfectly content with my life, so why me?"

"I could tell you weren't Julia. I watched you for weeks. I watched you keep to yourself for so long and struggle to make due for yourself with that boring life you live. I could..."

"I don't want any of your money. I was fine! I don't want to live with some person who makes money off of killing people! I don't want to be around some man who thinks he can just kidnapp me. You're sick! I'll try to leave any chance I get just so you know." I yell hysterically, glaring at him. He slaps me hard across the face and I cry out.

"You watch what you say to me, bitch. I own you now. You will do as I say, when I say. And if you try escaping, I'll find you, and I'll kill you." He spits in my face and barges out of the room, slamming the door shut and locking it. I sit there quietly for a moment then begin crying. Sobbing. I scream as loud as I can cursing at him, and thrash in the chair for awhile until I'm aching and out of breath and eventually fall into a sleep filled with nightmares. Too bad I'm actually living in one.


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