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Internal affairs

Novel By: burningdesire85

How far can life push one man before he pushes back, View table of contents...


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I pulled open the blind to watch the security guard escort Sarah across the car park and away from the building, I can was waiting for her, she carried a small box containing the few person effects she had in her office.

I dropped the blind again and slumped back into my office chair, there was 5 emails in my inbox other than the 12 I had sent my self. Of the 6 emails to me, 5 were work related various requests for figures or invitations to trade seminars, most finding there were quickly in to my recycling bin, the last held my interest slightly longer, an invitation to a meeting that afternoon from an email address I didn't recognise, after a little research it was apparently the secretary of the board of owners, I accepted.

I phoned through to Michelle and asked her to bring me a cup of coffee and once she had left locked the door behind her. Dropped the blinds and began to open the emails id sent from Sarah's computer....

The first email I opened had no subject, it just contained a video file, I clicked it and after a few seconds it begin to play, the camera slipped into focus, it was Sarah, on her knees her hands bound behind her back and blindfolded, she was naked. A man stepped into the screen placing the head of his cock in her mouth, her head skilfully moving back and forward no hand involved, I could feel my cock swelling in my trousers. As the video continued the large man who's face remained hidden through out, lifted her onto a large bed, spreading her legs and kissing from her ankle worked his way down her calf, her thigh, his head hovering inches from her swollen pussy, gently blowing teasing her, then starting again on the other leg, she moaned and bucked and grinded but he never gave her the contact she craved.

He then moved out of shot and returned with a bucket of ice, holding a single cube in his hand he traced a line from the curve of her neck down over her body teasing her sensitive hard nipples over her stomach to the small flesh at the curve of her thigh his free hand holding her stomach so she cant buck or get any purchase. Her body and motions growing more frantic as he teases more and more. His finger tips gliding over her flesh, and then he stands and walks away. Leaving her alone on the bed, begging for contact begging to be finished.... begging to cum.

My cock was now rigid in my trousers, I tugged the zip and my hard shaft flicked free. Taking the shaft in my hand I slowly begin to stroke it up and down, long slow strokes over the full length of my shaft. The video had clearly had an effect on me, with in minutes my stroke had grown faster and harder, I could feel the shaft begging to throb, my breath growing shallow, my hips jerking as I exploded, hot streaks of cum splashing across the desk, I fell back into my chair, exhausted.

After cleaning up, I continued reading the remaining emails, and any good mood created by my self love was short lived.... sneaky bitch....

the email was a correspondence between Neil, Sarah, and a third man who seemed to only work under the name C, what I read was both amazing and awful, I couldn't quiet believe it. It turns out that Sarah and Neil had a very different relationship to what I thought. Sarah was being used as a sex slave by the majority of the board of owners. Neil Sarah C all of them invloved in sex games, wife swapping, and countless other debauched sexual practices.

The emails gave details of each of the board of owners hinting towards there deviants and places and times they had indulged them, there were photos of Sarah, some alone some with a partner, a few with multiple partners.
Then in the most recent emails, the talk seemed focused on a game, they had picked a male member of staff, some one who had never stood out, and set about building there life into something truly amazing, then piece by piece destroying them. Everything had been planed meticulously, every aspect of my life for the past few months written out in detail before I had even lived it. The recruitment of Michelle, they had gone through hundreds of applicants until they found some one with the right looks and personality, never telling her a thing but some how knowing what would happen. The blackmail even appeared in there plans, they had me followed they knew everything about me, they had even paid men to seduce Claire just to push me into the right position, I was filled with a mixture of anger and disbelief.

The last email was a wager, a complete game of chance, He had offered up Sarah as his end of the bet, in simple terms, if I had made the payment, if I had arrived with the money for the blackmail tapes then I would be fired, if not then Neil and Sarah would be given £1million each, if not... well Neil knew these people had no need for any meagre sum he could offer, so he offered Sarah, She would leave the company and he would surrender any shares he had in the company.

At that moment it because clear, my greed, my stupidity in trusting Simon, these had been the key to saving my own life, if the police had not arrested me then I would still be clueless to this game. But did they know about my dealing with Simon, Did they know I was under arrest, Did they know everything???

I walked up the hallway toward the meeting room, a clutched a buff folder in my hands, containing printed copies of all the emails in my hands. I reached the door were a small slim Blonde receptionist sat at a desk, she looked up at me

"Good afternoon, they have been expecting you. Go straight in"

She pushed a small electric buzzer and the door released. I pulled the handle and walked in, a long desk laid close to one wall with 5 men sat behind it, there were 2 empty seats in the room, one in front of the desk and one next to the row of 5 men.

"good afternoon Steven. My name is Charles. Please take a seat"

I crossed the room, and sat awkwardly in the chair, rage still bubbling under the surface but absolutely no clue what to do with it. Charles was Charles C. I cleared my throat to speak but was interupted by a tall broad chested man in his early 60's

"Now Steven, I take it you understand that Sarah is no longer employed by the company"

"Yes, she left this morning, she..."

I was interrupted again

"and from the cameras in your and her office you also understand the reason for her leaving the company. Dreadful business but a wager is a wager."

A small smirk crept across his face as he spoke, he continued

"now, over the past few months you have showed a complete lack of morals and respect, you have taken every opportunity placed in front of you for any hedonistic desire, you have cheated stolen and broken the law..."

"i have and I will clear my desk imedia..."

I was interrupted again

"these are qualities the board finds interesting, we have no interest in you clearing your desk, now you understand that we currently have a vacancy for a share holder. Is this a position that might interest you"

"what?? well yes... but... well..."

"Don't be so concerned every penny you have we have given you, we know you cant buy your way in, but your exploits entertain us. There is a chair here ready for you"

I stood up, somewhere between shocked and confused, slowly walked to the end of the desk, and slid into the chair, not entirely believing what was happening. I slopped into the seat,

"obviously with the position you will be entitled to the shares and financial package awarded to your predecessor. As well as any other benefits he had"

"There is one benefit id like to keep, My receptionist was amazing..."

"ah yes the lovely Michelle, we have all seen how much you... enjoy her. I'm sure this can be arranged. Now to more pressing matters"

another member of the board pulled a small bundle of files from his desk, each had a man's name on it.

"now to select our next little project..........."


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