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Rhode Island


A wonderfully descriptive five chaptered write about a womans visit to an exclusive bed and breakfast and her hopes of a night of romance View table of contents...


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Rhode Island

~ Chapter One ~

My eyes devour the beauty of the bed and breakfast as I pull through the outer gates. An 1800's Victorian Mansion, hidden away in Rhode Island, so close to the city, but blocked away by nature. Just what I needed for my little get away. Rest from the hectic lifestyle in Boston. Relaxation to the peace of such a beautiful place tucked away in nature, and romance fluttering before me in just a few hours time.

As I walk into the grand entrance area of the first floor, the owner walks up and introduces himself and his pride for this his home shines as bright as the chandelier above. In his hand he holds the keys to the mansion which he hands me as he steps forward to take one of my bags. Then together he takes me through a tour of the mansion. Pointing out the study, library, dining room and kitchen as we head for the broad curving staircase that takes us to the second floor.

My eyes are trying to look everywhere at once, from the original hardwood floors, up the spindled stair case with its smooth pineapple ornate highlights, all the way up to the tall ceilings with hand plastered spirals of the old style craftsmen. Stopping at one of the rooms looking out over the front of the mansion I walk in as the owner stops just inside the door and sets the suitcase next to the door.

As I step into the room I feel like I am stepping back in time, The bed before me is a lavish four poster. It is huge as it rests solidly in the middle of the room, yet doesn't diminish the size of the room. The pillows are stacked against the headboard filling that end, with a down comforter that is pulled down on one side for the guest to slide into without fighting the mass of plush antiquity. The bed itself a beautiful dark oak with spiraled headers and footers ending in the same small smooth pineapple ornates that the stairwell utilized with such beauty.

The owner stands watching quietly as I set my over night bag down and run my hand over the edge of the bed. The room is a feast of French colonial furnishings that are normally saved and lost in museums. The fireplace is large and ornate carved designs with the white and gold brocade. I turn to the owner just to see him standing there with a smile and he says, "It is in working order and the wood is stacked with starter blocks. Just put the screen back in front of the fire after you light it."

I continue to look at the different items around the room. When the owner chimes in, "I will leave you to explore. Your welcome to go anywhere on the grounds or into any of the common rooms. Dinner is served at Six if you care to join us. Other than a gentleman on the third floor you have the run of the place. Until later, enjoy the mansion." With that said, he smiles at me, and steps out of the room, closing the door behind himself.

Taking my small bag I go into the bathroom and setting it down I am staggered by the massiveness of the room. It is as large as my bedroom at home and the tub is large enough for three people to really enjoy themselves in it without getting cramped. The mixture of old world with modern comforts excites the imaginative creativity, and really gets the juices flowing. I unzip my bag and lay out my toothbrush, and other toiletries, along with an assortment of bathroom toys for when my guest arrives sometime tomorrow. Looking around the room I notice that I don't need to bring out my mood candles because there are already some in staunches arranged nicely about the room.

Smiling as I leave the bathroom, happy thoughts of tonight's bath and tomorrows play I walk to the Palladian windows. Looking out through the large arched central window I can see the hedged drive I drove earlier and the ornate wrought iron gates at the entrance. The leaves are changing and beginning to fall. Such a burst of color, in a beautiful setting. Opening my suitcase by the door I pull out my lap top and set in on the writing table near the window and in a giddy mood almost skip to the bed to set the suitcase itself onto the hope chest at the foot of the bed.

Pulling out my clothes that I want to hang I go spin around and open the French amorie and fluff them out as I place them each on hangers. Spending a few extra seconds as I run my fingers through tomorrow nights outfit that I bought just for him. With the thought of Ron my cheeks heat up and the smile beams across my face. I can not see it, but I can feel it so vividly. Next I set out my night gown for tonight and lay my glass toy on top, for mood setting.

Looking over to the antique French boudoir clock resting on the mantle place I realize how much day dreaming I really did. Going back into the bath to wash up and drag a brush through my hair. All the time watching for strands of gray to peek through brown. With a glance at my silhouette to make sure I am presentable, I put down the brush and head for dinner.

As I leave the room and start down the staircase the cooking smells reach up and capture my senses. I take a deep breath and glide down the rest of the steps as I head for the dining room door. Hearing footsteps behind me as I open the door I turn and continue to hold it as a man in his late forties early fifties walks through. With a smile and a nod he says thank you. The table before them has three place settings at the one end of the table. He waves me toward the table and says, "Might as well make ourselves comfortable, we are the only ones here tonight. The third must be for the owner."

The owner walks out of the kitchen just then and waves toward the place settings and says, "Ah, have you two introduced yourselves yet? Kay, this is Tom the other guest I was telling you about and Tom, this is Kay. I hope you are hungry. I made a light dinner not knowing what you two enjoy, but there is plenty of flavor, and to start this lovely bottle of Santa Margherita's Pinot Grigio." With that he picks up the open bottle and pours a small sample for my approval.

Slightly embarrassed by his assumption of my ability to be a wine taster I pick up my glass and smell. A light, clean fragrance, then with a light swirl to see if it clings or runs free of the glass, I bring it to my lips to taste a delightful flavor with a hint of citrus. I set the glass down and nodding to the owner I say, "Please." At which point he pours us all a proper glass of wine. Then spins back to the kitchen to bring out a platter and some bowls for us to help ourselves from.

Dinner was delicious, and conversations were light. It turns out we each have a divorce in common. Nobody gave any details, as the conversation moved within the safe circles of weather, the beauty of the mansion, and the food. The owner talked of the seasonal draws of the bed and breakfast business, and how within the next couple of weeks he would have two part time employees moving in to help around the place. Until then it was just him. As we slowed and coffee was poured he brought in a pumpkin moose pie that was so light and full of flavor it was amazing.

The pie so fluffy didn't leave me stuffed, so as I got up I didn't have that after dinner weight so Tom and I continued to talk as we head for the stairs. We take the stairs slowly, I look at his broad chest and shoulders, as we climb. Looking further down I notice his paunch, not out of control and well it isn't as if I don't have a bit of one also. Although, I do notice a bit of a bulge underneath, so it isn't all that large. I try to look away nonchalantly, but when my eyes travel back up to his face, he is looking at me quizzically with a smile on his face.

As we reach the top of the stairs he turns with me toward my room instead of continuing up. Now it is my time to look quizzically at him, but his smile just grows wider as we continue to chat. As I pull the key for my room out of my pocket I begin to wonder if he thinks he has been invited in some form to join me for the night. Unlocking the door I slip in and turn to block his way. Still smiling, he starts to say good night when he stops mid sentence and just stares over my shoulder. Not sure what is wrong I turn and look in the direction that he is looking.

There laying on my bed is my black lace nightgown draped over the edge of the bed, and resting on top is my toy. A very ample glass dildo, with swirling colors that catch the light and helps it stand out like a beacon of joy. With a gasp I spin back to face him,but I can't, and just slam the door shut. Leaning my head against the door as I lock it, thinking of all the terrible things he must think I am, when I hear through the door, "Good night Kay."

I can feel my face heating up the door as I slowly tap my head against the door. Oh well, Ron will be here tomorrow after noon I can wait for him. Pushing away from the door I walk over to the bed and running my fingers over the item of my embarrassment I slide it underneath the pillow. Then think another hour before Ron will be on line so, I head for the bath. I am about to turn it on when I see a card table folded in the corner.

Setting it up next to the tub and saying to myself, "Oh, this is going to be fun." pulling some towels out and lay them on the table and beside it. Humming a meaningless tune as I almost skip to the fireplace I pull the metal grate aside. A quick check that the flu is open, then use the long matches laying in their box beside the fireplace to light the starter blocks. I step back as I watch the flames curl up and around the logs as they slowly catch and spread the flame.

I slide the metal grating back into place, step back and watch the fire build for a little then taking my nightgown back into the bathroom with me I turn on the water. A nice steamy bath with a touch of my lavender scented bubble bath makes the whole room smell nice so nice and peaceful. Pulling off my clothes I lay them in a neat pile along side the sink. Turning the tub off I swirl my hand through the water to test, then dry it off as I walk naked to the window and look out into the night sky.

Standing to one side of the I look out at the stars and then down to the drive. With a start I see Tom looking up toward my window. I step back further behind the window casing but realize all he can see is the light behind me, as the casing is hiding anything else. I smile at the look on his face at the door way, with a mischievous thought of my own before picking up the laptop from the writing table.

Carrying it into the bathroom I set it on the card table laying the towel underneath it. Climbing into the tub I am very careful not to splash as I wash myself, making sure I am thorough on lathering myself up and rinsing myself in the nice bubbly hot water. Hmmm, nice horny thoughts play through my mind as I lather my breast a second time feeling my nipples harden at the thought of his hands rolling over my breast. I need this weekend.

Draining a bit of the water out I turn the hot water back on to heat up the tub and then as the water is running I reach over, dry my hand on the towel under the laptop and turn it on. The slope of the tub makes it very comfortable to lay on my stomach and reach the keyboard. As it runs through the BIOS and logins I look over to the fireplace to see a nice crackling fire burning away, so romantic as the water's heat freshened the lavender smell in the room at the same time.

Turning off the tap I relax for a moment then sign in, check then email and to green on messenger as I wait for Ron to log in. After a little more soaking I notice that Ron's light goes green and I spin over onto my stomach so I can reach the keyboard. Drying my hands off I type a quick hello and hit send. With the pleasantries aside I start telling Ron about the room and bread and breakfast. I ramble on and tell him about the nice romantic fire and the large tub. At the mention of the bubble bath he says, "Oh, I wish I could see you in the tub.

I stare at the words and think, "Well, why not?" I reach over and hit the start video call, as I smile, he is going to not only see, but have me any way he wants in the morning anyway. About time he got to see what he has wooed over the last couple of months. Posed photos are nice, but far from actually seeing me. I see myself flicker onto the screen, and lower myself a bit further into the tub. It seems like forever and then his picture flicks up on my screen.

Not sure why, but he is looking behind him as the camera comes up. Then he turns and says, "Hi. You never turn on the video. You surprised me. Ummm." he pauses as I raise up in the tub a little so the bubbles surrounding my cleavage show better in the picture before lowering back down. "Oh. Um. hi."

Ican feel the heat rise in my face along with a mischievous smile. "Liked that did you? You'll be able to see a lot more than that tomorrow. So looking forward to you being here. We have been chatting for so long can't believe you will actually be here." Looking at Ron as I babble on I notice that he keeps looking over shoulder and not saying much. "Is something wrong? Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"No, no." Ron says, "I'm just, umm, packing and trying not to forget anything. I got to run, I will shout later." With that he breaks the connection, and his icon shows off line.

Reaching over I call up my email and type, "Is there a problem about tomorrow?" Scrolling the cursor up I click on send. Feeling a chill I realize that I had been looking at the screen waiting for a response long enough for the water to go cold. I close the lid to the lap top and roll over onto my back. The bubbles are gone and the fragrance is so faint. I swat at the plug to let the water start draining and lay there as the tub slowly empties. "What did I do?"

As the last of the water slips down the drain my heart seems to drain down with it. My hands find the edge of the tub on their own and slowly press against it and my body lifts. A sucking sound as my skin releases trapped water from the bottom of the tub, but I don't hear it. I step out of the tub and moving slowly I pick up the towel and start to to pat down my chest.

Wrapping the towel around myself I walk into the over to the mirror and letting the towel slide down to the floor, I take a good look at myself. My breast, though not as pert as they were at 18, are still full and firm enough. True I could do with some sit ups in my daily routine. For that matter I could use a daily routine, but I am not a bad looking woman. I still catch men turning to watch me walk past. Picking up my hairbrush I brush out my hair so that the steam won't turn it to a rats nest by morning.

In a slightly better mood I stand in front of the fire and let the heat wash over my nude body before sliding into my nightgown. Thinking as the silkiness of the gown slides over my skin, "I am just imagining things. Nervous about tomorrow. He will be here. He said he would." As it settles onto my shoulders it forms to me like a second skin, the lace showing an abundance of cleavage and if he wishes the nipples themselves rubbing against the lace stand pert and show through.

Picking up the bottle on the night stand I glance at the label and smile when I notice it was the same as what we had for dinner. Picking up the cork screw I rip away the foil covering and struggle only for a second until the cork starts to slide out and the wine's enticing bouquet reaches me. Looking at the glass resting on the tray I place the corkscrew down and lift the bottle to my lips. This stuff doesn't need to breath as much as I need it to help me breath.

As the first trickles of wine cascades over my tongue I close my eyes and think of Ron's hands sliding over my body as his arms enveloping me as he pulls me into a firm loving hug. Tipping the bottle back a little more as his kisses cover my body. Letting the bottle lower to be cradled in my arm I pull the covers back and slide between the fluffy bed and covers. My free hand starts to run over my body as the bottle tips between my lips again.

Clicking off the light next to me I watch as the flames flicker on the walls around me as the fire itself burns safely behind the magnificent metal grating. The empty bottle lay on its side in the tray. My eyes drift to slits as the glass dildo that embarrassed me so badly only hours ago, slowly pulls out of my very wet slit. Letting it slide up and over my nub before letting it slide back down and in. Such a delightful shiver it causes as it slides home. My lips open and as another orgasm quakes through my body a soft, "Ohhhhh" drifts through the air.

The full body quaking subsides, and the tears start again as they have done after each of the previous orgasms that have racked through me. Pulling my glass friend out one last time my hand wavers as I set it carefully beside the empty bottle on the tray. Sliding my arm back underneath the blankets I curl up into a ball and close my eyes. A pleasant tingle and an alcoholic euphoria allows sleep to settle over me as my eyes close one last time.


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