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The Teases:

I am nothing if not a mischievous minx and have over a period of time, chatting and playing online, gotten some good friends that I love to tease with naughty messages.

Oh I send “Hi” messages often enough too but what fun is that when you can make a man’s day by giving him an erotic thought or two!!!

Below, and following, is a rewriting and elongation of some of my favourite ones!! The responses I always got ensured some fun chats followed!
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Background to this story!
The nightclub tease I'd written originally without a name for the main character, with the last sentence making it clear that you, the recipient of this message were the lucky man to receive the cat woman's attention! If that's the way you too want to read it, I'm not going to hold it against you, after all, who am I to spoil those thoughts that will be running through your mind!!
The Nightclub tease
Sitting on a stool, overlooking the dancers, John was drinking his beer and watching the bodies move and gyrate on the dance floor. His mind, however, was also seeking out the cat woman. He called her that as he'd seen her time after time prowl around the edge of the club, or dancing on the floor with some lucky guy, if you can call rubbing up against someone dancing!
She was always wearing some skimpy animal print dress that barely covered anything really and was stunning to watch, with a cat-like grace and red hair that flowed in waves down to her waist. That this hair swayed with each move she made had probably been noted by nearly all the men in the room, no doubt them imagining it sliding like a silk sheet over their bodies.
That feral impression was enhanced by the fact that she often subtlely seemed to sniff the air around her as she walked, almost as if she was searching through all the perfumes to a particular pheromone lacing through the room.
Just as he was finishing his beer he spotted her, though the bottom of his beer glass, across the room and she looked stunning. She was about 5' 6", with a lithe but feminine body and curvy in all the right places. She had just arrived and was taking off her coat, revealing her gorgeous figure in yet another print mini dress. As she turned to the cloak room to hand over the jacket it was clear to see that this dress was backless, apart from thin straps across, holding the material together.
John's blood pressure rose, as did his body heat! Who would she pick tonight? He'd watched her night after night seeming to seek out a particular man in the crowd, and it was never the same one twice, then taking them to the dance floor and, for the want of a better phrase, dirty dancing with them. There always seemed to be a change in the music when she danced, from the thump-thump of a trance music track so something sultry, sung by a smoky sounding voice. Maybe she tipped the DJ to play them for her. After a couple of dances, they would walk off the floor and out of the club together. She never came back, and if the man did the best description of the look on his face would be to say he looked like the cat that'd gotten the cream!!!
He was nothing if not self aware and knew that he'd hope she'd pick him one night, be the recipient of her attention, the lucky sod who'd get to feel that body against his on the dance floor. He chuckled; even just thinking of it was getting him hot under the collar! Hell he needed another beer.
Stood at the bar, awaiting his turn, he was listening to the conversations around him. There were the usual ones between girls talking about clothing and what bloke they'd hope would notice them or dance with them, and even who they'd met and fucked the last time. Other conversations came from men, and apart from the clothes, seemed to follow the same format.
One, however, caught his attention. The two men were stood to his right and they were discussing her, or rather one was boasting that he'd "had" her. "Yeah right", thought John taking a quick glance at the chap making the announcement, the man bore no resemblance to the kind of guy the cat woman tended to choose. Now she didn't have a 'type' per se, but they were always taller than her, clean and in good clothes, and this boasting little oik was too short and grubby to suit her. At that moment, though, one of the barmen caught his attention and he ordered his drink so he thought no more of it.
With his beer in his hand he turned to return to his spot near the dance floor, but the stool had been taken by a woman, not one he would want to talk to so he started his perambulation around the pathway around the floor, half his attention on not walking into someone and spilling his drink on them, and half wondering where the cat woman was. Had she found her man for the night yet? He didn't think so as the music was still pounding in his ears.
Stopping by at column, and leaning against it, he perused the club again. He loved to watch people and watch the mating dances commence, to see the girls flick their hair and throw quick glances at the men they found attractive, to see the men sidle up to the woman of their choice in a supposedly random manner. Then there was the first touch, the first conversation, the dancing and eventually the leaving together. It never failed to make him smile at how inventive some people would be to gain the attention of the person they wanted to make the acquaintance of, from the girl who fell over someone's feet in the corner, to the man at the back who was talking to a girl in her ear, their faces cheek to cheek, standing next to a speaker!
As he stood there watching them, he noticed a man to his immediate right suddenly stand up a lot straighter and check his hair and tie. Someone's gotten lucky he thought and looked away again. That's when he felt the hand on his shoulder, a warm small hand that could only belong to a woman. Looking over his shoulder to see who the owner was, his eyes followed the line of the fingers, moving along the soft forearm and upper arm to the shoulder. The animal print strap there snagged his full attention and he looked over to see the face of his cat woman.
'Holy shit' was his first thought, though if he was that conscious of thinking it he couldn't have verified it to you even in a court of law any time later! She was stunning to look at, with dark slanting cat-like eyes, a small button nose and the most kissable pouting lips he'd ever seen, enhanced by some lip gloss he presumed to give it that moist look.
"Hello", she said, her honey-like voice hitting every nerve ending in his body. "I have been watching you. You like to watch them too, don't you, watch the way they attract each other, the way their bodies find a partner".
"Uh yeah", he managed to get out of his constricted throat, turning to face her. His brain screamed 'Oh smooth John you blithering idiot!'
She chuckled, moving up nearer to him, her eyes twinkling in the lights of the strobes on the dance floor, her hand sliding down to rest on his forearm. Whatever perfume she was wearing he thought, as he took a breath in, could intoxicate a room!
"My name is Kat, short for Katrina", she said, "Would you like to dance . . . . .?"
"John, my name's John", he almost spluttered, not being able to take his eyes from her. She smiled, a cheeky naughty grin, and moving in closer murmured "Would you like to dance, John?"
Now the way she lengthened his name and almost purred it had an instant effect on pretty much every part of his body, and all he could do was nod and take her hand, moving down to the dance floor.
For a place that had been packed not two minutes earlier with dancers, a space seemed to have appeared for them to move into, and when there she turned into his arms. The sultry music started and she began to move against him, her body sliding along and around his, making it hard for him to breathe, and bloody impossible to think in any other way but to wonder what it would be like to feel that skin with his hands, his mouth and his tongue. He slid his hands over her soft velvety skin, feeling the heat under his fingers as they moved over her dress as he wrapped his arms behind her.
Their bodies moved in time with the beat, their clothes rubbing against each other, their hands roving wherever they chose, the noise of the people around them slipping from John's consciousness, so that he was alone with her and that sensual music, it guiding his feet, his attention on the sensations being experienced and transmitting the same to her.
She slid round in his arms so that her bottom was rubbing against his groin as she carried on dancing and he moaned, knowing from the reaction it elicited that if she kept that up for too long he'd expire on the spot! He grabbed her arms and pulled her upright against him, trying to regain some control, sliding his hands down and across to lie against her stomach, pressing her against him, whispering "you little witch!" in her ear, a wicked little chuckle being her response".
"You know you love it", she said, her head tipped back on his shoulder so that her breath slid over his neck, making him shiver, "you want me and this body so much. Tell me you don't imagine me naked, picture me somewhere in your arms, being fucked in all the positions you can imagine!"
He groaned at the words, moving his mouth down to kiss her neck, licking and nipping lightly at the delicate skin there, taking her earlobe into his mouth and sucking on it, then blowing cool air over the wet surface as he released it. She trembled in his arms.
"I can picture you in a lot of ways Kat", he growled, "up against a wall with your legs wrapped round my waist as I fuck you hard and fast, lying over the bonnet of a car as I take you from behind, and licking you out as you sit on my face before pushing you down to '69' me!"
He heard her purr his name with desire and moved his hands, one to just under her breasts with his thumb brushing the undersides with every movement she made, and every breath she took, and the other to the base of her stomach, applying gentle pressure with his fingertips to the top of her groin so that every time she undulated her hips her bottom pressed firmly against his erect cock, which was straining against his trousers.
He danced with her like this until he couldn't take the strain any longer and turned her fast, slamming her body back against him, her breasts flattening against his chest, her groin up against his erection. He rocked her like that for a minute or so, with his hands on her arse, so that she was couldn't miss the fact that he wanted her and wanted her bad.
He leant down and said, into her ear, "I want to fuck you Kat, so much. I want to lick and suck on your body, from your neck to your feet, and everywhere in between. I want to make you quiver, and shake and come so hard over and over again that you will scream my name! I am going to fill you with my come and have you orgasm around me so often that we won't know which way is up and what day it is!"
Hearing her moan and say, "Then let's go John, let's go fuck each other's brains out", he grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor and out of the club, stopping only long enough to collect their jackets, though with the heat emanating of them both right now, he didn't think they'd need them. In fact more clothing would just cause more friction and he wasn't sure they weren't going to spontaneously combust as it was!
As they left the club and walked round the corner of the club towards the car park he pushed her up against the wall, his body following quickly to pin her there, one of his hands holding her chin as he kissed the living daylights out of her, the other hand taking, rubbing and squeezing her breast, tweaking the nipple. His pelvis rubbed against hers, his cock eager to be released to enter that hot wet pussy. Against her mouth he rumbled, "Round One!"
Post Note
Chuckles, now the essence of these teases was, and is, to let your own imagination fill in the details as to what followed, to have fun doing so, with the added bonus that you can be as naughty with the couple as your imagination will allow!


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