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Janet's car trouble

Novel By: Bethany falmer

A story of an English woman's american adventure when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on the way to visit a sick friend.
She meets and instantly feels attracted to a rugged and handsome cowboy, but does her english background stop her from enjoying the time in his company or does she let down her guard and hair and have fun?! He certainly seems willing, but is she? View table of contents...



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As she stood, bent over the engineJanet knew she was in trouble. She was no mechanic but even she knew the bright red light on the dashboard, followed by the plumes of white smoke coming from under the bonnet had not boded well.

"Damn it", she muttered crossly, straightening up and walking back to the driver's door, kicking the front tyre as she went past.Janet had no idea where she was, even if she had known the number for any rescue companies. She leaned inside the car and pulled her mobile phone out of her bag, hoping that there was a signal and that there was enough charge left to make a call to the friend she was on her way to see.

As she turned away from the car, with the phone against her ear, she jumped out of her skin. Not ten feet away, sitting on the biggest black horse she'd ever seen was a man, clad in denim with a hat pulled low over his face. What she could see, though, was the big smile on his face.

That particular gentleman was grinning like the proverbial cat after seeing a fair amount of stockinged clad thigh, not two minutes earlier bent over in a very enticing manner, and a figure, when she'd stood back up, that would have made Botticelli's hands itch to reach for his paint as they did his.

"Howdy ma'am", he drawled, "Need some help?"
"I do, yes",Janet replied, in her clipped English accent, "if you know of a local garage or recovery truck that would be able to fix my car. Where are we?"
"On the boundary of my land", came the answer, the drawl deep and smoky, sending a pleasurable tingle skittering along her nerve endings.
"I'll go get my truck and tow you back to the house whilst we wait for the recovery truck to come out".
After seeing her nod, with another grin and a tip of his hat, he wheeled the huge beast round and headed off across the field, presumably towards his house.

Shesat down in the driver's seat, not at all certain that her legs would be able to hold her weight steadily any longer. Surely one grin and the sexiest voice she'd ever heard were not sufficient to cause that reaction! She was tired, that was all, she reasoned to herself, from the long drive through the night. She just needed to rest a while.

Guy couldn't stop grinning as he cantered back across the land. She was a hot little package, for sure. With her curly blonde hair, cute face and that delectable body he was glad he'd gone along the boundary fence to see if there were any loose posts, rather than checking the accounts.
On his return with his pickup he found her sitting in the car, or rather he found her sleeping there. She was in the driver's seat, her pretty face relaxed and her delectable lips slightly parted.

He debated tapping on the window, but decided instead to open the door. Crouching down on his haunches, he smiled and laid his hand on her head, her curls tickling his palm. The action roused her, and she smiled sweetly, opening her vivid blue eyes and regarding him sleepily with a gentle smile. Then full consciousness returned to those eyes and she backed away from his hand, her smile receding.

After introducing himself and hitching her car to his truck, they travelled down the road and turned down his drive to the house at the end. They went inside and he led her into the lounge before going to call the garage in the next town.

Janet stood there, looking round. Pictures graced the walls, and bookcases were filled with a plethora of hard backed volumes. It was a comfortable room, homely, inviting. She could imagine a family here, the children running in and out of the door into the garden, the wife cooking in the kitchen, just visible through a door at the corner of the lounge, the husband rocking in a chair with their baby in his arms.
The vividness of the image staggered her. The man had looked just like him and she was pretty sure that the wife was her. This was crazy, she didn't know the man other than his name, nevertheless a little fuzzy image of the scene wouldn't shake loose.

She knew her biological clock was ticking but this was ridiculous!She wandered over to the bookcase to distract herself and was reading the titles on the book spines, including some on art, when Guy re-entered the room, carrying two filled glasses of what looked like orange juice.

She accepted the glass being presented to her and took a grateful sip, as her mouth had dried up again at the sight of him. What the heck was going on?! She was lusting after a man she barely met? The fact that the jeans he was wearing hugged some very impressive thighs, and the shirt covered a very trim abdomen did nothing to stop the butterflies doing a dance inside her, or stop the warmth further down!

"Concentrate Janet!", she muttered to herself, and looked up from her drink at Guy, stood across the room. He seemed oblivious to her ongoing dilemma, which was a relief to know, trying to think of a subject of conversation with which to break the silence. She turned again to the bookcase and spotted a book about the Renaissance painters amongst some on horse management and biology.

"You like art?", she enquired, turning back to face Guy, with a smile and a tilt of her head. "Yep", was the response, "especially Botticelli, plus some of the impressionists like Degas and Ingres too".
She looked impressed, and then looked again at the pictures around the walls. She'd spotted a Constable watercolour over the desk, he knew his art for sure, a hint of the depth of the man.

Smiling, taking a final sip of the drink, she handed her glass back to Guy, their fingertips touching as she did. A jolt shot straight up her arm and she gasped.
"Are you all right?", Guy asked huskily, and she looked up at his face noticing that his eyes were a gorgeous shade of toffee brown and that his deliciously full lips were smiling.
"Ummm yes thank you, I'm fine. Thank you for the orange juice. Did you get any reply from the recovery company? Are they on their way?", she replied.

"They can't make it today, the owner's away but they can come out tomorrow. Looks like you're stuck here tonight, that gonna be ok?", Guy enquired, not at all unhappy with the situation if it meant that she was going to be around for the night. His body had been reacting to her presence, her scent since she'd appeared and it had been a while since he'd had a woman's company.
"If there is no other option, then We have no choice but to accept the situation. Do you mind having company, or I can go to a hotel, if there is one nearby?", Janet asked almost drowning in his eyes, noticing the little crinkles at their edges from squinting or grinning.
"Nah, you're fine, got a spare room you can use. Got a bag you need bringing in, or someone you should call to let them know?", was his answer and question.
She nodded and asked if it was alright to use his phone to call her friend Thomas, to tell him she would be delayed.

He led her to the phone wondering who this Tom was and how good a friend he was. He knew that if he'd been herboyfriend he wouldn't have been happy about her staying under the same roof with a single guy, especially the type of man who liked women's company as he did!

Walking out to her car, he retrieved her case from the trunk noting how light it felt. She wasn't staying long with Tom if the weight of the clothes was anything to go on, though it could just be filled with a lot of underwear! If she'd been visiting him, she wouldn't be leaving the house that often, or even the bed!

Lust flowed through him as the image of her, in some frothy bit of material, in his bed with her body entwined with his, her hair in his fingers and his mouth moving all over her skin. He closed his eyes and smiled enjoying the scene before walking back in the door and up the stairs. It was going to be one hell of a night!


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