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Janet's car trouble, part 2

Novel By: Bethany falmer

The continuing saga of Janet who's car breaks down, and her knight on a jet black steed Guy who comes to her aid. That the sparks fly between them becomes obvious! View table of contents...


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Guy set out two early dinners on the table in the kitchen. He'd not made anything special, just spaghetti and sauce but Janet had said she was hungry when he'd asked earlier as he was escorting her to her room so that she could rest, freshen up or relax.

He called up the stairs to tell her that dinner was ready, but not hearing any reply after a minute or so of waiting he went up the stairs to knock on her door. Again, not hearing a response he opened the door and stepped inside calling out her name. What he heard had him leaning back against the door fighting with his body as to what to do next!

The sounds that had this conflict running were twofold; that a shower was running in the small en suite bathroom to the right and that there was clearly feminine humming from the same room!

The mental image of her under the shower, with the running water sluicing down over her naked body had his temperature rising with a corresponding wish to get in there with her! He could picture her washing her hair, the bubbles running down over her breasts, down over her stomach to entangle with the curls covering her pussy.

Just as he was wondering if her pubic hair was the same blonde colour and as soft as that on her head, he heard the shower turn off and not wanting to be found inside her room like a pervert with an obvious erection he quickly turned and went back out the door.

Leaning against the wall outside her room he battled to bring himself back under control, and hearing her humming as she moved back into her bedroom he called out to tell her that dinner was ready on the table when she was ready. With the acknowledgement that she'd heard him this time he went into his own room next door to dunk his head in some cold water and change!

When he'd regained some control he went downstairs to see her at the table, her hair shiny and full of bounce, and clothed in a pretty brown knee length dress. He asked if she wanted a drink with her dinner, some wine or beer, orange juice or milk, those being the only choices available. She chose wine and he went over to the cupboard pulling out a bottle of red, before finding the bottle opener and removing the cork. Taking two glasses from another cupboard he walked back to the table, sat the wine and glasses down, then himself and poured them both very generous measures of wine. He wasn't a great wine connoisseur so didn't know the stuff was strong, and after he'd topped her glass up a couple of times as they sat eating and chatting he became aware that she was smiling a lot more and her face had a delicate flush on it.

Hell he hadn't meant to get her drunk! Not that he was complaining, he thought, when he saw that sexy smile of hers aimed at him or heard that chuckle of hers as he recalled a humorous story about some people that had lived on the farm years ago.

Seeing that she'd finished her meal, and incidentally most of the bottle of wine too, he suggested they move through to the sitting room to get comfy and chat.

Janet agreed and rose with some alacrity to find to her embarrassment that she swayed a little before she found her sea legs and was able to walk confidently through to the lounge. "No more of that wine", she thought to herself making herself comfortable on one of the settees near the fire, not that it was lit in this heat. Seeing him sit opposite she unconsciously moved her feet under her and rested her elbow on one of the arms, her head tilting and then resting on her upturned hand, as she considered the man sitting across from her.

He really was handsome she decided, with that floppy hair of his that he kept sweeping back off his brow, his slightly crooked nose and that sexy smile. She decided, though, that his best feature were those eyes which lit up when he laughed and smouldered sometimes, actually like now!

Guy leaned back, his legs outstretched and looking at Janet so relaxed, smiling at him, he really wanted to draw her so he decided to chance his luck and ask, "Umm do you mind if I draw you?"

"I beg your pardon?" she answered and he repeated the question, adding that he liked to draw in the evening sometimes and he wanted to draw her. Feeling very mellow and relaxed, she couldn't see any hint of danger in his request so acquiesced.

Whilst he was away in the corner, presumably collecting his drawing essentials together she considered and felt quite complimented that he wanted to take down her likeness onto paper. She smiled, wondering how good he was, if she'd end up looking like a subject of Picasso with her facial expressions all over the image or if he was of a more classical stylist and draw her realistically. She chuckled, hoping he wouldn't be too accurate; she really didn't like her curly hair that she couldn't control or her lips, them being too big to her.

When he returned, paper and pencil in hand, she knew she was definitely feeling the effects of all the wine and it seemed like all the events of the day were slowly creeping up on her again, making her feel tired.

Not sure of the protocol involved in being an artist's model she asked how he'd like her to sit for him. He replied, asking her to scootch down the couch a little, to lay more horizontal with her head resting on her arm, her hand down over the end of the settee arm. He asked her to put her other arm down in front of her waist.

Not at all sure what a scootch was or what it meant she complied to the best of her ability, with him placing her arms and hands where he wanted. The feeling of his hands on her set of little fires in her belly and a lovely warmth inside.

"Must be the wine!" she tried to convince herself before relaxing and smiling. Only Guy could see, from his position across from Janet, when he returned to his seat opposite how the placement of her arms, with the neckline of her dress being the shape it was, showed off the contours of her breasts nicely, and that the curve of her head showed the line of her neck. That the hemline on her skirt had risen up slightly seemed to have escaped Janet's notice, he noted, showing her knees and a little of her thighs.

Drawing was going to need all his attention, he thought bemused, looking at her parted lips and wishing he could be kissing her skin rather than drawing it!

With the room quiet, the only sounds being that of an old clock on the wall marking the movement of time, and the sounds of the pencil on the paper Janet's mind wandered. She wondered how Tom was, how his treatment had gone and if he was feeling any side effects from the chemotherapy.

She'd met Tom in University in England and despite their obvious difference, him being a city guy from the US and her being a country girl from England, they'd hit it off from the start. They'd tried dating for a while at the beginning of their relationship but had both noticed that whilst they could sit for hours and chat, that the desire and love hadn't materialised, so they'd become the best of friends.

Even when he moved back home after graduation they'd kept in touch via the internet, exchanging life stories. He'd told her about the love of his life, Luke, who he'd met playing volleyball and who had literally come crashing into his life, smashing into him when they'd both gone to hit the same ball! She'd reciprocated by telling him all about the various men she'd met but never really fallen for, that something inside had always stopped her from going 'all the way' with them.

Falling asleep, picturing Tom's face she was unaware of the tear that slipped from her eye and across her cheek but Guy, looking up to get a better impression of her eyes at that moment, had seen.

Putting his pad and paper down he got up and moved over to her. He gently scooped up the teardrop on her cheek and wiped it on his trousers, before moving his fingers gently to stroke her cheek. He so wanted to know what had caused the hurt making her cry and to erase it for her. The urge to kiss her was too much and he leant down to touch his mouth to her soft satin lips.


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