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Georgia's Waterfall

Novel By: Bethany falmer

A novella, about Georgia's experience at the waterfall with Jeff, a photographer. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 8, 2011    Reads: 338    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

The Waterfall

As Georgia sat looking out at the heavenly view in front of her, she sighed in happy contemplation. It had been a hard and long walk to the pool and waterfall in front of her, through the forest, but she'd accomplished it.

With the afternoon sun beating down on her head and shoulders she lifted her face towards the rays and closed her eyes, the gentle moist breeze from the waterfall a contrasting blessing against her heated skin, listening to the birds and the roar of the water in front of her.

That was the vision that greeted Jeff as he stepped out from the edge of the tree line, on his own journey to the glen to photograph the rare orchids that bloomed there, and the sight fairly took what breath that was left in his body away.

Lifting his camera, that he always had round his neck ready for any opportune shot, he framed her with the viewfinder and took a couple of quick shots, wishing he could ask her to model for him, mentally picturing her with her hair down over her naked skin, sun kissed against the dark foliage behind her. Her dark hair gleamed in the sunlight, streaming down her back, from the band restraining it at her nape. Tendrils cupped her rosy cheeks, one tenacious curl being blown against her slightly parted lips.

Before he could give into the urge to move forward to move the offending strand, her hand lifted up and did the act herself, before moving round to release her hair from its restraint, almost as if she'd heard his thoughts. Grateful for the silent shutter of his camera he slid backwards, to the cover of the trees, knowing instinctively that, like a doe, she would bolt should she know of his presence or at least act more circumspect.

Georgia opened her eyes and looked down at the inviting waters in front of her. She felt so hot and sticky, and the appeal of a quick paddle at the edge of the water was overwhelming. After a quick look round to see if she was alone she arose and, bending down, removed her walking shoes and socks. Dipping her feet into the water revealed it to be delightfully warm, so she gave in to temptation and she stripped off her singlet and shorts and walked into the pool.

Jeff's camera was snapping away furiously. The sun, just before she had entered the water, had revealed to him a body of Juno herself, with curves and hollows enough to satisfy any man's desires. His fingers itched to be able to hold those full breasts, faintly visible through her white lace bra, or to move round and cup her curvaceous bottom under those white lace panties. She'd reminded him of the sculpture of the Venus De Milo that he'd seen in the Louvre Museum the previous year.

He clearly heard her gasp and utter a girly squeal as she entered deeper water. Seeing her shudder just before she submerged he guessed the water was colder there! This was verified as she appeared moments later facing him, though he nearly lost the momentby the act of almostdropping his camera with the loss of feeling in his fingers. What he saw made him visibly drool.

She was facing him, flinging her head back so that her hair was away from her face, showering the nearby bank in an arc of water as her hair came over her head and slapped down onto her back. Her underwear had become translucent from its dunking and her rosy nipples stood proud against the sheer material. His memory card was filling fast, especially as she lifted her hands up to brush the last skeins from her face and made the material plastered to her body even more tight!

Georgia gasped at how cold the water had been in the centre of the pool, deeper there than at the warm edges and whose temperature was dictated by the waterfall above. She laughed at the goose bumps erupting all over her skin, shivering as the breeze brushed over her. It was so refreshing, and she turned round and lay back in the water, drifting and feeling the heat of the sun warm her front.

Jeff was in limbo. Heaven would be entering that pool and making love to the water nymph whose body was making his ache, whereas hell would be emerging from the trees and having her scream and run. Oh the dilemma!


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