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Janet and Jessaca

Novel By: Ben Drake

This story has some hard hitting erotica View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 23, 2012    Reads: 252    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

That night after a long hot shower, soon after she fell asleep. Jessica dreams were of her un-born child. Smiling the baby told her that it was ok and that it wasn't her time to be born yet. Waking with a jolt and an ambience of love, she really feels the need to express this sentiment that she had never really felt before.

Walking out of the shower which was a new ritual that both Janet and John enjoyed. There was again an ever so slight knock at the door. Opening it to see her standing there with a shy, nervousness about her that gave her an even more glowing presence.

"Hi." She says with a crooked smile. "I just realized something, I never showed you how to give a proper blow job."

With unease very present on her face Janet responds "Sweetie, That's very thoughtful and we would both be very grateful for the lesson, but I think your feelings are all over the place at the moment."

Jessica looks to John, with a pleading in her eyes.

"Please this will help me too." She says.

John looks down. Knowing that these needs that she is feeling are sincere, at least they are in her mind. Being aware that the desires that he feels as well, are immediate and could create more problems and turn this delicate 'situation' into something far worse. He doesn't even look to Janet. Just says "I don't think so Jessica."

"No wait" she says with a panic "This isn't about feelings. Well maybe it is but they're not feelings that I'm looking to substitute for any distress that I might have felt."

Not being totally convinced. Janet says "Jessica, we love you. What you are asking for would be very … fulfilling . But…"

With her million dollar smile she knows she has already won. Excitedly she hugs Janet as Janet has another one of her famous faces, this one is a cross between giving up and happiness. As she is hugging her, Janet looks to John and says "When you cum, you do it no were near her."

Recognising the clout in her tone he almost feels like a dog being scolded "Yes darling." he says with a kind of mocking voice.

"I'm serious John."

"Ok. I have a cloth right here."

With a great big smile on both of there faces, they race to John. Tearing his towel off, they both throw him on the bed.

"Ok baby she says to Janet we take it in our hands lightly jerking it just like you're doing. Then we lick the tip. Like this. Little quick strokes with our tongues all around the head. Keep jerking. Then we start at the top and make trails with our tongues up and down and all around the entire shaft. Good girl, just like that. Remember to keep up the pressure, keep jerking not to hard, not to soft. Keep it up… Now look into his eyes, you see that begging, almost crying look that he is giving you. That means you're doing good. Keep it up. Don't stop. This time when you reach the top with your tongue, open up really wide and come down with your mouth around it. You don't need to go very far down. Now suck it as you come back up, keep that mouth open wide and suck it a few more times. Keep doing that entire action over and over."

Grabbing the sides of the bed and having some pretty big convulsions. The girls can tell that John is getting ready to explode. Whispering in her ear "Just stroke him now. Be sure to keep looking into his eyes. You feel that power. You are that power." Janet is incredibly turned on by the look in her husbands eyes. "This is your man. Dominate this situation. That is all that he wants."

Shaking uncontrollably, his body tenses' and stiffens as he cum's into the towel with an uncontrollable unstoppable shudder. "Keep jerking, don't you dare stop… Now go rest on your husband's chest. Give him back the power".


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