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Janet and Jessaca

Novel By: Ben Drake

This story has some hard hitting erotica View table of contents...


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It was 10:00 pm when the kids were finally asleep. Sitting on there sofa relaxing, each with a glass of wine. They were both having the same two thoughts. Those being how quickly there marriage had mended. And thoughts of concern that they hadn't had any luck with trying to get a-hold of Jessica for the two weeks since they had all been together. Although they had tried to, she seemed to have just dropped off the face of the planet. "I hope everything is ok." Janet says for the hundredth time but with just as much concern as she did the first time. John gives her an equally worried look. As they sit there in each others arms there is an ever so light knock at the door. Both of them racing to it John beats Janet to the entrance. But Janet pushes John out of the way to the floor. Opening the door to see to her great relief Jessica, standing on the other side. She is looking as sweet and gentle as always with her cute little face. Almost knocking her over they both hug her and invite her in with a huge sigh of relief.

Almost dragging her inside "Sit down. We have both been so concerned about you." Janet says.

"Have a glass of wine sweet heart." John insist.

"No thank you" She says.

"Where have you been?" Janet says again with a bit more persistence.

"Oh, just going for walks and thinking about things."

"Such as?" She asks.

Starring straight ahead she says in a timid voice "I think that I might be pregnant"

John starts chocking on his wine.

Janet is speechless. She has a million questions on her mind. But she can not seem to work her voice at the moment.

Sounding like she has rehearsed what she says next "I have been doing a lot of thinking, and I'm ready for this baby. I want to have your baby John. And no I haven't been with anyone else with in months of us having sex. I had forgotten to take my pill for a few days up to it, because I hadn't needed to for awhile. So it's my fault, I will not hold you guys responsible in any way."

Janet is still sitting in the exact same position as before holding her wine glass next to her head with a cross between gritting her teeth and a great big Joker grin on her face. John knowing that this calls for immediate kitchen time. Says "excuse us just a moment" as he takes his wife by the hand and walks her to that room. Once inside he closes the door, when he looks back at Janet she immediately says. "What the hell are we going to do? "

"First things first." Says John "We are going right down to the hospital and getting a proper test."

In the car on the way to the hospital Jessica is in the back seat. While John and Janet are in the front seats. Jessica is starting to cry with a resonance that sounds kind of like a mixture between a choking bird and a person who is gagging.

"Stop the dam car John." Janet instructs him.

Upon him stopping the car Janet gets out of the front door and gets into the back. Holding this sweet girl in her arms she says "Ok". And the car accelerates. "I'm so sorry for this" Jessica blurts out in between sobs. As she wraps her arms around Janet. Her tears are running down in buckets now. Totally drenching the sleeves of Janet's top. With her arms around her she says, "It's ok sweetie we will be there for you know matter what."

"Really?" She asks.

"Of coarse. We have been so worried about you. Not sure if you were in a ditch somewhere."

"I'm going to have to start thinking that way. Huh." She smiles between tears.

When they pull into the parking lot. Her crying subsides a bit.

As she is in with the doctor getting her pregnancy test Janet and John are waiting with all kinds of anticipation. Janet sitting down on one of the chairs. "My god, what my sister must think, with us calling her at this hour of the night, to come and watch the kids. Did you see the look on her face as we lied about needing to take this poor girl home. No she knew where we were going."

John is slowly pacing back and forth looking at the floor. "At least she seems adamant about wanting to raise the child."

"She's a dam kid she doesn't know what the hell she wants. Or what the hell she's in-for".

As the door opens and she comes out of the doctors office she immediately goes right back into Janet's arms. The nurse tells them that it will be a little while before they get the results back. "How long" John asks. Getting his wallet out and sifting through $100.00 bills.

"No. You have already paid the test cost. That is why we can accelerate this test. 30 minutes, it should not be more than that."

Those were pretty much the longest 30 minutes they had ever waited.

Looking at this girl in his wife's arms he was pretty sure that she had fallen asleep, feeling pretty disgusted with him self. Sitting down next to Janet they held hands. As the door finally opened she woke up. The nurse steps out and says your body most have just skipped a month, and the exhaustion you have been feeling is probably mental anguish more then anything, because you are not pregnant the results are negative.

"Oh thank God." Janet says.

Jessica balls in her arms even more. After a few minutes when it is obvious that these are not tears of joy.

Janet says "You didn't want this even if you think that you did."

With a quivering look she says "I already had a boy or a girl name picked out."

"You have your whole life ahead of you. Now you get to make choices for your self. "


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