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Janet and Jessaca

Novel By: Ben Drake

This story has some hard hitting erotica View table of contents...


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Collapsing next to her. Janet is torn between feelings of exhaustion in making this woman cum and wanting to curl up next to her. Not being able to believe what she has done. Wanting Jessica to fulfil her own immediate needs, which were building and building in her sex as well as building in her mind and slowly meeting in her heart. Which at this point was feeling frayed between her husband and her kids and this new found excitement that she felt for Jessica.

As this thought is running through her mind, tears start to form.

"What's wrong?" Jessica says. With those eyes that just a few moments ago were full of wanting and lust. But now they were filled with nothing but concern and caring.

"I can not believe I just did that." Admits Janet. The worry and fret is broadcast all over her face. "I'm not a lesbian. I don't think that way."

Almost laughing Jessica says "Of coarse your not sweetie."

"But I enjoyed that. Oh my god do you know what this means." The panic in her voice is starting to go into overdrive.

Trying hard not to laugh, realizing that she is honestly scared for her family. Taking her hands in hers "Janet you are not gay."

Not being convinced the worry is still making it's way slowly down her body. With a feeling starting at her scalp, and the feel of the raw egg was cold as it passes down the back of her neck. She could feel her hair start to stand on it's end. Travelling down the inside of her back until it reaches her belly. With a feeling of nausea, shaking one hand free she clutches her stomach with it.

Being able to see what is happening, Jessica isn't sure of how she feels. The mixture of rejection, and the more obvious knowing that Janet is just having an overload of emotions, is leaving a feeling in her stomach as well.

Seeing that she has hurt this sweet girl. Janet's senses come right into play as she takes Jessica into her arms.

While she is in her embrace, she says to Janet "I just wanted you to see that you were still a sexy women. I just wanted you feel likeā€¦"

With nothing but hunger there mouths collide. Greedily taking that which each of them needs. Working her way down her body Jessica does not stop until her fingers and her tongue are inside of that sweet pussy.

"Fuck me!" Janet says. With an almost growl to her voice.

Remembering that she still had her emergency back up in her purse. Jessica quickly grabs her play toy. Inserting it in and out of her at a fever pace. Janet's orgasm is a release of all of her frustration and all of her problems. Even if it was only for a little while, the feeling of nothingness that she felt was a very intoxicating one.

Falling next to Jessica. Not being able to talk for a while. Her breathing finally slows as does the light prickling/tickling sensation that is buzzing around her head. "That was amazing." Janet says with a big smile of relaxation on her face. As they are holding hands she begins to drift off.

The last words she hears are "Tomorrow you get your husband back."


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