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Janet and Jessaca

Novel By: Ben Drake

This story has some hard hitting erotica View table of contents...


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As she was waiting in the restaurant for Jessica. Sitting on the stole in the front of the restaurant looking out the window, Janet was feeling extremely nervous. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. What if she laughed at the thought? What if she found it offensive? What if? What if? As she was getting ready to leave, turning towards the door, right then she entered the restaurant. The aura that she felt coming from Jessica, made her that much more nervous.

As she approached her, her heart started beating faster this being the first time they had ever been alone together. Janet was blushing with what she was going to ask her, as Jessica hugged her and said "hello". This was the first physical contact that they had ever shared. Breathing in her scent was intoxicating not to mention her fantastic physical appearance. What is happening Janet thought?

With a mixture of shyness and nervousness she ask "How are you?"

"Ok hon. What's wrong?" Picking up instantly on Janet's desperation.

With wetness starting to form in her eyes, feeling an instant trust to this beauty. She starts pouring her heart out. Janet says "I know we don't know each other very well." She is now sobbing. "But I need you. We need you to…"

Taking her hand in hers, Jessica's concern is very obvious.

"Need what sweetheart?"

"John, my husband and I had a fight."



"Have I met him before?"

"Briefly, a few times."

"And?" Jessica says, with thoughtful eyes. "Tell me about it."

"He says that he wants more."

"He wants more what?"

"He says he wants his wife back. He wants me to… I want to be his everything again."

"He doesn't like your cooking?" Asks Jessica.

"He never really complains. He says I don't do enough cooking."

"Yeah, Cleaner house?"

"He's pretty understanding, with the kids always running around."

"Your sex life?" Jessica asks in a more statement form then anything.

With a very red face and not even being able to look her in the eyes. Janet nods.

"When's the last time you've had an orgasm?"

Very embarrassed and still looking down "shhhh." she says.

Getting a pretty good picture of what the problem between them is. Jessica smiles feeling touched that Janet has reached out to her.

In a quite voice "Janet if you can't even talk about it. How are we going to fix it?"

"You will help me?" She asks. The tears of relieve start streaming from her eyes now.

"Of Corse" She says. Turning on the swivel stole and embracing her. They share such an intense hug that when they draw back Janet kisses her on the lips and there tongues meet briefly but with hunger. Surprising herself Janet quickly pulls away.

"Ok this will be lesson one." Says Jessica.

"What is that?"

"Kiss me."

Blushing "Not here." Janet's cheeks turn an even brighter shade of red.

"Do you want my help our not? Kiss me like you mean it."

"Right here in front everyone? I'm not really into that kind of thing." She says with some concern. Though every one who knew Jessica had commented that she should be a marriage councillor, with her being able to understand any kind of situation and always prescribing exactly the right fix.

"I thought you wanted your marriage back? I thought you wanted to do what ever it takes to do that? It sounds like spontaneity is one of the prob…"

Janet attacks her mouth with her own, darting her tongue in and out of her mouth. Running her hands through her hair. Feeling her slender curves, remembering when not long ago she had a body that was a very close comparison. She still had a nice body. Just not quite as firm and curvy as Jessica's. If this is what it takes to fix her marriage then this is what she was going to do. Her desperation made her that much hotter.

Jessica responds to this with massaging this little vixen in disguises' tongue with her own. Finding her self very aroused. As were many of the customers in the restaurant. As Jessica who was sitting with her back to the window slowly opened her eyes and noticed the entire restaurant was looking at them. Janet with her back to them, noticing that Jessica had stopped kissing her and was focused on everything behind Janet. As she asks with embarrassment "Is everyone looking at us?"

"ah ha" Jessica says. With a mischievous grin.

They both laugh.

In a taxi, on there way to nice hotel. Janet is just finishing calling her husband John on her cell phone.

"How did that go?" Jessica asks

"He wasn't very happy about me spending the night out with my girlfriends, especially just after we had are last argument. I don't know if this is such a good idea."

"Relax, he will be a happy boy soon enough."

She takes Janet's hand in hers, rubbing it. Looking deep into each others eyes. Janet leans in to kiss her as she begins running her free hand up and down Jessica's thigh. In a black leather mini skirt she provides even more easy access with spreading her legs wide.

The driver of the taxi who couldn't seem to take his eyes off of the rear view mirror finally begrudging pulls into the hotel that they had asked for.

"How much is that?" Janet asked reaching into her purse.

"Oddly my meter has quit working." He says. "Could I help you take your bags to your room."

Janet gives Jessica a worried look.

"That's ok this is just going to be a girls night out." She says as she gives him a piece of paper with her number on it.

The relieve that Janet's feels is broadcast all over her face.

"Ok have fun girls." He says with a little grin.

At the check-in desk they acquire a room very quickly. Walking to the elevator Janet says to Jessica "I want to pay you back for the room."

"Don't worry about it" In her sexy voice that is seeming to draw Janet in more and more. Her head is beginning to tingle as they reach their number. Once inside the room that is just the right contrast between shady and light, Janet pounces on her, throwing her down to the bed. Telling her how much she wants to be with her, with each kiss. Tearing her top off of her, doing the same with her bra. Those gorgeous full tits were hers and hers alone, licking Jessica's nipples sucking on her breast sliding her tongue all over her cleavage. Looking into her eyes as she starts to trail down her body. Receiving nothing but encouragement.

Stopping at her belly button darting her tongue inside there. With one last look into Jessica's now pleading eyes. She licks the top of that well trimmed pussy. Jessica jerks in approval, letting out a whimper of delight. Not spending to much time on her clit at the moment she dives into her sweet pussy whole running her tongue up and down and flickering at the sides of her cunt. Back on her overly exited clit know she putts all kinds of pressure on that sweet button with her tongue running her fingers up and down her soaking wet pussy.

"Baby I'm gonna cum" She says to Janet.

"Cum for me baby!"

She grabs Janet's hair, pulling her head back and forth as she convulses uncontrollably her pussy juice is all over the bed and was all ready all over Janet, as she pushes that sweet face into her vagina ever so hard, she finally has a squirting orgasm. Not letting her head go for a while afterwards.


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