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Janet and Jessaca

Novel By: Ben Drake

This story has some hard hitting erotica View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 23, 2012    Reads: 1,209    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Even though 40 was fast approaching John had always been very sexually excitable. A fact that his wife Janet had brought up on more then one occasion. It wasn't because her feelings for him had changed, they had a very loving marriage. They had some wonderful kids.

John considered himself a loving father . And a very loving husband. After a day of chasing the kids, who at times seemed intent on hurting them selves at all cost. Cleaning the house, and just starting a writing career. Not to mention the hundred other things that Janet would do for the house. John would actually feel bad about trying to suggest that there love life which was not as bad as one would expect, need a bit of an overhaul. How selfish could he be?

Coming home from work after an earlier argument with Janet about something or other, John was pretty sure that Janet was still set to scrap, it seemed they did a lot of that lately. Instead waiting for him was a very attractive 20 something year old who was a friend of Janet's. John had seen her a few times at the odd dinner party that they would be invited to. He had found it hard to keep his eyes off of her. That sweet smile of hers was oddly the first thing that he had noticed. Soon followed by her breast that seemed to be trying very hard to make an escape from her bra. She would always be wearing low cut tops when ever they would see each other. Lovely full strawberry blond just below her shoulder length hair. And her facial features would have him swearing that she was an angel. He would almost feel guilty when ever he would fantasize about her, because in his fantasies they would do some very un-angelic things. Jessica was now in there living room looking very hot with her usual ensemble. Looking at him with eyes that were impossible to mistake for anything except for hunger/wanting. He had dreamt about this encounter many times but on this occasion, instead of embracing her he was feeling the need to flee.

Sensing his feelings Jessica says 'Wait'.

Very uncomfortable 'Um, um' John says trying ever so hard not to look at her.

'You are just to cute' She says, with that smile that totally turns his world upside down. As she starts walking towards him wearing very nice black fishnet stockings and impossibly high heeled shoes. Him looking down was not really helping his wanting to block Jessica out of his mind and fill it with thoughts of Janet. Right at that moment Janet walked up from behind him and put her hands over his eyes. The relief that he felt as he instantly recognised her perfume put a great big smile on his face.

Jessica wasted no time, unbuttoning his trousers while Janet still held her hands over his eyes. Pulling out his manhood which was surprisingly limp, until Janet whispered into his ear 'it's ok baby, I want you to fuck the hell out of Jessica here.' A quick double take later and a few kisses on the back of the neck by Janet reassuring him that he wasn't going to get in trouble for this and John was instantly hard. Down on her knees Jessica eagerly takes his manhood into her mouth sucking furiously. Janet is quickly down between Jessica's thighs. Laying on her back she takes it all in, the scent of this woman, her curves, both the immediate ones and the curves of her body as she explores with her hands Jessica's fine figure. Diving her tongue deep into her pussy getting an instant response from Jessica both verbal and an increase in wetness which provides instant gratification to Janet almost more so than Jessica. She slowly and sloppily works her way to the top of her sex box, sucking on her clitoris inserting her fingers inside of Jessica who is now panting.

Teasing his extremely hard member with sucking and licking all around and stroking over and over Jessica now wants him inside her warm vagina, as they both look down and ask permission with a needing almost pleading look in both of there eyes, to Janet. Almost surprising her self she say's "Well go get her." Thinkinginternally with much antisipation. I did say to be spontaneous, Jessica giggles to her self. The feeling of her warm softness around him as he bends her over the sofa makes his climax arrive quicker then in his dreams. As it is fast approaching he looks to his wife who is watching the penetration. With a quick look to him that was full of anticipation and love and a cheeky little grin, she begs him to "cum inside her." And he does with some very hard thrusts. Pulling out of her sweet pussy, his wife surprises him again by grabbing that cock and putting it in her mouth. She blows his mind even further by licking the cum that is slowly dribbling out of Jessica's cunt.


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