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A Perfect Night-in

Novel By: Bella Reeves

Two girlfriends, Alice and Louise, spending the night in, with buckets of wine, and romcoms on the go. Yet Alice has hidden desires for Lou, but she doesn't realise that these are more mutual.
This is an erotic, sensual story of sapphic lust. Written from the eyes of a pansexual female, with experience..
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Submitted:Dec 16, 2012    Reads: 2,910    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Louise picked up her glass of wine that was sitting on the coffee table. She let the cold shiny plastic edge grace her lips..

Alice couldn't help noticing the way she picked up her wine, let slowly touch her soft, full lips. She loved the way Lou's red lipstick left a subtle mark on the rim. Lou was beautiful, curvaceous and smart. She couldn't believe Lou had been stood up tonight, and was now seated on her couch trying to deflect the depressing notion that the IT guy from work had stood her up. Lou had made such an effort, well - a black figure hugging dress, pointed stilettos and her hair toussled. She was classy. Unique

Compared to Lou, Alice was skinnier. Red curly hair which feel just before her shoulders...So different to Lou's soft curves, wide hips and ample breasts...and dark chocolate hair which just shone all the time.

They had spent the evening with a few bottles, mostly drunk now and crappy romantic bullshit on the television. Alice had picked out the usual; sex and the city, love actually, 27 Dresses....the works!

Alice had propped herself on the floor, grabbing the bottle next to Lou's and began pouring another. She didn't realise that seconds later, Lou was in tears.

'Oh Lou...what's wrong' , she urgently rushed over.

'I am mess...a complete mess'

'No, you're beautiful, sexy - that guy was just an idiot, he probably just got distracted by the football'

'I am fat! Why can't I be skinny like you'

Alice couldn't believe what she was hearing. Lou wasn't usually like this, she was confident but the glasses of wine had made her upset.

'I want you', Alice whispered, before even realising what she was saying.

Before she could say anything, Lou wiped away the few tears and softly lifted her head and planted a small kiss on Alice's cheek.

Alice had loved Louise for so long. They had been friends for over 10 years, through adolescence, university and now in their early twenties single and alone they both stood. But Louise was straight whereas Alice was openly gay so this was a strange situation. Did Lou feel for her?

She decided to clear away the glasses, and just smiled at Lou as she left the room and then dashed to the kitchen. She stood at the sink, breathing deeply trying to erase the juicy thoughts going through her head. Before she had time to even digest what had happened, she felt a prescence behind her..and then a soft kiss planted on the back of her neck. Alice wanted to turn around, but felt compelled to stay there and feel the sensual, ticklish delights.

'I want you to' Louise softly spoke into Alice's ear.

Alice quickly turned around and kissed Lou's lips with intense passion. Their lips biting each other softy...their tongues touching ever so slightly. She wanted to touch her, to kiss every part of her body. To feel her curves in her hands, to taste her warm juicy pussy and to give her so much pleasure. She unzipped Lou's dress and it fell to the floor. Her curvaceous frame filled her black lacey lingerie, with her cleavage so full...and her thong bulging with her arse..so bouncy, so soft.

Alice ripped her shirt off, and revealed her braless body. Her pert small breasts, were devoured by Louise, who rushed to kiss and lick her hard erect nipples.

They stood in the kitchen, slowly kissing each other and smothering their hands over each others bodies. Lou's hands were all over Alice's petite frame, her skin pale and soft. She unhooked her bra, and let Alice grope her large breasts as she moaned in delight..

Louise wanted Alice so badly between her thighs, the thought of a girl touching and licking her pussy, she wanted to orgasm with a beauty doing the work.

'I want to touch you Lou' Alice whispered as she kissed her neck..'Take those lacies off, I want to feel your wetness'....

Lou slowly pulled down her lacey frenchies, which were soaked..and let them fall to the floor. Alice placed her hands between her thighs and felt Lou's soft, shaven and moist pussy. She was pleasantly suprised to feel how swollen her clit was..she wanted to taste her.

'Get on the kitchen table, and spread your legs'

Lou shly walked over to the table, and lifted herself onto it, and then slowly spread her meaty thighs...

Alice joined her, placing herself inches away from Lou's soaking pussy. She slowly circled her fingers around Lou's thighs.....and kissed her soft tummy, and then started to massage her swollen clit.

'You're so wet...I want to taste'

She went down to her soft wet pussy, and started kissing around it. Until finding the clit with her tongue, and subtly licking it with the tip of her tongue. She could hear Lou's moans of pleasure and this made herself get so wet, so turned on. She started to lick her pussy up and down, being gentle to tease her...she wanted the pleasure to last.

She licked gently, but placed her finger into her soaking pussy hole. Bringing it in and out continuosly, making Lou moan even more.

She used her whole tongue, moving it up and down rhymically making sure her whole pussy got the attention.

Her pussy was so wet she slipped another finger in so easily, and as she licked her swollen clit, gushes of wet pussy juice trickled from her tight wet hole. She tasted so good, and was the wettest girl she had ever been with.

Alice could feel that she was near orgasm, so began to lick more deeply and fast. Pushing another finger into Lou's pussy...

A shot of warm, milky liquid shot from Lou's pussy as she shaked with orgasmic pleasure. But Alice didn't want to stop. She pushed her whole hand into lou's gushing pussy, and felt the rhymic orgasms contracting on her palms, fingers and her wrist. She was gushing constantly...

She bent forwards, and started kissing her big breasts as she fucked her with her hand...Louise shifted so her arse was in the air, and Alice pushed her hand in more, rubbing up Lou's engorged g spot...wetness flooded to the floor as she was fucking her. Lou was moaning constantly, and redness filled her cute cheeks as she was constantly cuming.

'I want to pleasure you now..so much' cried Louise.

Alice released Lou from her fucking, and let her come off the table. She then bent herself over the table, while Lou bent down and starting to slowly lick her pussy from behind.

She was shocked with how good she was.

Lou pulled open Alice's arse and began to fuck her arse with her tongue. She had always wanted to that to a girl...it was hot. She then used her tongue up and down. Alice was bursting with pleasure, Lou was skilled with her tongue.

She felt a finger slowly go into her pussy, while her arsehole was being rimmed...She felt like she was going to orgasm any second.

Louise moved from her arsehole, and started focusing on fucking Alice to orgasm. Her small frame, was shaking with pleasure and delight...

Alice turned herself round, and allowed Lou to push three fingers into her soaking wet cunt, while her tongue swirled around her clit. She enjoyed Lou fucking her, and starred urging for more fingers to go in.

Lou's four fingers were fucking her tight wet pussy so hard, and with her tongue licking her clit so fast, she released a huge orgasm, with bursts of cum dripping from her pussy.

'That was amazing...and the best thing Lou, girls can cum again and again...'

Lou smiled up and her, and with her cheeky smile went 'Shall we try the bedroom?'


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