Finding Happiness

By: BeauTristan

Chapter 9,

Khara looked around the bedroom in awe. There was a hug bleached oak bed suspended from the ceiling with matching suspended nightstands. The floors matched the bed frame and there was a large lime green rug in the middle of the floor and matching lime green artwork on each wall. There was a huge bookshelf against one wall and a cute pale blue chair under the window. She couldn’t have imagined up a more beautiful room. She walked across the huge space to the one door and found the bathroom. It matched the bed room to perfection. Unbleached floors, pale blue glass tile everywhere and lime green accents. She sat the bags of clothes on the counter and went to cut on the huge glass enclosed shower. After an amazing peaceful shower, she stepped out and quickly dressed. She found a new toothbrush under the sink and vigorously brushed her teeth.

After leaving the bathroom she wandered back into the hall way. She found Beau and Trist lounged in the same sunken couch and watched them from the doorway. Beau was lounged back and tossing chips into his mouth while Tristan fiddled with his phone. She wondered if he played games on his phone. She had become quite obsessed with a few herself, and wondered if he played any of the same ones. Beau was the first to notice her and beckoned her over. She made her way over and sat on the opposite side of the couch from the two men. They both stared at her intensely.

Tristan was quite happy with her outfit. She had on pale pink tights and the most adorable pale blue shirt with a white peace sign on the front. Her socks were a spontaneous purchase, fuzzy zebra slipper socks. Her feet were adorable. He thought everything about her was adorable. He wanted to touch her but knew she probably felt uncomfortable about it. He knew eventually Beau would give in to the urge to touch her again. He would wait until then. He had patience.

Beau lounged back against the couch and watched her with dark eyes. His hard on hadn’t went down a bit in the 30 minutes she was gone and all he could think of was burying himself so deep in her that she would forget there was a world outside of their bed. He knew that probably wouldn’t happen tonight, and he was ok with that. Didn’t stop a man from dreaming, though. He was trying to figure out a way to convince her to stay the night. It was still raining outside and he didn’t like the idea of her riding her bike home alone.

“Khara, baby, you want to stay over here tonight, since it’s late? Or would you prefer to have one of us drive you home?” He hoped she would just stay. They watched her ponder the question for several minutes. He was beginning to wonder if she was going to answer when she finally nodded her head. “I would like to stay the night and sleep in the hanging bed in the room I showered in. But I also need a ride home to grab some things. I can leave my bike here so I can go in for my coffee tomorrow. Would one of you mind? I’m not very comfortable in cars though. I tend to vomit. Or faint. But it’s only a 6 minute car ride. I should make it. I hope. Sorry.” Beau was already climbing out the couch and on his way to grab his shoes by the time she was done. Trist watched her in amusement and waited for her to finish. She was still mumbling under her breath, something about a robe, and a “Ziggy”, whatever the hell that was.

She finally stopped her rambling, which he was beginning to learn was going to happen just about any time she started talking. She was blushing and looked down. He watched her furrow her brows and look at his chest. “I know I ramble on. I’m weird and my condition makes it difficult for me control my ‘word vomit’ I often forget other people are in the conversation. I’m sorry if I annoy you. I’ll try to be quiet more often.” He scooted next to her and grabbed her chin. All she felt was his lips. He mind quieted for a few seconds and she realized in the momentary peace. Trist slowly pulled back and fingered her soft curls. Her hair was still damp from her shower and she smelt of vanilla and fresh fall leaves.

“If you ever annoy me, just know, it won’t matter.  I’m here, forever, or as long as you will have us. We want to learn those quirks. We aren’t ‘HIM’. Please try not to compare us. Now let’s go grab whatever it is you need from home. Maybe we can grab something to eat while we are out.” She nodded and stood. She climbed over the back of the couch and waited for him by the stairs. He met her and reached for her hand. She wasn’t sure why he wanted to hold her hand, she was perfectly capable of walking down the 4 four shallow steps by herself. She shrugged and grasped his hand.

After a short trip to the parking garage and several minutes of convincing Khara that He was a perfectly capable driver, Trist had them well on their way to her house. She only lived a short 10 minute ride and he hoped to get this trip done and over with quickly. He wanted her back at their house, where he could forget she was technically promised to another. They pulled in a small block of condos and parked around back. She quickly jumped out before he even had the car in park and darted to a bush. Beau jumped out right after her and all Trist could her was the sound of her up-chucking her soul. Now he just felt terribly guilty for making her ride in the car. He hoped that they could build up her tolerance for riding in cars since he loved road trips and wanted her to eventually be able to join them.

He quickly threw the car in park and joined the pair standing next to bush that she had just finished emptying her stomach into. He had her hand over her mouth and motioned for them to follow her. She walked over to a door and unlocked it. Both men followed her inside as she led them to an elevator. Beau was trying to hold his laughter because she refused to take her hand off her mouth. The elevator dinged that they had arrived on the 14th floor. She quickly darted off and the followed her down the hall.

Khara knew her breath smelled horrible but she did forewarn them that she might vomit if she rode in the car. She quickly approached the door of her apartment and pulled her key chain out of her bag. She only had 3 keys but more than 20 key chains. She collected them and would change them out every Thursday. She quickly unlocked the door and walked in. She immediately noticed the mess Jared left behind him. Her OCD kicked in and she immediately went to put everything to right. Both men stood in the small entry way and watch Khara shuffle through the apartment, putting things away and rearranging furniture. Both men noticed it looked like things had been deliberately moved around just to both her.

After a few minutes she remembered she had guest and turned to stare at them with wide eyes. After realizing she was being rude, she pointed to two wing chairs near a far window and ran down a hall. Beau and Tristan sat in chairs and waited for her to return. A few moments later she came back down the hall way. “Sorry. Jared isn’t very neat and if I’m not constantly picking him, things get out of control and begin to bother me. I was rude and should probably apologize. So, I apologize. I’m going to grab my things now. Am I coming home tomorrow or Sunday?”

Trist smiled at her and looked at Beau. “You can stay as long as you would like hun. Hell, you never have to leave again. But it’s up to you. How about you come home Sunday? Or will he be mad?” she turned around and headed towards the back. Trist immediately stood up to follow her and Beau tagged along behind him. “Jared won’t be home until after 6 on Sunday. He goes out of town for ‘De-stressing’ twice a month for the whole weekend. I never know which weekends. He says its stressful being with someone like me and occasionally he needs to get away from me. Which is fine, because sometimes I get sick of him too.” She was packing a bright yellow and turquoise bag with a robe and fuzzy slippers and lotions and other girl stuff. Both men stood in the doorway of the small bedroom and looked around. Everything was white or black. Nothing in the entire room said Khara except a small nightstand under the window that was covered in the beaded bracelets that she always seemed to have on.

After a few minutes of silences, she turned back to the men and said she was ready to go, except she needed Ziggy. Both men had a “What The Hell” look on their face as the followed behind her back to the living room. She passed Trist her duffel bag and went to small dining area that had a standing shade against one wall. She pulled the shade back to revel a table filled with colors connecting tubes. The was a cage on the far end and both men stepped closer to see what was there. She tapped twice on the tube and suddenly a tiny little hedgehog poked it head out at one end. Khara popped off the top of the cage and reached in and grabbed the tiny little thing. She turned to them with bright eyes and a huge smile. “This is Ziggy the hedgehog, he comes with us, right?” Trist just stared at the albino hedgehog in confusion while Beau broke out in a magical grin. “Damn right he does! I’ve always wanted a pet!” She smiled and begin to pack Ziggy’s things. She was unsure what they were going to do all weekend but she hoped it would be relaxing. 

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