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Finding Happiness

Novel By: BeauTristan

Engaged to be married in less than 5 months, Khara was unhappy. She wasn't sexually attracted to her fiance and was bored in their passionless relationship. But she loved him, meaning she couldn't leave without good cause.
Beau and Tristan wanted a third. After their more than 5 year affair, they wanted a woman to share their love with.
She was that woman. Now if they could just convince her of that..... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 8, 2013    Reads: 1,230    Comments: 5    Likes: 14   

She slowly came awake and immediately reached to her left to find her lamp. After fumbling around for a few seconds and not finding it she popped her eyes open. She was immediately assaulted with the darkness and the sense that she wasn't in her own room. She knew it was night time and if she wasn't home, something must have happened. Suddenly the memories of her afternoon with the men snapped back to her.

She immediately knew she must be in their bed. She sat up and realized she had on a long sleeve shirt and a pair of boxers. She quickly slipped out of the bed and tried to orientate herself. There were two doors and a glass wall. She moved over to first door and quietly opened it. She was great with a monstrous closet. On what side was what appeared to be Beau's cloths, and the other side held Tristan's. The far back wall was completely empty. She wondered why they would keep a completely empty area in their closet. And turned around and made her way to the other door. She opened it and heard a TV playing and the soft glow of a light from down a hallway. She slowly made her way down the hallway and walked into a small room.

It was the weirdest room she had ever encountered. There were 4 steps up onto a solid wood floor. Almost like a platform. In the middle of the platform there was a sunken area filled with pillows and a soft bottom. Almost like a mattress. It looked so comfortable. She quickly spied Beau lounged out on one side of the circular bed watching what appeared to be cartoons. She quietly made her way up the steps into the room and approached him from behind. Beau felt a presence behind him and thought it was Tristan. "Hey babe, back already? I thought you were going to buy some clothes for her to wear?" She giggled and popped down beside him. He turned and was surprised to find her sitting next to him. He thought for sure she would still be sleeping.

"Hey baby. Whatcha doing up already? We thought you were going to sleep clear through the night." She looked up at him and blinked. "This room is fascinating. What time is it? And where is my bag? I have to make a phone call." She spit it all out so quick that he wasn't sure he heard right. "Ok. All I heard was that you want to know what time it is and you need your bag. Right?" and she quickly nodded. "Gotcha, babe. Let me grab your phone and I think it's about 7:45pm." He quickly hopped over the edge and walked out of the room. She turned back to the TV and attempted to calm down. It was 7:45?! She hadn't broken schedule in well over 5 years. Not even for Jared. And her she was, still out, in another man's clothes, and she hadn't had her evening cigarette. She let out a deep sigh. She was being to stress out and she wondered what Jared would think.

She hoped he wouldn't be angry. They were already fighting and she wasn't sure she could deal with more bickering. She wondered if was even worried about her. He was probably more concerned with where his dinner was. Beau came bounding back in the room with her messenger bag and quickly plopped next to her. "Here you go, babe." She quickly reached out for the bag and opened it. She was almost 2 hours over do for her medicine and needed to take it. "How do I get to the kitchen? I need a glass of water and to be alone for a few minutes." He was caught off guard at her wanting to get away from him so soon. "Uh, the kitchen is down the hall to the right and through the double doors. You can hangout back in the bedroom if you want. I'll keep Tristan out until you find us." She nodded and trotted out of the room.

After getting lost for a few minutes, she finally found the kitchen and began searching for a glass. She found one and quickly filled it with water. She hopped onto a bar stool and pulled her medicine and phone out of her bag. She quickly popped her meds in her mouth and unlocked her phone. She was surprised to see she didn't have a single missed call or text. Jared must be at home fuming. She was curious as to why he hadn't called and quickly dialed his number. After ringing for several seconds, he finally answered. "What is it Khara?" she was caught off guard by his abrupt answer and stumbled over her response. "I'm going to assume this will be one of your weekends out?" She heard him sigh through the line and knew his response. "Should I expect you home tomorrow or Sunday. I need to know so I can plan our meals." "Ill be home Sunday night. Don't call me unless it's an emergency," he bit out quickly and hung up on her. She stared at her phone confused for a few seconds before shrugging and placing it back in her bag.

Beau sat in the sunken couch and waited for her to come back. He had texted Tristan and asked him to wait a little while before returning. Tristan was confused, but agreed to come back in 30 minutes. Beau figured she had to call her fiancé to check in and didn't want to do it in front of a man she was technically cheating on him with. He wondered if she felt guilty about what they did earlier and if she would try to distance herself from them. If he didn't know anything else, he knew that was not what he wanted to happen.

He sat silently, staring at the TV, waiting on her to come back. After a few minutes, he quietly got up and wandered towards the kitchen to make sure she was ok. As he approached the living room he found her reorganizing the hanging pot rack over the island. He stood there and watched her for several minutes. She was so focus. She was quietly humming a song that was vaguely familiar and he found her to be the cutest thing. He wondered how Trist would take someone invading his "sanctuary".

Not seconds later he heard the front door unlock and turned to watch Tristan quietly slip in. Tristan spied him immediately and gave him a "What the hell" look because he was standing in the shadows. Beau pointed towards the kitchen and Tristan quickly turned to look and watched Khara compare two pans before hanging one on the pot rack. He smiled and looked back at Beau and mouthed "Creep". Beau couldn't help but burst out laughing at Tristan's playful side.

The sudden noise startled Khara causing her to drop the pan she was holding in fright. She looked back towards the dining room and spied Beau bent over in laughter and Tristan glowering at him with two bags of clothes in his hand. She bent down and picked up the pan before wandering towards the two men. Beau spied her approach and quickly stood up and stopped laughing. She studied the two men and felt conflicted. She wasn't comfortable with touching but had the urge to hug them both. She enjoyed when they were on the couch but wasn't sure how to convey that to them.

"Earlier, was….. Nice. I enjoyed it. I'm not sure how I should tell you that. This 'enjoyment' from sex is new to me and I'm slightly confused. I'm rambling again, aren't I? You can tell me to stop. I won't get mad. Jared tells me to hush all the time. But you guys are so much nicer than him. I shouldn't say that about my fiancé, huh?" The both watched her ramble on in amusement. She was so adorable. Tristan felt himself get angry at the mention of her fiancé. He was quite ready to be done with the man so they could get on with being together. She was still mumbling to herself when Beau reached out and grabbed her hand. He gently rubbed her hand between his much bigger one. "It's nothing to worry about babe. You ramble to your heart's content," he said gently. She attempted to make eye contact but that prickly feeling happened as soon as she looked into his eyes and she immediately dropped her gaze. Tristan noticed and moved behind her to hug her. He felt her stiffen but didn't release his hold. After a few seconds he felt her relax and he smiled over at Beau. They were making progress. She enjoyed herself earlier, and was still receptive to their touch.

After a few seconds of being help by Trist, she stepped out of his hold and turned towards him. "Did you bring me clothes? I'm overdue for my second shower and it's a long bike ride home in the dark." Beau laughed behind her but she didn't turn. She stared at the space just above Tristan's eyebrows, her way of faking eye contact. Tristan smiled down at her and passed her the two bags he had dropped on the side table. "These are for you. I kind peaked at your size and tried to find a few things I thought you would like. You can use your bathroom. Just go back down the hall until you reach the double doors on the right. You can leave your stuff in there as well." She quickly nodded and turned. They both watched her wander down the hall and slip through the double doors.

Beau turned to Trist and quickly leaned in to claim his lips. Trist quickly took control of the kiss and press Beau against the wall. Beau loved it when Trist took control. He knew they couldn't fuck right her on the way but his raging hard on didn't much care. He needed to feel Trist, anyway he could. He broke their kiss and whispered to Trist "Please suck me, babe. Please. I'll beg." Tristan grinned into Beau's neck. He loved taking Beau in his mouth but he wanted to keep the man on edge until later. He had plans for both Beau and Khara and it revolved around Beau not being able to help himself. He slowly backed up and released Beau. Beau almost sobbed in need but he held it in as he watched Tristan grin and walk away. It was going be tortuous to have this boner all night. Damn Trist and his games.

*****Thank you guys for being so patient. my fiance and i just amoved across the country and i was trying to settle down. im posting this from my phone because they still havent come out to connect my internet. Please leave a comment. AGAIN, SORRY FOR THE WAIT!!!!*****


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