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Finding Happiness

Novel By: BeauTristan

Engaged to be married in less than 5 months, Khara was unhappy. She wasn't sexually attracted to her fiance and was bored in their passionless relationship. But she loved him, meaning she couldn't leave without good cause.
Beau and Tristan wanted a third. After their more than 5 year affair, they wanted a woman to share their love with.
She was that woman. Now if they could just convince her of that..... View table of contents...


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She sat staring out of the window of the coffee shop, watching the drops of rain race down the window. It was gloomy outside but she had put on her neon green rain coat and matching rain boots and made her way over on foot. It was Friday and she wasn't going to let the rain, or the two extremely gorgeous men sitting across the room, stop her from keeping routine. She had only been there for 45 minutes and was finally starting to dry off when Beau approached her. She knew they were there, she had seen them when she went to get her first coffee. They had been in Java Mojo every day since the "incident" on Tuesday. She wondered if they were missing work but quickly put it from her mind when they didn't approach her. But she knew today was different. There were no other people in the shop and the storm that was brewing outside was going to keep any potential customers away.

She was immediately aware of his presence but refused to look over and acknowledge him. While her mind was rebelling at his closeness, her body was not. Her nipples tightened and she felt moisture pool in her panties. He was perfect. And he knew it. She hoped ignoring him would make him go away but today wasn't her lucky day. Beau sat across from her and watched her look out the window. He knew that she knew he was there and he most definitely knew he was being ignored. He sighed and gazed over at Tristan. Tristan made a shooing motion, telling Beau to hurry up and start the conversation so he could join.

Beau looked back at Khara only to realize she had turned towards him and Tristan. He smiled at her and watched her body tense. He liked that he could put her on edge. She had the both of them wrapped up in this need for her. They had spent all of Wednesday and Thursday reading about Asperger's so they could be better prepared for her next time. It explained her lack of eye contact and her bluntness. They wondered if it would affect the emotional connection they wanted with her, but weren't afraid of working at it with her. Tristan was sure she was perfect and Beau was beginning to agree with him.

"Do you mind if we talk about Tuesday? We realize we might have caught you off guard and Tristan wants to apologize for being such an ass. We really want to get to know you and just hear us out. Please? Pretty please," he asked her softly. She had been looking at his shoes while he spoke and when she looked up, she looked right into his eyes. Beau was once again entranced by her eyes but forced himself to focus on convincing her to speak with them. He couldn't fail and he knew she was skittish without the fiasco from the other day.

She didn't want to give in so easily but she noticed his tense shoulders and the sincerity in his eyes. She quickly averted her gaze, choosing to fiddle with her bracelets. She gave him a quick nod and spied his brilliant smile from the corner of her eye. She wondered why he was happy. Just a moment ago he was looking so forlorn and now it seemed as if the sun was radiating from him. Whatever was the cause, she was glad it happened.

Beau was beyond ecstatic she had agreed, he turned and looked at Trist and quickly nodded his head. Tristan jumped from his seat in the far back corner and made his way to the couch and two chairs near the front window where they sat. He quickly dropped onto the couch next to Beau and grabbed his knee in thanks. Tristan had been beating himself up over the past few days wondering if he had messed everything up for them. Tristan looked over at Khara and found himself wanting to touch her. Being this close and not being able to kiss her was driving him mad. She had the softest looking lips and she wore this delicious smelling vanilla lip gloss. He found himself tightening in his pants. He looked away quickly so he wouldn't scare her with his raging erection.

Beau noticed Tristan was distracted and mentally face palmed. He knew Trist was infatuated but wished he would focus on apologizing so they could escape the prying eyes of the employees and maybe convince her to go up to their apartment. He nudged Trist and watched the man snap back to attention. Glad he finally had him back on track, he nudged him again, hoping he would get on with the apology. Tristan did get the hint, for once, and looked down at Khara. She was humming under her breath and twisting a colorful bead bracelet around her wrist.

"Khara, I'm sorry. Like really sorry. I'm great at fucking up but horrible at apologizing. But I am sorry. Really fucking sorry. I shouldn't have just sprung all of it on you like that and I ruined lunch. I hope I didn't permanently scare you away. Maybe we can try lunch again today and you can ask us question or just get to know us." She looked over at him and watched his lips move while he talked. She had the sudden urge to reach over and touch them. His bottom lip looked incredibly soft. Tristan caught her stare and noticed she was focused on his lips. When she unconsciously licked her own, he let out a soft moan. She had yet to respond and he desperately needed an answer. If they sat in the coffee shop any longer he would reach across the small table between them and kiss her. His fisted his hands in his lap and waited.

After what seemed like forever to the two men, but was actually only a few seconds, she tilted her head and looked over at Beau. "I'm quite hungry, I was going to order a pastry from her but maybe we can have lunch again. Should we go next door?" Beau and Trist both let out a sigh of relief. She didn't seem angry and seemed to be ok with spending more time with them. Tristan reached across the table and took her hand. "How about we head up to our place? I can fix us whatever you would like and we don't have to worry about interruptions." He hoped she would agree because he really didn't feel like sharing her right now with anyone or having their few hours of time interrupted by anyone.

Khara knew she shouldn't go to their home but oddly enough felt comfortable with them. She stood up, slipped her on rain boots, shuffled her book and earbuds back into her backpack, and grabbed her raincoat. Beau and Tristan stood quickly, thinking she was going to flee again. Beau went to open his mouth to offer her lunch somewhere else when she quietly mumbled, "If you can make a BLT and French fries, we can go to yours." Both men looked relieved she hadn't run away and she looked at their smiling face in confusion. Why were they so happy? Did they also enjoy BLT's? They were her favorite and she only allowed herself them twice a week. She had one on Monday and she felt she deserved one after her past few days. She had argued with Jared and they weren't speaking. He was upset she had been so unenthusiastic during their sex. She couldn't explain to him that she didn't want to have sex with him without hurting his feelings. She stayed silent during their "argument" and it had pushed him over the edge. He cursed and hollered about her not sharing her feelings with him and said they wouldn't speak until she did. So it had been two days and neither had said a word to the other. She didn't really mind as it finally gave her some peace at home. She went about her schedule like nothing was amiss, not realizing it was driving him mad.

"Which one of you will lead the way? I'm hungry and you offered lunch." Beau laughed at her blunt way of rushing them and turned to walk out of the shop. He noticed she followed him and Trist was bringing up the rear. They stepped outside and the rain immediately hit them. Both men hustled the few feet to the Apartment building entrance while she slowly followed behind. The rain didn't bother her. It was simply water, albeit a bit cold. She followed both men into the building and to the elevators. This building was tall and she wondered how high up they had to go. The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. The small group shuffled in and Tristan reached in front of her and pressed the button for the 57th floor. It wasn't the top but close enough to afford them a great view of downtown Austin, Texas. The ride up was silent, save for her humming softly. When the elevator dinged, she immediately stopped humming. The doors slid open revealing a long hallway with only two doors. She followed them to the door on the right. Trist pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the door. He stepped in and Beau waved her forward. She looked both ways down the hallway before stepping into their home. She knew whatever happened in there would change things. Things she wasn't quite sure she was ready to change.


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