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Finding Happiness

Novel By: BeauTristan

Engaged to be married in less than 5 months, Khara was unhappy. She wasn't sexually attracted to her fiance and was bored in their passionless relationship. But she loved him, meaning she couldn't leave without good cause.
Beau and Tristan wanted a third. After their more than 5 year affair, they wanted a woman to share their love with.
She was that woman. Now if they could just convince her of that..... View table of contents...


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Beau burst into the kitchen with a wide grin on his face. He immediately spied Tristan in the far back at a small desk. Tristan had designed the kitchen to be spacious with stations for every course. The menu was changed once a week and Tristan ruled his kitchen with an iron fist. Beau quickly walked over to Tristan. "She's her. Is the food ready? She smells divine. Can we have that caramel creation for dessert? Are you ready?" fired out of his mouth in rapid succession. Tristan sat with an amused look on his face. The desk sat in a back corner blocked from view by the main kitchen staff. Tristan reached up and cupped Beau through his jeans. Beau sucked in a harsh breath at the contact. He had been rock hard since sitting across from Khara almost a full hour ago and now that Tristan was cupping him so fiercely, he was ready to explode. Tristan knew he had Beau's full attention. "Babe, calm down. We have it all planned. Relax and enjoy her company. Let's go eat!" Beau smiled down at Tristan and nodded. They both left the small desk area and made their way back to the private dining room. On the way, Tristan informed his head waiter and sous chef that the special lunch they had worked on should be served in 10 minutes and to come collect drink orders in 5 minutes.

Khara jumped when the door to the room burst open revealing a grinning Beau. She nodded at him and looked back at the table, rearranging the table setting and fidgeting with the place setting. When she heard the second set of footsteps, she looked up to get a glimpse of his friend. Once again she was struck speechless. Pitch black hair, hazel eyes, two killer dimples on a 6'2 frame made her want to melt right out the seat. She quickly looked away when she noticed he was staring at her as well. She heard him chuckle but refused to acknowledge it. She immediately noticed that Beau had taken a seat right next to her at the circular table. She felt suffocated by his nearness. He smelt of oranges and cinnamon. He was faintly aware that his knee was touching hers but before she could respond, Tristan sat on her right side just as close. Her nerves were immediately fried. She attempted to scoot back to create some distance but was immediately stilled by a hand on her left knee and a hand on her right hand. Both men were touching her. 'Oh My God' she thought. Their scent enveloped her and she was instantly moist.

Tristan was sure she wasn't even aware that she had closed her eyes and released a quiet moan the moment they both touched her. His dick sprang to life in his cargo pants. He didn't want to let her go. That little moan was all he needed to solidify his hope that she would be ok being touched by both of them. He felt her pulse speed up under his fingertips and he slowly stroked the back of hand. From where he was sitting he could see Beau slowly stroke his hand a few inches up her inner thigh. She had yet to open her eyes, caught in the sensations. He leaned over and gently whispered in her ear "Relax, love. Enjoy his touch and my voice. Forget everything else." He watched her breathing accelerate. She spine slowly relaxed as Beau drew soft patterns on the inside of her thigh. "You're such a beautiful woman. So soft and tempting. We both want more. We can both give you more. You just have to ask." He whispered to her. She moaned again and it took all of Beau's willpower to not claim her lips. Suddenly the door to the private dining room opened to reveal the waiter approaching. He luckily couldn't quite see what was happening but the noise was enough to snatch Khara out of her dazed state. Both men knew their play time was over for now and slowly retreated to their own area.

The waiter slowly approached the small party and asked what they would like to drink. Both men ordered a rum and coke and were shocked when she asked for a double jack, neat with two lemons. The waiter quickly nodded and hustled to fetch their drinks. Khara took a shuddering breath and began to fidget with her place setting again. Silence fell over the table as both men watched her shuffle her plate and utensils around. "I'm Tristan, love. It's a pleasure to meet you, I've been anxious to for quite some time now." He murmured. Her tiny shocked gasp was enough to prod Beau into talking. "As you know, I own the coffee shop, this restaurant, and the building it's in. My office is across the street and Tristan and I live at the top of this building. We've seen you go to the coffee shop every day for the past 11 months. It would have been kind of hard to not notice such a beautiful woman." She quickly glanced over at him, noticing his disarming smile. She gave a brief smile back and nodded her head. "I guess I'm just a little shocked, since I've one seen you once and I don't recall ever seeing him." She said to Beau. He shrugged and grinned. "Tris over there is the quiet one. He likes his kitchen and home. He comes down to Java on weekends sometimes but that's as much socializing as he does." He chuckled. Tristan grunted and softly touched the back of her hand on her lap. "You may not have seen me, but I've seen you. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable."

She quickly nodded. She was trying to sort through what was happening and what she was feeling. She understood the sexual attraction. It was all the other feelings that had her confused. She figured it was time to discuss what had happened earlier. She turned to Tristan and asked him "What was all of that when you guys both sat down? Why would you touch me like that and say those things?" Both men were caught off guard by her direct questioning. They looked at each other and Beau sighed. "We didn't think you would be ready to discuss that just yet. How about we enjoy our drinks and appetizers first and we will discuss it over our entree?" she tilted her head and shook it quickly. "I need to know these things, now please. Not knowing, leaves me tense and unbalanced." Tristan was the one to quickly respond this time. "Love, we don't want to cause you undo stress. We simply don't want to be interrupted during the conversation." She could see the logic in this and decided to agree. "I understand. Do you know how much longer it will be until the entree is served? Its already 1:45 and I have to leave at exactly 4:05." Both men smiled at her agreement but Beau frowned she once again reminded him of her schedule. "Do you have work or a child to pick up?" She quickly shook her head no. "Then what's the rush? Will your fiancé be angry if you aren't home on time?" she shook her head no again before looking at Tristan. Although it was Beau who asked her the questions, she wanted to look at Tristan once more before they turned her away after learning about her condition.

"I have….. a syndrome. That, along with my OCD, makes it very hard for me to break schedule, to break habit. I may get upset if I can't adhere to my schedule." She looked up to notice both men had scooted closer to her and were peering at her unblinking. "I have Asperger's Syndrome. I won't bore you with details but it makes my mind funny. I can send you both information on it, if you are interested. It's very fascinating reading material. Although, I'm sure neither of you care about Asperger's." She started to mumble under her about the best sites to explain it, but how she couldn't share the information with them because she didn't have their emails. Beau and Tris looked over her head at each other. Neither were put off by the news but it explained a lot. The waiter chose that moment to make an appearance with both their drinks and the appetizers. Silence fell over the table to she quickly gulped own her Jack and asked for another and if they had club soda. Tristan nodded and quickly ordered it for her before the waiter departed again. They all settled down to enjoy their appetizer before the main event could happen over the entree. She was nervous, causing her to fidget. Something that didn't go unnoticed by either man. They knew they wouldn't be able to ease into this discussion and Beau was hoping he wouldn't have to do all the talking.


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