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Finding Happiness

Novel By: BeauTristan

Engaged to be married in less than 5 months, Khara was unhappy. She wasn't sexually attracted to her fiance and was bored in their passionless relationship. But she loved him, meaning she couldn't leave without good cause.
Beau and Tristan wanted a third. After their more than 5 year affair, they wanted a woman to share their love with.
She was that woman. Now if they could just convince her of that..... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 21, 2013    Reads: 1,544    Comments: 2    Likes: 10   

A few days later, she sat at a cute little coffee shop just a few blocks from their townhouse. She sipped her triple shot latte while reading the latest erotic novel on tablet. She was a regular at Java Mojo. She came in everyday from 11am to almost 4pm. She wasn't able to work so she spent all day at the coffee shop, reading and distracting herself from her lack friends. She wasn't very social with the staff but everyone knew her name, her order, and her favorite seat. Her syndrome made her a creature of habit. The employees and other regulars waved and spoke to her but let her be. She used her time there to escape the suffocating reality that was her relationship.

It was a normal Tuesday, like every other for the past 11 months. She sat at her chair on her 3rd latte and her second book. She heard the bells over the patio door jingle and she looked up to be nosey. She felt all the air get sucked out of her lungs. 6'4, honey blonde hair, and the most mesmerizing green eyes greeted her. He had come in the shop once before, about 4 months ago, also on a Tuesday. He ordered a double Americano. Her memory was weird like that. Last time he wore a grey suit that fitted him to perfection. This time, he had on jeans and pale green shirt. He scanned the room as he stood in the doorway, noticing she was the only other person beside the employees. He grinned at her and walked towards the counter. "Double Americano, for here please." He rumbled out in the sexist voice she had ever heard.

She quickly went back to reading, figuring he would find a seat and enjoy his beverage. A few minutes later she felt a presence across from her and looked up. He was sitting in the arm chair across from her and was grinning at her. She wondered what he wanted. She sat her tablet on her lap and gave him a awkward smile. "Is there something I can help you with?" He chuckled and sipped his drink. She quirked a brow and shrugged. She picked up her tablet and went back to reading. 10 minutes later and he was still sitting there. Her body was hyper aware of him, his soft breaths and his unwavering gaze. It made her uncomfortable since she didn't know his intention. She had been coming here for almost a year and had never been disturbed by the other patrons. Now she had the sexiest man she had seen in years staring at and she didn't know why. She was plainly dressed in black yoga pants, a tie dyed shirt, her favorite beanie, and some simple slip on shoes. She didn't have on any makeup and looked plain in her eyes.

Beau sat across from the quiet creature, watching her read. He had seen her around the area, in the grocery store, at a few local restaurants, usually with a man. He figured it was her fiancé since he noticed the ring. She rarely smiled and seemed quiet. He usually hung out at the coffee shop on weekends or late in the evening. Occasionally he would pop in during the day, to check on his employees and grab a coffee. He owned the shop as a side venture of his chain of restaurants. He loved coffee shops and had finally opened this one a little over a year ago. She started coming in not too long after opening. He would see her riding her bike there every day and he couldn't help but to look forward to seeing her. She was never dressed up, always alone, and sat in the same chair. He could see her from his office across the street and would stare at her for hours. She was gorgeous.

Today, he was off work and decided to see her she would be in the shop. His luck couldn't have been better. The shop was empty and he had her all to himself. It was only 1pm and he was already itching to drag her away from this very public place and take her back to his apartment. He knew Tristan was there Waiting for him to come back. He and Tristan had been an item/best friends for more than 5 years. Tristan was his executive chef at his main restaurant as well as his roommate. Tristan spied her first, the very first day she came into the coffee shop. He immediately went back to Beau to tell him of the melancholy beauty and Beau was intrigued. Tristan was the quiet, shy one while Beau was the outgoing one. While they were a couple behind closed doors, they tended to keep their affairs private. But they had been searching for a third for about two years now and over the past 11 months, had fixated on Khara.

They wanted her, to share. To live with and love them both. They knew it would be hard to convince her which was why they were approaching her separately. Beau's job was to convince her to have lunch with them. He knew she always left for home at 5 minutes past 4pm and he needed to act quickly. He leaned forward and noticed her fingers twitch. She was aware of him, and he made him rock hard. "I'm hungry, care to join me at the restaurant next door for a light lunch?" she looked up quickly as soon as he started talking. She wasn't prepared for him to say that. "Um, I probably shouldn't. Thank you for the invitation though." She responded quietly while avoiding eye contact. He knew she would say no at first and was prepared. "How about we make a deal. You join me for lunch, and I'll give you free coffee here for life." He knew she was a coffee addict from how many she would consume while here. She blinked rapidly at his offer. Just last week, Jared, her fiancé, and her had argued over the amount of money she spent at the coffee shop each month. Maybe she'd get him off her back some if she didn't spend nearly $300 every month. She tilted her head slightly and studied his lips. She found it incredibly difficult to make eye contact so she would study other areas of peoples face for clues if they were being sincere. His lips didn't twitch so she assumed he wasn't lying. "How could you offer me free coffee? You don't work here." He laughed loudly at this. "I may not be back there making coffee, but I own the building and the coffee shop." She gaped at him and quickly became flustered. "A quick lunch, I must leave by 4. I have a schedule to keep." He grinned in triumph.

He jumped up from his chair and quickly walked back to the counter to drop off his cup. She stood slowly and packed her hoodie bag. He stood at the exit waiting on her to join him. As slowly strode over to him and held out her hand. "I'm Khara. Can I please have your name?" she asked softly while gazing at his shoulder. He noticed she refused to look into his eyes and was slightly disappointed. "I'm Beau. We'll be meeting my best friend Tristan for lunch. He's the chef there and will be taking off a couple hours to join us." She nodded quickly and hurried past him and out the door.

Tribe was right next door. A relaxed Asian American restaurant with a soothing ocean theme, she had been meaning to come by for a few months but Jared didn't like trying new restaurants. As they walked in, she felt slightly under dressed. Beau paid the other patrons no mind as he strode confidently towards the back of the seating area. He opened a door to a private room and ushered her in quickly. He quickly shuffled her over to a seat near the window and pulled her chair out. He told her to get comfortable while he let his fried know they were there. She placed her bag on the back of her chair and got comfortable. She waited patiently for the gorgeous man and his friend to join her for what could prove to be a very interesting late lunch.


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