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Finding Happiness

Novel By: BeauTristan

Engaged to be married in less than 5 months, Khara was unhappy. She wasn't sexually attracted to her fiance and was bored in their passionless relationship. But she loved him, meaning she couldn't leave without good cause.
Beau and Tristan wanted a third. After their more than 5 year affair, they wanted a woman to share their love with.
She was that woman. Now if they could just convince her of that..... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 24, 2014    Reads: 764    Comments: 8    Likes: 12   

******This chapter is completely unedited, i havent even re-read the damn thing I've been so pressed for time and felt really bad about making you guys wait any longer. So here is something. Which is better than nothing! Thanks for sticking with this you guys!******

Trist stood in the doorway watching Beau bandage Khara up. After dragging her from under the desk, the convinced her to come upstairs and that Jared wouldn't be able to see her. Beau had told Racheal to go home and lock up. He knew his cousin had never seen him cry and if she didn't leave she was going to get an eyeful. Trist carried Khara like she was a baby all the way upstairs and nearly punched a hole in the wall when he saw the bruises and cuts. She was terrified and mumbling about Ziggly and Beau knew he had to step in to calm her down.

Beau was wrapping her feet when Tristan stepped closer and caught Khara's attention. She peaked over at him and watched the angry roll off of him she couldn't understand why he was so upset. Maybe she had made him angry with her absence. But Jared wouldn't let her leave. "I'm sorry I've been gone. Jared wouldn't let me leave or call. Please don't be angry with me."

Tristan stopped moving and took a deep breath. The urge to punch something was strong. He was ready to do violence to that piece of shit. And Khara sat there think his was angry at her. After a few deep breaths and turned to Khara and gently cupped her face in his hands. "I Love you more than air. Angry doesn't begin to describe how I feel right now. But none of that anger is directed at you. I'm so fucking relieved baby. And I'm never, ever, ever going to let you leave again." He said while caressing her cheeks. "But I have to get Ziggly. I couldn't find him before I left and I have to..."

"You will NOT be going back to that place EVER. For anything or anyone, understand Khara. You can't go back. Please baby, understand why." Beau snapped. Khara had jumped at his tone and sat that in silence, staring. She was completely off kilter right now and need to get some semblance of structure going or she would soon break down.

Trist noticed her breathing accelerate and watched her pupils dilate. Before he could even react her eyes had rolled in to the back of her head and she had fainted. "Fuck!" Beau yelled as caught her from falling face first onto the floor. Trist was right there as Beau carried her over to the exact same chair they had first had a taste of her on. Tristan couldn't help his erection at the thought of having her sprawled out on this very chair again. "A little inappropriate right now, babe" Beau chuckled out. Trist glared at Beau and adjusted himself.

They both stood there, just watching as she tossed fretfully. They had no idea how to get her calm but Trist knew she needed to get her things and have her schedule. She had showed up with nothing so he knew she had nothing with her, including that damn pet or her medicine. Which meant one of them was going to have to go fetch her stuff. "I'm go to go grab her stuff from the assholes house. Don't too much care if he is there or not. Take some photos of her bruises and cuts while I'm gone in case we need to get the police involved." Trist grumbled out. Beau just nodded while he continued to stare at Khara.

Trist walked out the room and a few seconds later Beau heard the front door slam. With a sigh and walked back into the dining room and grabbed the first aid kit and his phone. He had to clean up their love and get those pictures while she was out so he wouldn't have to stress her out once she woke up. He hoped Tristan wouldn't get into any trouble while he was getting her stuff but he knew with Tristan's background, he was looking for trouble and would wait around to find it.

Trist had made it Khara's old home in record time and sat in his truck watching to see if anyone was there. He could see the open window on the side of the townhouse the Khara has crawled through and new he could fit in it. He noticed there was no car in the drive way and Khara's bike was chained to a small bike rack next front door. After looking around for a few more seconds, he quickly determined no one was out and about in storm and jumped out. He hustled around the side of the house and quickly jumped in the window. He noticed he landed right inside of the dining room and quickly took stock of the house. There was broken glass on the floor and what looked like a brunt breakfast on the table. He spied some reusable shopping bags and quickly grabbed them. He would through anything that looked Khara related into them and get the hell out as fast as he could. He pushed back the room divider that he knew she kept Ziggly behind and found nothing.

With a sigh he turned and quickly ran up the stairs. He opened the first closed door and found her reading room, he grabbed all the books on the small table and couch and tossed them in a reusable bag. He saw her messenger bag and quickly slung that over his shoulder. He left that room and quickly moved on to the next, which just so happened to be there bedroom. The bed was messy and men's clothes were scattered everywhere. It looked like someone had deliberately messed the room up, just to bother someone. He knew it was that punk's way of messing with Khara and it made his blood boil. He let out a deep breath and quickly went to the closet and stuffed as much clothes of hers in a duffle bag as he could. Next he through all the medicine with her name on the dresser in the bag and turned to leave. He spied another small closet in the opposite corner and finally realized it was that douche's closet, wondering if that were he hid her damn pet, he kicked in the door and their the damn thing was, sitting on the floor in its cage.

Trist quickly snatched it up and made his way back downstairs. He heard the garage door open and sprinted back towards the dining room. The garage was on the opposite side of the house and the asshole would have to walk through the living room and kitchen to see Tristan. Trist quickly hopped out the window just as he heard a door slam in the house. He full sprinted with all the bags and that damn cage and only hoped he didn't hurt the damn animal in it back to his truck. He slung the bag in the backseat and quickly sat the cage in the passenger as he cranked the car up. As soon as he went to pull off the rain came down in sheets and he knew he had made a clean getaway. Now he just had to get back to his heart and soul and make everything better. Because she had to be ok. Or Tristan didn't know if he would survive


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