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Finding Happiness

Novel By: BeauTristan

Engaged to be married in less than 5 months, Khara was unhappy. She wasn't sexually attracted to her fiance and was bored in their passionless relationship. But she loved him, meaning she couldn't leave without good cause.
Beau and Tristan wanted a third. After their more than 5 year affair, they wanted a woman to share their love with.
She was that woman. Now if they could just convince her of that..... View table of contents...


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Khara woke up in a daze. She was unsure of where she was, who was touching her and why the sun was on her right and not her left. After blinking rapidly, she finally recalled last night. Both coming back with the boys, and the things they did to her body in this bed. She felt herself start to hyperventilate. She scrambled out of the sheets only to realize she was naked. The edges of her vision darkened and all she could think of was how she allowed things to get so out of control. She needed to know the time and she didn't even know where her phone was. Where the hell was Ziggy? Trist realized the moment she woke up but stayed very still wondering how she would react. He got his answer when he felt her scramble off the bed and heard her panting close to Beau's nightstand, where she had placed her pet, last night. He opened his eyes to find Khara naked and rapidly moving the sheets and blankets.

"Whatcha looking for, my heart?" he whispered. Khara jumped in fright and nearly passed out. Her breathing was already erratic and she felt faint. "What time is it? I need to know the time. And where Ziggy is. It isn't like him to run off and I can't lose him. And could you find my clothes. I need to take my medicine and now my schedule is off and I cant do this. Sweet father forgive me." And suddenly it was quiet. He watched her eyes glaze over and was able to jump across the bed just in time to prevent her from cracking her scull on the nightstand. By the end of her rant, Khara was yelling, finally waking Beau up. He was disoriented and only knew that a naked Trist was draped across his lap holding a unconscious Khara a few inches from the ground. Beau reached down and help Trist pull Khara back into the bed. He settled her on his lap and felt her breath fan across his chest and he looked to Trist in question. "What the hell happened while I was asleep?"

Trist shook his head at Beau all while silently castrating himself and Beau. They had pushed her out of comfort zone too fast. She had a full blown panic attack and it was their fault. While last night had been the things his dreams have been made of, he didn't realize she would react so badly the next morning. It was horrible. How exactly would they fix this? He turned to Beau with the saddest look in his eyes. "She woke up and had a panic attack. I think we pushed too hard, too fast, last night. She was overwhelmed this morning and fainted just before you woke up. I don't know how to fix this one Beau, I'm lost and I just want to explain to her but I know it's not that easy." He ran his hands through his hair and stood up from the large bed. Beau's gaze immediately dropped to Tristan's dick and he felt himself stir under the sheets. This wasn't the time but with Khara in his arms and a naked God a few feet from him, he couldn't help it.

"I want to love her, and touch her. I want to go to that shitty townhouse and grab her stuff and move her here. I don't want to wait for her to be ready to accept us. I can't wait. I'm dying inside not being able to be myself. I want to bury my cock so far in her she forgets how to breathe. I want to make her forget about time. But I can't. I have to wait. And I pushed yesterday and look what I did to her. What the fuck am I supposed to do?" Beau had never seen his soul so broken. Trist was furiously pacing and was making little agitated noises in his throat. Trist was normally the picture of collected. He always had a plan and was prepared for all the little contingencies', But not this time. Khara had stretched Trist to his breaking point. Now it was up to Beau to fix it all. And for once, he was glad to take the lead. Normally, he let Tristan have control over damn near everything, but he realized Trist's domineering ways would only drive Khara away, the exact opposite of what they wanted to happen.

Beau felt Khara start to move in his arms and slowly lowered her back to mattress. He didn't think it would help the situation if she woke up in his arms. And as much as it killed him to let her go, he had to. This would probably be the last time he got to hold her for quite some time. They need to give her space and let her figure this whole thing out without the pressure of a physical relationship. He watched her blink slowly as she regained consciousness. He watched her eyes dart around in panic once again and didn't know exactly what to do to help her calm down. She quickly glanced at his face and then over to Tristan, who had managed to pull on a pair of sweatpants and was standing at the foot of the bed. "Its 7:18am," Trist said when he caught her eye. He watched the panic recede slightly and wondered when he would get used to her obsession with the time. She slowly sat up and remember her nudity. She glanced around, searching for her robe and found it draped across the bottom corner of the bed. She crawled over to it and heard a groan from behind her.

Beau watched her ass sway back and forth and she crawled across the bed and couldn't hold back the small groan at the sight. Khara slid off the bed and pulled her robe around her. She turned back to the two men and attempted to give them a bright smile. "Do you know where Ziggy is? He normally sleeps on my pillow but I'm afraid he isn't used to sharing the bed with so many people. I fear he might be a bit lost." Trist smiled at her attempt to be normally when he knew she was panicking on the inside. Beau reached behind him and pulled the prickly little creature from the top of his pillow. He spent half the night trying to keep the damn thing out his hair, which it seemed to want to burrow into. "The little guy is just fine Khara. Here he is." Khara shuffled closer to Beau and gently grabbed Ziggy. "Thank you. I have to keep schedule. Breakfast is at 8:20. Is that ok," she said while glancing at both men. They nodded and she slowly began to back out of the room.

She reached in her robe pocket and felt her phone. She looked down to check the time and saw she had 19 missed called and 12 text messages. She knew they were all from Jared, and she honestly didn't want to get yelled at but as soon as she made it to her room, she began to read through the text. Each one was increasingly angry and she was almost in tears by the last one. He had called her names and was theatening to spank her when he got home, because she didn't answer his calls last night and this morning. She finally finished and knew she had to return home and face Jared. She called his phone and waited for him to answer.

"Where the fuck are you?" she remained silent. "I'm sitting in this little reading room you love so fucking much Khara, trying to figure out where you and that little fucking rat are. See, I came home early, worried that maybe something happened to prevent you from answering my calls. Only to fucking find out you aren't here. Now tell em where you are, you little shit!" he roared down the phone. Khara was crying in earnest by the end and was terrified. Jared had never yelled or cursed at her like that. "I went to visit my doctor yesterday and had to stay overnight at the clinic, so I brought Ziggy. I'm sorry" she stuttered out, hoping the lie would save her. She wasn't used to lying, but some part of her knew the truth wouldn't go over well right now.

"Well I'll just come down to the fucking clinic and collect you then. Give me the address, now," Jared ground out. He was going to have to tighten her up when they got home. She couldn't go off and do whatever she wanted without telling him, even it was for her health. She was his, and her complete dependence on him was essential if he was going to keep her around. She was fucking useless in a relationship but her pussy and mouth were astounding and she was fucking gorgeous. He wouldn't let her try to gain any independence on his watch.

"No thank you, Jared. I have to stay until later. And I have my bike. I can easily ride home. Thank you though. Maybe when I get home I can suck your dick. Ok? I have to go because the doctor is coming. Bye." She quickly hung up the phone turned to head towards the kitchen. She let out a startled gasp when she realized Tristan was standing right behind her. She hoped he hadn't heard that conversation. She was already off schedule and stressed. It was time for breakfast and her medicine and then she would have to say goodbye to the boys, sure that Jared would ground her for some time.

Trist reached over gently pulled the phone from her hands before placing it on the dresser next to them. He turned back to her and watched her look away, still not comfortable with making eye contact. "You let him talk to you like you are worthless, and I can tell you are considering going back, but you can't baby. I can't let you do that. Not when he might hurt you, I wouldn't feel right." She gasped and snapped her head up to meet his eyes. "NO! No, no, no, no, no. Don't do this Tristan, he will be even more angry and I don't want him to use the cane. I need to go home after breakfast. I will be ok. I promise and you and Beau will be ok." She was almost hysterical but Trist just stood there in all his muscular glory and shook his head at her. Not even an hour ago he was talking about taking a backseat to Beau but he wasn't about to let her go home to that douche. No way.

He reached out and pulled her into his chest and held her. She was sobbing in fright and he needed her to calm down before he could explain. Beau walked in and was silent. He watched the two stand there and wondered what the hell could have happened while he was downstairs picking up breakfast. He stepped closer ad he heard Trist began to whisper to her. "He does not love you if you fear him. That isn't love, baby. That's control. And as much as I don't want you to go, I won't stop you because I'm not like him. I won't control you. But you will hurt both Beau and I deeply if you return to a man I just heard call you names and threaten you. Do you understand? We will not stop you but we will hurt, and wait for you to come home, to us. Ok?" Trist felt her nod into his chest and almost cried. She was going to leave them, he knew it. She was going to go back to that no good piece of shit because she was comfortable. And because they loved her, they wouldn't stop her. Lot of fucking good this was.

Suddenly, he felt her arms wrap around him and he felt her nails dig into his back. She was grasping him so tight it was nearly painful and he felt like she was trying to say goodbye. The tears finally fell and he wasn't sure how he would let her go. He couldn't do it. He just couldn't. It would kill him. He knew it. She started to mumble into his chest and he had to pull her back slightly so he could understand her. She was whimpering "I don't want to go. I don't want to go. I don't want to go," over and over and he almost felt faint. She didn't want to go. She wanted to stay!


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