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Finding Happiness

Novel By: BeauTristan

Engaged to be married in less than 5 months, Khara was unhappy. She wasn't sexually attracted to her fiance and was bored in their passionless relationship. But she loved him, meaning she couldn't leave without good cause.
Beau and Tristan wanted a third. After their more than 5 year affair, they wanted a woman to share their love with.
She was that woman. Now if they could just convince her of that..... View table of contents...


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His entire body was frozen. While he knew that Beau's lust would eventually pour over. He didn't figure it would happen before dinner. Watching her small pink tongue dart out and lick the head of Beau's dick did the strangest things to him. He wanted to feel that to. It wasn't jealousy. No, he couldn't be jealous watching the two people he loved bring each other pleasure. The thought smacked him so hard he let out a sigh. Love. Shit, he loved her. It hadn't even been a week and he wanted her more than anything he had ever imagined. It was too soon but it was also too late to go back.

His soft sigh was heard by Beau, causing his gaze to snap to Tristan in the door way. He felt his cock jump at the thought of Trist joining them. Maybe get his mouth on Khara delightful pussy while she wrapped those devilish lips around Trist. Yes, that was exactly what he wanted. But after looking at Trist a little bit harder, he knew now wasn't the time. He glanced down to Khara who was resting on his thigh and brushed her beautiful curls back. He noticed Trist walk away from the corner of his eye and knew it was time to clean up and head out for dinner. "Khara, babe, how about you go clean up and we go eat. Is that ok?" he gently asked her. She smiled up at him and nodded. She quickly hopped up and skipped out the room. Well, at least she wasn't upset about what happened. Now, if he could just clean himself up and join his loves in the kitchen. The "L" word didn't scare him. He had been half in love with her for weeks and the past 24 hours only cemented it in his mind.

Khara quickly washed up in the bathroom and made her way to the kitchen. She smelled stir fry and as if her stomach did too, it growled. She sat in the same seat she did earlier and began rearranging the place setting, her OCD and natural fidgeting working overtime. "So I think I just helped Beau masturbate. Is that ok with you?" she blurted out while Trist was still facing the stove. It caught Trist so off guard he dropped the spatula he was holding. He quickly turned to Khara and gave her a wicked smile. "I know you did babe. And I was seconds away from walking behind you, ripping those pants down and shoving myself so deep inside you that you would forget that we weren't one body. So I'd say hell yeah, its ok." Khara was shocked. How did she not know he was there? And why didn't he just fuck her if he wanted to? Jared never held back if he was horny. His needs were always most important, regardless of her level of desire.

Trist watched her study him. After he brief nod, he turned back to the stove. He just needed to make it through dinner. Beau and Trist had a lot to discuss with her after and then maybe they could go back to their bedroom and end the night together. Seconds later, Beau walked into the kitchen and sat next to Khara. They watched Tristan plate the food in silence. After everyone had a plate and Trist was seated on the other side of her, they dug in. Dinner was a quiet affair with only the sounds of them chewing and the silverware scraping the plate. Each wondering what the other was thinking.

Khara finished first, being extremely famished and having missed her scheduled 9:30 meal. She sat in silence while the two men finished and sipped her wine. It was delicious but she wasn't much of a drinker and began to feel its effects after a few sips. By the time the two men were done, Khara had a slight buzz and was feeling talkative. "How will this 'thing' work once Monday comes around? I have to plan my schedule. I like you both but I'm technically engaged and this is considered an affair." Beau almost spit out his wine at her blunt approach to the huge elephant in the room but was grateful she had broached the subject first.

"Maybe you can end the engagement? If you aren't happy, why stay? Let him go and find your happy ending somewhere else," he offered gently. "You mean like with you guys? I don't think Jared will be happy if I just leave him." Trist shook his head. He was amazed. She wasn't saying no but was concerned about how the jackass Jared would feel. "Baby, his happiness isn't your problem. If you want to leave, leave. You can move here, to your own room. Or, we can help you find your own place. Although we would both prefer you here," Trist said gruffly. She wondered why he was upset but shrugged it off. She could never quite figure what was with people's rapid mood swings and she had eventually stop trying to.

"How about we all get some rest for the night and we can make a decision Sunday. No rush, no pressure," Beau offered them both. Trist grunted and Khara looked at Beau wide eyed. She had never not been forced to make an immediate decision and was glad not to feel pressured right not. They wanted to completely upheave her set life and that was already causing her psyche great stress. She just wanted to lie down with Ziggy and sleep. She quickly hopped off the barstool and grabbed her plate. She walked over to the sink and started to clean. After washing all the dirty dishes, drying them, and cleaning all the surfaces, she turned to the two beautiful men sitting at the bar watching her.

"I'm going to sleep. I probably won't actually sleep, but I like to lie down at night and read in silence. I get up at 6am. I can make breakfast unless you prefer I don't. Ok?" she rattled off quickly. She was going to start hyperventilating if she stood there being watched any longer. Beau went to stand and she held up a hand. "Please," she whispered. Trist gazed hardened and Beau almost appeared broken. Beau gave her a quiet ok and they watched her book her retreat quickly.

Trist sighed and placed his head in her hands. He didn't quite understand why she ran off but, he knew he wanted to chase after her and make her talk to them. Something had caused her to get a slightly dazed look in her eye and he wanted to fix it. But he knew pushing her was the wrong thing to do right now. He abruptly stood and walked to their room. He stripped at the bed's end and crawled, naked, up to his pillow. He felt open, exposed. He loved her and he wasn't even sure she knew how to love or how to communicate said emotion with them. Everything with her was so, Black and White. But loved blurred things. He knew that her condition would make this whole thing hard, he just wasn't prepared for it make the sex part easy and the talking part so damn hard.

Trist felt Beau slide behind him. He felt the arms he loved so much wrap around him and he finally relaxed. Although the bed felt empty without her, he hoped that she would be joining them soon. He wasn't sure if he could keep his distance for much longer. He craved her, but he didn't want to break her just to have her. He finally began to doze off about 30 minutes later, praying for dreams of their future together.


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