Her Skin Part 1

By: Augustuas J Pen

Chapter 3,

           I lay forward, holding myself above her. We are face to face now and I can see the excitement in her eyes. She is biting her lip. She wont say how much she is enjoying this. That is just the way she is, and I love that about her. I push my member against her folds, teasing them with the tip, and rubbing the shaft up and down against her. Her eyes light up and her breathing becomes shallow. Her eyes close and a smile comes across her face. I press the tip against her opening. She inhales sharply as I push myself inside her. It feels so good to be in her. I move myself in and out slowly, getting deeper inside her ever time. She begins to moan quietly. I pull out to tease her folds again as i lean my head down to kiss her neck. I part my lips as I kiss her neck letting my tongue flick against her skin biting softly at her smooth skin, now covered in goosebumps. While I kiss her my tip finds it's way to her opening and I push myself in quicker and harder then the last time. She lets out a moan before biting her lip to sepress it. I move in and out of her quicker and deeper each time, my member sliding in and out. The pleasure is almost too great and I almost let out a moan of my own. I speed up and begin thrusting harder inside her, pushing as hard as I can inside her. Though my entire member is inside I try to push even more in. She can't take it anymore and begins to moan loudly, I smile aat this and thrust even harder and faster. She breaths in sharply, I feel her tighten. She lets out a loud moan as her fingers dig into my back. After she relaxes she smiles and pulls herself upright. She lays her hands on my arms and runs them up to my shoulders and then down to my chest before she pushes me onto my back. She climbs on top of me, smiling she slowly lowers herself onto my member. It pushes into her as she goes down and leans her head back as she moves herself up and down. I don't let myself moan, though I almost can't stop my self. I reach up to put my hands on her waist and slowly pull her down so she is leaning over me. I lean my head up to kiss her. She feels my lips against hers and parts them as she kisses me back. All the time still moving herself up and down on me, our tongues dancing and teasing eachother in a kiss. Suddenly she sits back up and moves faster, practically jumping up and down on me. I grip the sheets and tilt my head back. I can't contain it anymore the pleasure is too great. I start to moan loudly, and though I can't see I know she is smilling. She moves even fast and leans back down to hold herself above me. I am so close now and I can feel her starting to tighten aswell. She is moaning with me at this point. I brace my self with one hand behind me sitting up slightly and wrapping the other around her back. She in turn wraps both arms around me continueing to move faster and faster. I feel it building I try to hold it back as long as I can but soon I can no longer hold it and hold her tight and close as I unload my cum deep inside her. She tightens around my member and we both moan loudly gripping each other tightly. We fall to the bed, both breathing heavily. We lay there together for quite sometime, just holding eachother. After a few minutes she gets up and slowly makes her way to her clothing. She begins dressing, and I do the same. Once we are both dressed I walk over to her and take her by the arm to lead her out of the house. I lean down and wisper in her ear, "I love you my darling." She smiles and turns away but I know she is blushing. "I love you too dear." she says in that beautiful sweet voice she has. As we reach the front door she reaches out and grabs her cane, and we leave the house. I lock the door behind us and turn to kiss her goodbye. "Have a good day at work." I say "what do you want for supper?" I ask her as we walk onto the sidewalk. " I am going to cook pizza tonigh." she answers. I give a little laugh and she starts to giggle aswell, because she says it still counts as her cooking if she dials the phone. She begins to walk away and I shout after her "Do you need me to walk you too work?" She stops and turns around, she waves and blows me a kiss. I blow her a kiss back and wave, I know she can't see it but it's just habbit. I worry about her even though she has her walking cane.

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