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Her Skin Part 1

Novel By: Augustuas J Pen

A warning to everyone though this one does not seem to have a lot of sexual content the ones fallowing will. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 24, 2013    Reads: 345    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

I shouldn't look at her and yet I can't look away. I am not worthy of her, but she chose me. I am not ugly but not the most handsome man in the land by far. Still, she chose me. It still amazes me to this day. As I sit on the edge of the bed my own clothes already on, I watch as she dresses. She faces away from me but I have the feeling she knows I am watching. Yes I can almost see her face, smiling that perfect smile that always sends shivers down my spine. I know she can feel my eyes on her because she dresses slowly, emphisising her long, smooth, beautiful legs, and that perfect butt. I shiver just thinking about her, all of her. That long flowing auburn hair that I love to tangle my fingers in. Those soft hands that run up and down my chest and back. Just thinking about it makes me excited. I have decided I want her again. My member already hard for her, I stand and slowly and quietly cross the room to her. She turns her head slightly trying to pretend she doesn't know I'm behind her. I gently wrap my arms around her in an embrace and she places her hands on my arms. I nuzzle my nose into her neck, taking a deep breath. God she smells good, like a crisp morning in the warm spring. Flowers blooming, and the sun warming the earth. I kiss her neck slowly, making sure to graze her jaw line with my lips as I lift my head to wisper in her ear. She tilts her head to the side and turns it more towards me. " Do you have energy for another time?" I wisper softly in her ear and nibble on it a bit smiling to myself knowing she loves it. She doesn't answer, atleast not in words. No instead she turns around to face me and reaches up to kiss me. I kissed her back wrapping my arms around her and pulling her into me. We stood like that for a minute or two,gently teasing eachother with our tongues. Suddenly she stops and pulls away smilling, she grabs my hands and slowly leads me to the bed. Once there she lowers herself onto the sheets pulling me with her. I start to fall towards her but catch myself right above her. With both hands on either side of her, I slowly learn towards her. Only a few centimeters between us now. As I move my mouth towards her neck she inhales sharply and I feel her tense up. I put my lips against her neck, kissing it slowly. Parting my lips to let my tongue flick against her skin, I feel her shiver because of it and smile to myself.


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