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Deep Desires

Novel By: artisan

Not gonna tell you about the story really 8') Just gonna say this much: it's mostly about sex, contains some psychological (if it can be called) stuff too. The first chapter turned out to be larger than I had planned, the latter would be restrained...I hope! View table of contents...



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Chapter one

I slowly regained concsiousness. My head felt a bit dizzy. Was I so drunk that I fainted? No, I certainly hadn't drunk that much. I was lying down somewhere in an awkward position and it was very dark so I tried getting up. But I couldn't move. My lims were tightly fixed into position. Slowly as my dizziness cleared a bit, I realized the position I was in. Both my arms were stretched sideways, tightly tied with something. My legs were in a similar position, spread wide apart from each other and I felt my dick touching something soft...like a soft bed....Wait a minute! I was completely nude!
I tried moving again but to no avail. I couldn't even see. I was blindfolded. How the hell had I ended up like this? Then I remembered. I was out drinking with my friends when that weird girl from school showed up and offered me a drink. I don't have any recollection of what happened afterwards.

"I see you're awake." said a really sweet voice. I knew this voice. It was that weird girl from school.
"What did you do you freak?" I yelled at her. She was known to be a psycho. Her boyfriends never lasted long. They said that she was awesome in bed but when her head cracked, she was very much a torturer. She had once come on to me but I had refused her. Although she was the prettiest chick at school, her weirdness kept everyone away.
"How rude!" she said in a sexy voice. "Is that how you treat your sex partners?"
What the fuck! Sex partner! "How did you get me like this?" My friends just couldn't have submitted me to her, could they?
She only laughed. I felt her soft hands on my feet. They slowly, and sensuously, crawled upwards. She stroked my thighs. "It feels good, doesn't it?" She said in the most sexiest voice I had ever heard, as she slightly touched the tip of my penis. Then one finger slowly curved upwards, all the way to my navel.
"Stop it, woman!" I said through clenched teeth. I totally didn't want to be toyed by this freak.
"That hurt!" her palms started stroking my abs. Her hands were so soft, and her touch was so sensual that they made me want to be touched. But that was what she was aiming for. So I tried hard on thiking negative. But it was so hard to ignore. Her touch felt too good. There was no sound whatsoever. Her toucch was the only thing I felt and her voice was the only thing I heard. So of course she was getting my full attention.
Her hands stroked my chest. Her fingers pressed on my nipples. "Look! Your nipples are hard already!" she chuckled. Bad enough, she was right. Her sexy voice and sensual touches were enchanting. I couldn't restrain from responding.
I felt something warm and wet on my nipples. She was licking them! She licked. And licked. And licked. And her hands stroked my abs and shoulders. She kissed my chest with a slight touch of her tongue and her lips climbed upward towards my neck. She kissed all over my neck and shoulders. She licked my Adam's apple. Her fingers drew sensual lines on my motionless arms.

It was too much. She was too much of a tease. My breath was getting heavier and faster, and I felt my manhood twitch.

She kissed my lips with so much passion that I unintentionally kissed her back. Laughter broke through her throat as I silently cursed myself. She kissed me more and more. Her soft, warm lips crashing onto mine; her tongue licking my teeth, shoving its way inside my mouth and pulling at mine. She repeated the course over and over again and I experienced the most suffocating kisses of my life. I wanted to hold her in my arms. I wanted to crush her against my chest. I wanted to kiss her with more force than she could ever take.
But she had made sure that I couldn't do that. She had intentionally tied me up so that she could torment me by my own desire.

I hardened.
I felt my dick hardening and erecting.
I was so caught up in her kisses that I hadn't noticed when my dick had started to respond.
But she had.

"Look who's here!" her hand touched my dick again. This time she held it firmly in her grasp instead of just touching. "You're really big, ya know?" she stroked my dick even more sensuously. I tried to hold my breath futilely. She could totally feel how aroused I was.

Her hand kept stroking my dick as I felt something very, very soft on my chest. Her breasts. They were softer than any of the girls' boobs I had ever felt. Her nipples were hard and standing out. She rubbed them on my chest, my abs.

"Don't you wanna feel them? Don't you wanna suck'em?" her voice grew even more sexy, as if it were possible. But she was right. I wanted to hold her soft breasts with my hands and caress them wildly. I wanted to devour them. I wanted to suckle on her nipples. I wanted to bite them and tease them. Oh god! How aroused I was!

She lay on me. She was full naked too. She made me feel her silky smooth skin on me and made me crave to touch her. Her breasts crashed against my chest. My penis grew harder and her laughter got just as much luscious.

Then she got off me. She totally went out of reach. I couldn't hear her or feel her. She was the only thing I could feel being blindfolded and my body tensed up as soon as it lacked her touch. She laughed seductively. Soon enough, she held my dick with both her hands and licked the tip. She licked it top to bottom, bottom to top in the most sexy way possible. I had to bit my lips not to groan in pleasure. Then she kissed it, and put my full length in her mouth.
She started sucking. She sucked and sucked, as sensuously as her tongue was teasing. I felt the twinkling in my penis. It was growing hungrier by the minute.
She sucked, She kissed. She devoured my dick.
And I came.
My cum sprouted out of my tip and she kept sucking. She sucked on and cleaned my dick clean. It felt too incredible. I couldn't keep my feelings of pleasure hidden anymore. I was voicing them out. She started teasing me all the more, playing tricks on my dick with her tongue.
I was at my limit. I needed to be inside her. I was too hot inside.

"You wanna put your cock inside of me, don't you?" Was she a mindreader? But I was too much in need of her so I said yes. My voice was hoarse, I was too sexually excited.

But she hadn't finished teasing me. She had held up my dick and let the tip touch the outline of her vagina but that was it. She pulled away when my dick wanted to gush inside. Instead, she climbed on me and placed her vagina right on top of my mouth.
"Please me, sweetheart!"
What a bitch she was!
Without protest, I stuck out my tongue and licked her clean-shaved triangle. My tongue slowly found its way inside her little hole and I kissed it it. Then I licked the inside of her vagina. And started sucking. I couldn't see so often I ended up licking outside her pussy or sometimes hit my nose into it. Whatever, I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. She was hot and wet. The inside of her pussy was soft and warm and so terribly inviting! Irresistible. Incredible. Incomprehensible. It was as if she had captivated me. I wanted more and more as I greedily suckled at her opening. She was moaning and groaning. "Yeah...that feels good...suck me more....ooh!....aah!..." I didn't know about her but shots of white-hot pleasure surged through me.

Then suddenly, leaving me hanging, she moved. My mouth searched for her delicious pussy and my tongue moved to enter it by chance, only in vain. She kept me burning in desire for a while as I writhed with uncontrollable lust. It was so painful that even my dick was all twitching and trembling.

Her lips came down upon my searching mouth and she let me kiss her with all my virility. Then she gave me what I was so hungry for. She rode on my rock hard penis.

Pure bliss. It was more than seventh heaven. My throbbing dick inside her amazing pussy was just too pleasing. First, she only let my tip in. Then she slowly came downwards, gaining me access to her deeper core. Then she sucked in my full-length. The whole of my 8-inch-long rock-hard dick went inside her. She was extremely slippery inside. Just as much as I was craving for her, she was too. I moved my hips so that I could plunge in but I was tied up. She caught me at my futile attempt and laughed a teasing laugh. Then started moving up-down herself, having me shove into her with force. I could feel it. My hardness thrashing against her soft inner-walls, smashing into her deepest core. She put her hands on my chest to maintain balance and kept hopping on me. Sometimes she came down with such speed and force that the stem of my dick almost went inside. It didn't as her opening wasn't so big, but she groaned in painful pleasure every time that happened.

After a blissful session of thrusting, my dick went numb and she got off. She took off my blindfold and let me see her goddess-like body. Her full-pulp-ripe-round breasts, curvy waist, narrow hip and striking beauty bore into me. She kissed me and after a pause of a few moments, she started sucking my dick again. Then, she rode me.

Jason finished reading and put the book on the floor beside him. He was reading this sex story written by his favorite erotic novelist, Daryl Moore. His writings were published in a monthly magazine and Jason made sure to get a copy. He liked Daryl's writing and always got aroused. Like right now, he was masturbating hard to calm himself down. If only he could please his girlfriends...


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