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The School Auditorium

Novel By: Arthel Goldstein

A hunk Senior guy -- Kyle Hernandez, who had everything --, was heart broken because her girlfriend -- Ashley Lopez -- dumped her because she was blackmailed by her school mates. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 15, 2009    Reads: 751    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   


It is now late afternoon, and I stand by the ledge near the Faculty room staring at the group of girls in their tight P.E. shirts at the school quadrangle. Suddenly, I see my ex-girlfriend, Ashley, who is having fun playing volleyball during this time. The most gorgeous girl in the campus, I said to my self, but I'm forcing myself not to fall in love with her again since she has cheated on me a lot.

Who am I? I'm Kyle Hernandez, a Senior hottie -- as they say -- in the New York Academy Center. Spiky hair, tan, muscular, sexy eyes, kissable lips, I have everything. Ninety-nine percent of the girls in the campus likes me.I totally have love-struck every girl in the campus. I don't know what will happen after I graduate next year.

My life was almost perfect, except when the woman I loved truly dumped me for no reason: Ashley Lopez. I used to think that she dumped me because I'm partly Asian... and still this day, this very hour, I still do not know.

Someone is calling my name, "Kyle!"

I turn my head at every sides, and I see her. I am surprised at this moment. She leaned on me, feeling her breast on my front, and hugs me. Luckily there is no one on the hallway.


Hot Physique

I had just finished my lunch on a very sunny school day of December 11. I stood up, picked my lunch box from the cafeteria table, and heard screams of ecstasy from the girls at the next table. The steam from the cafeteria kitchen made beads of sweat come out from my body, which made my white T-shirt -- since they were unbottoned -- pressed against my wet body. The girls looked at me for a longer duration, and I winked. Moments like that was actually not unusual for me. I already knew that it was normal for girls to be in such ecstasy whenever they see my arm muscles bend if I does something, especially when they see me flexing in my gym class.

It's twelve thirty, I said to himself, Ashley wants to talk to me at the back of the library.

I walked under the sun to get at the back of the library as fast as I could, ignoring every greetings and Hi's just to try not to be late. When I finally got there, I expected Ashley waiting for me but she wasn't; she came late but she brought two cans of diet Coke and a pair of straw with her. Both of us had really good physique, so a diet was really needed for the both of us. We sat at the corner and talked while we enjoyed sipping our drink. I was going to say something but Ashley went on:

"So, how was your morning?" She asked me, sipping the straw.

"It was good," I answered as I made an eye to eye contact with her. After a few seconds, Ashley kissed me. I kissed her upper lips, as she nibbled my bottom lips. It took us thirty seconds until she stopped and leaned on me. I wasn't surprised after all.

"You know what? I missed you."

"But we had just talked this morning," I answered immediately as I made a funny curve with my eyebrows.

She was a very sweet girl. But there was something within her that was suspicious: her past. But nobody knew about it. Only her. It must be something very dark and vague.

She replied back, "I don't know. I really don't know," she turned her eyes on me, "I miss you every second, every minute, every hour. I just want you here by my side."

That was very much odd for me. I was picturing her like the other girls I see in movies: a bitchy, slutty, and a good kisser. She stared at my eyes for a while, and then looked down.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

I knew that she was going to do something, for she didn't reply. She began to unbutton the polo of my school uniform and lay her hands on my chest. She kissed me firmly on my lips like there was no tomorrow. When it happened I felt that something inside me clicked, as if my soul went out from my body. What she did had made my thoughts wrong. I was so wrong. What I thought of her before was actually opposite. She was indeed bitchy, slutty, and a good kisser ----- no, but a very good kisser. She went on. When she was about to open my zipper, the more it became harder, and now that she had finally opened it...


The bell rang. Shit. It was already one o'clock. It's time for us to go to our respective classroom.


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