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Ariel is a young woman in her 20's. She meets a young man, brown hair and brown eyes, whom she falls into a lustful relationship with. She is the sub to his dom. As she grows deeper into the relationship, she becomes trapped by a question, "is it true love? or is it pure submission". Either way, Ariel is gonna find out. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 24, 2013    Reads: 705    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

He paused as his eyes made her way down her blouse.

"Your breasts Ariel," he grinned, "have a beautiful way of showing themselves."

Ariel looked down to see her nipples had been exposed. Her bras had shifted aside, leaving the ripe buds to be showcased through the shirt.

"Oh!" she cried embarassed.

"Oh indeed," he replied licking his lips.

"Tom," Ariel said staring at him, "We're studying for an exam. I am not your pet."

"Would you like to be?" he asked, leaving over the books spread over the green table.

She stared into his lusty brown eyes. She wanted him, but she was a virgin. She was afraid of what was to come, and she was a tad embarssed. She shook her head.

"Leave me alone," she begged.

Tom smiled as he reached for her hand, puzzled Ariel gave it to him, he took her hand and placed it on his erect penis hiding beneath his pants. She blushed.

"You're....you're...turned on?" she asked incredolously.

"Oh Ariel," he moaned, "Who wouldn't be turned on by you and your..." he smiled wickedly, "nipples."

Ariel blushed and quickly turned back to her work, placing the hand that was previously on his penis onto the pen with which she wrote.

"Ouch" he said hurt. "You must really hate me." he said sadly.

"Oh no-Tom-I don't hate you," she protested, "I just..."

Tom then all the sudden grinned in illumination, "you just never have had sex before have you?" he asked.

Ariel didn't answer.

"Let me suck your nipples," he teased, "and I promise I won't go any further."

She doubted that. Tom was persistant if anything.

Before she could answer he began unbottoning her blouse.

"Tom-" she protested, then he kissed her. His toungue pushed past her lips into her mouth, teasing her tounge, wanting more.

She pulled back her bra cups to reveal her borderline D sized breasts, and their rose pink nipples.

"There you are precious," he smiled sexily, "I knew you could do it."

She paused and took a huge breath, as he lowered his mouth to her right nipple, and placed his hand on the other breast.

"ohh god," she moaned as he sucked her tits.

"Good girl," he murmured. Then he moaned, "submit to me."

The words were like magic. She wanted to submit to him. She wanted-and she trembled as she thought of this-she wanted him to dominate her. Rule her with his penis.

She moaned a quick yes, and they moved to the bed beside them.

He undressed her quickly and easily, and once she was naked, he smiled.

"I alwas knew you were a sub," he teased, "lovely," he whispered placing a hand between her legs, "I get to tame you."


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