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Unending Passion

Novel By: annasteele

its an adult story of two lesbian girls. about how they fall in love with each other, and their ongoing sizzling sexual chemistry.
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Submitted:Jan 15, 2013    Reads: 3,765    Comments: 15    Likes: 12   

Before you read guyz i just wanna tell you that if you read my story and like it then please like, comment and/or fan for it. It would make me very happy also motivate me to write more. I would really appreciate your love and support to help me write more explicit sensual stories for my readers.Thank you so much guyz..love you all..Xx.

I was sitting at the bar sipping my drink in a very posh club when i saw her come in. I knew she was new here as i had never seen her before in this club, what with me being a regular. She was gorgeous and sexy as hell. Watching her enter the club with her friends , with such grace and beauty, made me hot. My nipples hardened and my arms longed to have her in my arms and kiss her sweet mouth senseless. I watched her mingle with her friends , who were all men ,and i wanted to know wether she liked men or women. All her friends were drinking and looking at her with lust as she bounced excitedly asking them to come dance with her. I felt my hands ache as they wanted to cup those big bouncy breasts and squeeze them hard. It seemed like none of her friends wanted to dance with her and i could only come up with one reason that they didnt wanted to get hard-ons dancing with her voluptous body when they couldnt have their way with her. Unfazed by their lack of mood in dancing i saw her saunteer over to the dance floor to shake those curves which were making it very difficult for me stay in my place and not go to her and pull her in my arms. I should wait to see whether she is into girls or not before making my move , and patiently have my drink.

When i saw her dancing with a random girl and not objecting when that girl put her hand on her hip, i couldnt take it anymore. It was enough motivation for me to drown my drink in one gulp and remove that hand from her hip and have my way with her. I saunteered over to her and took her hand, while she was dancing in the other girls arms , not liking it one bit, and spun her around and pulled her in my arms, her body came flush to mine. She gasped when i abruptly pulled her from the another girl but i looked deep into her eyes and she didnt protest with whatever she saw in my eyes or face. Taking that as a step forward in my plan, i smiled her my best panty dropping smile and again she gasped. I tightened my hold on her waist and start dancing with her, moving my hips and soon she joined me and gave me a dazzling smile.

'' Im kiera'' , i told her and gave her a smug smile and she replied , '' im syrena''. I said '' nice to meet you'' and she replied ''same here''. I looked at her lips when she spoke, they were pink plump full lips begging to be kissed and watching my gaze on her lips she licked them making me groan inwardly. This girl will make me lose my patience and make me do something i would regret. '' You look beautiful'' , i told her moving my eyes over her body and lingering on her full breasts. Her nipples hardened under my intense stare and she moaned or groaned ,i couldnt decide ,as i saw two tights buds come into my view , through her thin top. Not able to control anymore i lowered my head and pulled her face close to me by her neck and crushed my lips on her.

The kiss sent an electric jolt though my body and i think she felt it too as she shuddered against me. I kissed her hungrily, my lips moving against her soft ones desprately wanting to feel that soft gorgeous and sexy as hell body underneath me in my bed. She moaned from my kisses and taking that as an opportunity i plunged my tounge to taste that sweet heaven of a mouth. My tongue sliding against hers teasing her and fighting for dominance. But soon she surrendered to me and let me lead the kiss and moaned in my mouth making me groan with the sensation and pulling her body flush against mine and holding her tightly. Her soft breasts touched mine smaller ones and again she moaned into my mouth as i bit her lower lip. I couldnt take it anymore, i wanted her and i wanted her in my bed and i knew just the trick to persuade her to come with me.

I moved my tongue away from hers and grazed the roof of her mouth with it once and again when i cupped her large breast in my hand squeezing it, right in the middle of the dance floor. I knew some people must be looking but i couldnt give a damn about it. The way she groaned and moaned at the same time and locked her sweet tongue with mine all the while clinging to my body with her arms tight around my neck, i knew i had suceeded. We again fought for dominance, our tongues battling against each other and this time i let her have it and surrendered. It knocked me out completely as i let her kiss me and when she moved her hand from my neck and touched my breast ,and i knew that soon she would be mine. I reluctantly broke our kiss and grinned when she wimpered. I said " Darling if you continue to kiss me like that then i wont be responsible for what will happen next and all the people in the club wont like to watch us having sex.''. ''Okay'' she said as she gave me a light peck . But i couldnt control myself and kissed her hungrily for a few moments and then broke the kiss. '' Lets go to your place '' she said and i agreed and took her hand and led her outside, not letting her say even goodbye to her friends. I just couldnt wait to have her.

It felt strange not to have her soft sexy body next to mine, so i pulled her into my arms and pecked her lips when she looked at me. I told her my home was close and we could get there in five minutes if we take a few shortcuts. Even though those shortcuts were of some lonely deserted alley ways , I knew i could protect her and myself. And the idea of taking those shortcuts proved to be right when Syrena would suddenly push me against the wall and kiss me hungrily or touch my boobs and squeeze them, making my blood boil with lust. I had to control myself as i couldnt have sex with her beside a trash can although i very much wanted to have her then and there ,so instead i rushed her and soon we were at my house. I quickly unlocked the door and ushered her inside and locked it again as i pushed her against it and locked my lips with her.

Her lips were so soft and she tasted sweet despite having a few drinks. This time she bit my lip and i groaned and opened my mouth for her and her sweet tongue entered my mouth teasing mine. My hands roamed all over her body touching her narrow waist and broad hips ,her smooth legs and her plump ass and her curvy full breats. She moaned into my mouth and i pulled her close to me, taking off her jacket. She did the same to mine and we headed towards my bedroom upstairs still locked in a heated kiss.

We bumped into the furniture a lot and I sat her on a nearby table and stood between her legs. I broke the kiss and trailed my lips from her mouth to her jaw, to her neck leaving soft tender kisses all the way ,searching for her 'sweet spot' . She groaned and moaned and fisted her hand in my hair as i kissed her just beneath her ear founding her sweet spot, as i hoped it would be. She started grinding against me, her short light dress riding up and exposing her long legs. I hitched her leg up my waist and started grinding against her too and kissing her long slender neck , her chest till i reached her beautiful breasts.

I kissed her left breast through her dress and held the other one in my hand running my fingers lightly over the nipple. My wet kisses elongated and hardened the bud even more creating a wet patch on her dress, and i could say that she wasnt wearing any bra, naughty girl !. My hand moved from her breast to her waist to her hip and to her legs, hitching the dress up wanting to find out whether she was wearing any panties. I moved my hand towards her ass and felt that she was indeed wearing a thong, and it turned me on so much that i bit her nipple hard and she came in my hand , moaning my name ,as i cupped her pussy. I pulled away from her breast and looked into her eyes that were gazing up at me. She said '' Wow!!'' and i smirked and flicked her pussy with my finger wanting to taste her. She shrieked clearly not expecting that and i smirked again and brought my finger to my mouth and tasted her. I moaned as i put my finger in my mouth and said ''you taste sweet'', and she blushed . Her cheeks coloring red both from the blush and flush of pleasure when she came.'' You look so beautiful'' i told her honestly and kissed her cheek.

Her skin was so soft and tasted like choclate. I couldnt seem to have enough of her, as i kissed all over her face. She moaned from my wet kisses and pulled my mouth to hers. The kiss started slow but eventually it turned into a kiss filled with passion and hunger. Hunger for each other which didnt seem like would go away soon. Her hands roamed all over my body, her touch burning my body with lust. i broke the kiss and took her in my arms and carried her bridal style into my bedroom. I released her and let her slide over my body and felt her shudder. I lowered my head and pulled her face closer to mine and kissed her. She threw her hands over my neck and held me tightly, making me moan as i felt every inch of her small soft sexy body touching mine, and ravaging my mouth. My hands moved towards the edge of her dress and start sliding it up as i touched her legs her hips her waist her breasts and finally pulled it off of her, leaving her only in her black thong and black heels.I just moaned at the sight of her body.

I took a step away from her to look and admire her body. Her skin was smooth and looked like cream, her breasts were so beatiful that i nearly cried when i saw them. They were full and big enough to fill my large hands and her nipples were pink, which at present were hard and elongated looking as two beautiful rose buds. Her waist was small and her hips were big.Her legs were long and smooth and so sexy. She squirmed under my gaze and blushed when i told her ,'' baby you look sexy as hell and i want to eat you all up''.

I pushed her towards the bed. Her silky blond hair framing her face and her beautiful eyes watching me with hunger. I looked once again at her body to memorize how she looked lying in my bed naked(almost), breathing hard and her chest rising and falling with her each breath. her nipples were staring proudly at the ceiling, begging to be touched. I crawled over her body and kept distance between us, resting my weight on my hands which were on either side of her face. I brought my face closer to her breast and took one nipple in my mouth slightly rolling it with my lips. She groaned and puller me closer but i didnt budge.

I kept teasing her nipple rolling my tongue over it and finally taking the breast in my mouth and sucking it. Her body writhed under me with pleasure, her hands on my head and waist pulling me closer, and i liked when i saw what i do to her. I did the same to her other breast and when she moaned loudly i knew she was close to cuming again. i asked "shall i make you come like this syrena baby , by sucking your breasts''. She shook her head and said ''no, i want you ,all of you'' and pulled my mouth to hers. I let my body fall on her but kept most of my weight on my hands as i knew her small body could get crushed against mine. She kissed me hungrily and moved her hands all over my body and pulled my top and opened my bra and took it off me. She rolled us over and sat on me, kissing me hungrily and squeezing my breasts. I moaned and before i could do anything she got off from the bed and took my boots and jeans off leaving me only in my panties.

I pulled her to me and rolled us over so that i was on the top. I kissed her lips and sucked on her sweet spot just below her ear to leave a mark, to remind her of our passionate night. I moved to her breasts and sucked them and bit her nipples making her groan and writhe beneath me."Please i want you kiera, so bad, i cant wait any more'', she said in her sweet husky voice. And i said "yes baby, you'll have me , all of me''. i moved from her breasts and left wet kisses on her stomach and hips and at last reached her sweet heavenly pussy. I pushed her legs apart and saw her looking at me passionately and waiting for me to kiss her pussy.

I rubbed my face on her pussy and took a deep breath taking in the smell of her arousal. Her wet juices leaking from her pussy, coating my face and i licked my lips tasting them. She tasted so sweet like candy. I bent down and took off her thong and pressed a small kiss on her pussy lips and her hips bucked. She moaned my name again and again saying ''yes, ohh yess!!'' as i licked her pussy and put my tongue in between her pussy lips. Her pussy juices were coating my tongue and i started licking them and sucking them wanting her to cum. I sucked her pussy hard and ran my tongue on her clit flicking it and biting it, and she came hard and fast screaming my name in ecstacy. I didnt stop then, i continued licking her pussy swallowing all her sweet pussy juice. i flicked my tongue and ran it deep on her pussy walls, with my nose practically in her pussy. I didnt stop and continued pleasuring her as she clutched my head in her hands, keeping it locked on her pussy and moaning my name. I continued sucking her hard and ficked and pinched her clit and she came hard again in my mouth, as her orgasm seemed to go on and on, letting me drink all her sweet pussy juice, while she screamed my name again.

She pulled me up and kissed me hard, probably tasting her own pussy , and turned us over. ''Now its your turn'' she said and kissed me again. Her lips trailed from my lips to my neck ,sucking and kissing. She moved down from my neck to my breasts and unleashed her mouth on them as she kissed my breasts and sucked my nipples . She bit my nipples making me scream in pleasure and sucked them to take the sting away. She rolled my nipple in between her lips and then repeated the whole process to another breast while fondling the other. She kissed the underside of my breast and sucked them in her mouth ,making me moan.

Then she took off my panties and licked my pussy. She sucked my pussy hard and bit my lips making me scream in pleasure. She put her tongue in my pussy since i have always been a lesbian and never had a dick in it, my pussy was small and i could feel her tongue all the way in. her tongue teasing my walls, licking them all over. My walls contracted around her tongue as i came hard ,like never before, screaming loudly and moaning her name. I pulled her back and kissed her mouth hungrily before falling asleep with her in my arms, totally sated by our night full of passion.

please comment if you like it and want more. also im open to suggestions as well as criticism. Thank you for reading..xx

and if you want more of the same sizzling romance and passionate sex then do fan coz it will motivate me to write more...thanx guyzz..lots lo love..xx


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