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Is it Latte or SEX ?!!!

Novel By: annasteele




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CHAPTER - 1 :-

'OH MY!!' I gasp for air as I awoke from my sleep full of erotic dreams. In the dream I was having the best fuck of my life. I was getting fucked by the man who I have been fantasizing for a very long time. He is hot muscular sexy and reeks of raw sexual power. He is a waiter and works in a diner called Pete's. His name is Beast.

I dreamt of him fucking me on a table in the diner. I am lying like a feast for him on the table ready to be served and eaten. My long hair lose framing my face, chest naked and breasts rising and falling with each panting breath, erect nipples pointing towards the ceiling begging for attention and my pussy clean and shaven glistening with my arousal and legs spread enticingly for my man to fuck me, posses me completely.

Then I dreamt of me and Beast losing ourselves in each other, kissing each other passionately or more like in frenzy, hands roaming all over, exploring each other bodies, finding secrets that belong to a lover, both of our faces filled with extreme pleasure.

The last dream was so sensual that it took my breadth away. His huge thick cock moving in and out of my pussy, hard and fast in a frenzy, balls slapping against my ass. Him drilling his cock in my tight hole as he suck my breast and fondle the other, pinching the sensitive nipple. It was so sensual and erotic that it woke me from my dream wet and horny. I knew it was all because of me fantasizing about him all day, all night long. I have had countless orgasms because of him!

I touch my pussy and its still wet from the dream. I start masturbating but I can't get off because he's not here. So I grudgingly get up and decide to have a cold shower so that I can at least cool myself off, if not relieve. But the shower also turns out to be a disappointment because when I rub soap all over body, I remember that his hands are touching me, caressing me, teasing me, my breasts my sensitive nipples my clit just like in the dream.

Frustrated I turn off the shower and step off, drying my legs and back since I cant bear any touch on my now super sensitive nipples and clit. I put on a tight white top, choosing not to wear a bra, and it stretches across my breasts. My dd breasts too large for the top so I leave the top two buttons open showing an ample amount of cleavage. I also choose one short skirt tight against my ass, again no panties as they will only come in the way. I put on matching sandals and jacket and tie up my hair. All set, now I'm ready to meet my fantasy/dream man.

'Mom I'm going out for a latte' I call out to my mother as I rush out of the house not bothering to wait for a reply. You see my parents are very uptight persons and very strict regarding their rule of 'no boyfriends or sex until marriage'. My father had even made me and my younger sister wear a purity ring. They think that sex should be between married people only and with whom they are married to, not with anyone else. Yeah, right! Over the years I had lots of boyfriends and we had kissed and fondled each other but no more than oral sex. Oral sex is different from the actual sex right, just for the sake of my parents.

I and my family have frequently gone to Pete's. Sometimes I go with my family and sometimes alone. The visits that I make alone are just for enjoying personal treats which I don't think anyone knows of. I enter Pete's and there he is in all his magnificent male glory. Ripped muscular arms, bulging chest with amazing Pecs, strong thick thighs, jet black hair, strong jaw and I'm sure a thick long cock which I'm sometimes able to outline, form a shape through his jeans, when he moves in just the right way .

The summer heat combined by my already high temperature from my erotic dream makes me hot and flustered so I open my jacket as I enter the diner and all male eyes zoom in on my chest, my huge breasts threatening to burst out from my shirt. I even notice some women noticing my chest too but I focus my attention on Beast as I have my eyes only for him.

I feel satisfied when I catch Beast's eyes on my chest and remaining there as I make my way across the diner to him, my breasts bouncing freely with each step I take. 'What can I get for you Amy?' he asks me, narrowing his eyes. 'A latte please' I answer back smiling sweetly at him and make my way to my booth at the back of the diner which is always secluded. I feel his eyes on my ass and add an extra sway to my hips just for his benefit.

I watch him from my seat, preparing my latte, face set on a scowl which looks so dark and sensuous on him. I enjoy the visual treat that I come for and cross my arms over my chest, squeezing my breasts this way. He turns his back on me and I gaze at his strong muscular back, the very same back where my nails had scratched and marked his beautiful bronze skin while lost in the throes of passion in my dream. I squirm delightfully in my seat and put one hand inside my skirt the other resting on the table. My eager fingers find their way to my engorged clit and start teasing it, making circles around it.

I gaze at his ass which I had held on tightly when he was fucking me furiously, his cock moving in and out so fast that it was a blur. I start breathing fast as I feel pleasure shoot down my spine from teasing my clit, gazing at him and remembering the dream. I insert one finger inside and it smoothly glides in. My pussy beyond wet now. Suddenly he is standing right beside me- and I still with my finger still inside me- scowling, and placing my latte on the table. 'Do you need anything else?' he asks angrily but my heart flutters at his voice and my finger starts to move again slowly and for one second I think his gaze wanders to my hand under the table, but I know it is just my imagination. Shaking my head I reply 'no, thank you. That would be all.' With a nod he turns and heads back to the counter.

I moan at the sight of him, his rugged raw sexual appeal that drives me crazy, that is driving me crazy all the time. I put one more finger inside my tight pussy and furiously starts finger fucking myself imagining that these are his fingers inside me or better yet his glorious cock fucking me like its the first and last time. Again a small moan escapes my mouth and his eyes turns towards me, our gazes locking with each other. His intense stare makes me more hot and flustered and I increases my pace more than ever. I start panting, my chest rising and falling rapidly with each labored breadth, and his eyes zero in on my chest, which causes my nipples to harden and elongate into two tight rose buds, probably visible through my thin white shirt. Not being able to control myself I move my hand from the table and squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipple thinking that his hands are on my body, pleasuring me all the while maintaining eye contact.

One little gasps escaped from his mouth and it was enough to seal my fate. My two fingers went in deep inside my tight pussy, sliding teasingly against my clit and g-spot, making me cum. I came hard and fast, my toes curling in on inside and a scream erupting from my mouth. I bit my tongue at the last second to stop myself from screaming and exposing myself. I rested back against my seat, trying to bring back my breadth to normal and closed my eyes from the after-effect pleasurable shocks that are still raking my body.

I open my eyes and am shocked to see him sitting beside me but not in his diner uniform but normal clothes. He takes my hand out of my pussy and slowly licks off my wet glistening fingers while looking directly into my eyes,while at the back of my mind I wonder if anyone has witnessed my sexual explicit just now or just Beast. I sit still shocked and spell-bound by his gaze. 'I know what you were doing Amy and I know what you want. But the thing is whether you and I want the same thing or not. Do you want to continue teasing me like this, acting like I'm not aware of what you do under the table when you come here or do you want to have a full deviant bdsm relationship with me? if your answer is yes then meet me at the back of the diner but remember that if you say yes then you'll be my bitch, I'll own you posses you use you abuse you and fuck you in every way I want and you'll let me do it happily? Do you understand that? ' he said in his deeply attractive voice. I nodded and he got up and left the dinner, leaving me completely speechless.



What do you think she'll decide? Should she say yes and fulfill both his and her desires or say no so as not to break her promise to her parents? Tell me your answers and I'll let you know what the majority decides. If you want to know how Beast looks like then let me know?

IMAGE OF BEAST(isn't he HOT!!!)



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