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Hot Steamy Sex with NEIGHBOR !!!

Novel By: annasteele

REAL CYBER_SEX STORY between me and my neighbor just trying to fool around and have fun. This happened last year. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 28, 2013    Reads: 1,830    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   


creatorin3: I'm so hard and stroking it

12:22:17 AM

annasteele_16: ohh i wanna see you too

12:22:31 AM

creatorin3: You have an email?

12:23:06 AM

annasteele_16: yes with the same id

12:23:06 AM

creatorin3: Yes. I sent them. Let me know.

12:27:26 AM

annasteele_16: ohh i got your picss now

12:30:41 AM

creatorin3: Yeah? You like that cock. Big enough for you?

12:32:51 AM

annasteele_16:yes , your so big and thick ; its making my panties wet

12:27:13 AM

annasteele_16: stroke your hard cock for me baby

12:22:53 AM

creatorin3: I am. Thinking about you riding it.

12:23:13 AM

creatorin3: Tell me how youd blow me

12:23:33 AM

annasteele_16: you want a blow job

12:26:02 AM

creatorin3: I want you to blow this big dick sexy. since you know what you're working

12:30:33 AM

annasteele_16: i sit in front of you totally naked ready to give you a blow job

12:34:18 AM

annasteele_16: then i slowly rub my finger on you from the base to the top all while maintaining eye contact

12:35:39 AM

creatorin3: Mmmm. Can you fit it all down. And suck my balls

12:36:15 AM

annasteele_16: yesi can

12:36:41 AM

annasteele_16: when i reach the top..i slowly circle the head of your glorious cock with my finger

12:36:19 AM

annasteele_16: then i take you in my hand and hold you firmly

12:37:18 AM

annasteele_16: i move my hand up and down on you..increasing the pressure every time

12:37:51 AM

annasteele_16: then i pull your cock to my face and inhale ; wanting to smell you

12:37:58 AM

creatorin3: Dont stop. Im stroking while thinking about you doing it

12:38:23 AM

annasteele_16: i look into your eyes and move my face closer to you

12:38:23 AM

creatorin3: Love how you keep eye contact

12:38:40 AM

creatorin3: It smells so good.

12:38:45 AM

annasteele_16: maintaining eye contact i lick my lips and lean down

12:38:56 AM

creatorin3: Mmmm I love it.

12:39:19 AM

creatorin3: You see the anticipation in my eyes

12:39:29 AM

annasteele_16: then i pucker my lips and give you a soft kiss on the head

12:39:49 AM

annasteele_16: i taste precum and its heady and i want more of you

12:41:14 AM

annasteele_16: i moan and lick my lips

12:41:30 AM

annasteele_16: you taste so good

12:41:37 AM

creatorin3: I lean my head back as it feels good

12:41:50 AM

creatorin3: I can tell you love the taste. And the size

12:42:06 AM

annasteele_16: then i take you in my mouth only the tip and suck

12:42:22 AM

annasteele_16: i moan in appreciation as it feels so good

12:42:54 AM

annasteele_16: i swirl my hot wet tongue around it and look into your eyes

12:43:40 AM

annasteele_16: i bring my other hand and start rubbing you on your thigh near the balls but not quite touching you the balls

12:44:31 AM

annasteele_16: then i slowly pull you deep in my mouth inch by inch savouring your taste and size

12:44:51 AM

annasteele_16: all the while swirling my tongue around you

12:45:11 AM

annasteele_16: sucking you as well as pulling you deep

12:45:14 AM

creatorin3: Mmmm fuck. You got me stroking it hard

12:46:47 AM

creatorin3: Imagining you working my shaft. My Precum is lubing my dick as I stroke it to you

12:47:08 AM

annasteele_16: i take you all the way in, deep in my mouth ,your head deep in my throat

12:47:30 AM

annasteele_16: i moan as it feels so good squeezing the tip as your deep in my throat

12:48:01 AM

annasteele_16: i take the hand from your leg and rub my heavy aching breasts, as im so turned on

12:48:33 AM

annasteele_16: i pinch my nipples, shooting pleasure down my spine and suck harder

12:49:12 AM

annasteele_16: i pull you out of my mouth- lick my lips -as i look in your eyes from beneath my lashes

12:49:18 AM

creatorin3: Suck me hard and good

12:50:59 AM

creatorin3: Don't stop till im cumming hard

12:51:52 AM

annasteele_16: i take you fully in my mouth as you look at me and start sucking harder bobbing my head up and down and swirling my tongue around you

12:52:20 AM

annasteele_16: i touch your balls; feeling you

12:52:36 AM

annasteele_16: feeling the texture

12:53:10 AM

annasteele_16: then i cupt hem feeling their heaviness..loaded with cum, soon to be emptied in my mouth

12:53:42 AM

annasteele_16: all the while sucking you harder taking you deep in my mouth and moaning

12:53:56 AM

annasteele_16: i squrim as im beyond aroused now and keep fondling your balls

12:54:20 AM

annasteele_16: i increase the pressure and try to suck you harder

12:54:54 AM

annasteele_16: like your my very own personal popsicle

12:55:27 AM

creatorin3: I'm about to blow. It's gonna be such a big load!

12:55:57 AM

annasteele_16: then i sheath my teeth with my lips pull you out of my mouth wanting you to feel the pressure

12:56:45 AM

annasteele_16: and i remove my hand from your balls and start rubbing my clit and it being so wet my finger glides inside effortlessly

12:57:05 AM

annasteele_16: i take you inside my mouth again sucking you harder

12:57:28 AM

annasteele_16: i put two fingers inside getting them wet with my juices

12:57:47 AM

annasteele_16: i suck you; swirling my tongue around you

12:58:35 AM

annasteele_16: then without sheathing my teeth i pull you out looking at you, letting you feel them

12:59:06 AM

annasteele_16: i pull out my fingers, wet from my juices and touch your balls coating them with my juices

12:59:13 AM

creatorin3: Mmmm fuck you are so sexy.

1:00:09 AM

annasteele_16: i feelthe tightening of your balls and take you in knowing that your going to cum and not wanting to waste that preious cum

1:00:24 AM

annasteele_16: you shoot in my mouth and i taste your cum

1:00:28 AM

creatorin3: I just came so much

1:00:28 AM

annasteele_16: its delicious

1:00:55 AM

creatorin3: Mmmm I love feeling your juices. I'm shooting so much cum out now. It'd be hard for you to catch it all

1:01:10 AM

annasteele_16: i swallow it all as there is so much all the while keeping you in my mouth

1:01:36 AM

annasteele_16: its difficult but i manage to swallow it all

1:01:52 AM

annasteele_16: all the while cupping your balls and fondling them

1:03:19 AM

annasteele_16: when the last load of your cum is swallowed i release you with a pop

1:03:31 AM

annasteele_16: and look up at you.

1:03:33 AM

creatorin3: Mmmm you are so sexy. I'd smile back. You'd be able to tell I'm satisfied

1:03:56 AM

creatorin3: I want you so bad

1:04:18 AM

annasteele_16: dont tell me your hard again

1:04:56 AM

creatorin3: No. But if we keep talking I will be. Sometimes I don't even get soft after I cum. I just stay hard and ready to go again

1:06:39 AM

annasteele_16: no..we should stop now coz i gotta go

1:07:00 AM

annasteele_16: so...did you like it

1:07:23 AM

creatorin3: I need to go also. Yes I did!

1:07:28 AM

creatorin3: Did you like it?

1:07:51 AM

annasteele_16: yes me too

1:09:04 AM

annasteele_16: okay then..i'll catch you later..

1:09:09 AM

annasteele_16: i had fun

1:09:32 AM

creatorin3: Me too. Be sure to hit me up soon

1:10:21 AM

annasteele_16: i will and you too..we can have a round 3 later

1:11:25 AM

creatorin3: Ok




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