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Hot Steamy Sex with NEIGHBOR !!!

Novel By: annasteele

REAL CYBER_SEX STORY between me and my neighbor just trying to fool around and have fun. This happened last year. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 21, 2013    Reads: 8,578    Comments: 14    Likes: 10   

Important notice~~

Hello My Readers, before you read I just wanna say that this is completely true and real and it happened last year with my neighbour on internet. Its not edited at all. If you like the story and if it made you hot or made you cum then please click on the '' I LIKE IT '' button. And if you have any requests, suggestions, and criticism they are welcomed and encouraged so please comment and if you wanna read more then please FAN. It would make me very happy. Please like/comment/fan. Thank you. Enjoy!! Xx.


creatorin3: Hey sexy

11:19:43 PM

creatorin3: I'd make you ride my thick cock up and down

11:21:10 PM

annasteele_16: ohh i would love that

11:21:21 PM

creatorin3: That's right

11:21:35 PM

creatorin3: You bounce up and down on my stiff shaft.

11:21:53 PM

creatorin3: I'd grab you're hips and you'd brace yourself on my muscular chest

11:21:56 PM

annasteele_16: that would feel good

11:21:59 PM

creatorin3: Fingernails digging in

11:22:31 PM

annasteele_16: yess..i would hold you tight fingernails diggin leaving marks on you

11:24:12 PM

creatorin3: I love it like that. Ride it like you haven't been fucked right

11:24:23 PM

creatorin3: I'd grab your hips and move you up and down

11:24:43 PM

creatorin3: Moving you up then slamming you back down. Making you take it all

11:25:17 PM

annasteele_16: ohh yess..take me

11:26:06 PM

annasteele_16: i love that huge cock of yours

11:26:35 PM

annasteele_16: im so wet now

11:26:40 PM

annasteele_16: my pussy juices are pouring outof me..

11:29:20 PM

creatorin3: Mmmm I want the inside of your thighs and my balls to be soaked with your juices

11:29:30 PM

creatorin3: The wetter the more turned on an harder I fuck

11:29:54 PM

annasteele_16: yess fuck me harder like theres no tomorow

11:29:56 PM

creatorin3: Rub your pussy for me sexy. My cock is so hard now

11:30:07 PM

annasteele_16: i want your hands on me

11:31:19 PM

annasteele_16: i want your cock

11:31:22 PM

annasteele_16: fuckme

11:32:42 PM

creatorin3: I'd grab your tits as I thrust my hips up. Lifting you up in the process. Making you take all my cock

11:33:02 PM

creatorin3: My balls pressed against you and my big dick stretching your pussy

11:33:21 PM

creatorin3: I'd make you turn Around and ride reverse cowgirl style

11:34:04 PM

annasteele_16: ohh it would feel so good with you burried balls deep inside me

11:36:20 PM

annasteele_16: my tight wet pussy milking you

11:37:16 PM

creatorin3: I love that.

11:37:39 PM

creatorin3: Ride it reverse cowgirl. I'd slap your ass. Pull your hair.

11:38:01 PM

creatorin3: Watching you take all my big dick and cream all over it.

11:38:06 PM

annasteele_16: ahh pleasure with a slight pain turns me on

11:38:29 PM

creatorin3: Me too.

11:38:38 PM

annasteele_16: ohh i would cream you and squeeze you so tightly

11:38:45 PM

creatorin3: You lean forward. Tell me how you ride t

11:38:47 PM

creatorin3: It

11:39:44 PM

annasteele_16: i turn and face you and your sitting upright

11:40:48 PM

annasteele_16: i touch your shoulder for support with one hand and take hold of your cock with the other which is slight slippery with my juices and start to lower myself on you slowly

11:45:06 PM

creatorin3: Mmmm fuck yes

11:45:13 PM

creatorin3: You fingering your pussy?

11:45:26 PM

creatorin3: You have me stroking my thick cock hard

11:46:36 PM

annasteele_16: i cant do that..

11:46:43 PM

annasteele_16: my roomates in the room

11:47:31 PM

creatorin3: Mmmm ok.

11:47:54 PM

creatorin3: Thinking about me deep in that pussy. I hope you're real wet

11:48:07 PM

creatorin3: I'd start fucking you hard doggy style

11:48:10 PM

creatorin3: Spanking you hard

11:48:35 PM

annasteele_16: yeahh...that would feel so good

11:49:23 PM

annasteele_16: your thick hard cock inside me

11:49:32 PM

annasteele_16: pounding fast into me

11:49:54 PM

annasteele_16: *moaning* that would feel good

11:50:11 PM

creatorin3: Fast as I can. You pushing your hips into my thrust to make sure you take it all

11:50:17 PM

creatorin3: I love hearin you moan out

11:50:37 PM

creatorin3: My dick filling you

11:50:43 PM

annasteele_16: ohh yess

11:50:49 PM

annasteele_16: you stretch me

11:50:55 PM

annasteele_16: your so big

11:51:08 PM

annasteele_16: i want you fully inside me

11:52:34 PM

creatorin3: That's right. Keep begging for it.

11:53:00 PM

creatorin3: I'd ram it all the way in. Pulling out till just the tip was in then ramming it hard an deep back into you.

11:53:13 PM

creatorin3: Making your legs shake. I tell you to rub your clit

11:53:30 PM

annasteele_16: ahh yess..

11:53:49 PM

annasteele_16: i feel you all the way inside likethat

11:55:37 PM

creatorin3: Fuck yes. I'm stroking so hard to you. Wish I could see that body. And you could see how hard you got my big cock

11:56:16 PM

creatorin3: You would be creaming again. I'd pull out and make you suck my cock. Tasting you juices on my stiff shaft

11:57:05 PM

annasteele_16: ohh i wanna see that wonderful cock ofyours

11:57:15 PM

annasteele_16: and i want that inside me too

11:58:37 PM

creatorin3: I'd make you wrap your legs around me as I started fucking you while sucking on your tits

11:59:32 PM

annasteele_16:yess…fuck me hard

11:59:32 PM

creatorin3:I pound into your pussy..my cock ramming inside you

11:59:32 PM

annasteele_16:my pussy walls tighktly clenching your hard cock(moaning)

11:59:32 PM

annasteele_16:I am gonna cum now

11:59:32 PM

creatorin3:m gonna cum too..

11:59:32 PM

annasteele_16:ahh yesss im cummmiinnn

11:59:32 PM

creatorin3:I came hard..never before like this

11:59:32 PM

creatorin3:your so sexy..so hott

11:59:32 PM

annasteele_16: aww thanks..

11:59:32 PM

annasteele_16: i wanna see you ifyourfine with that

12:01:34 AM

creatorin3: Ok.. Just tell me what you think.

12:01:41 AM

creatorin3: You'll like.

12:01:53 AM

creatorin3: Better be dirty too

12:02:12 AM

annasteele_16: ohh yes..send them

12:03:52 AM

creatorin3: To where?

12:04:14 AM

annasteele_16: here

12:06:00 AM


12:07:38 AM

creatorin3: Sent it

12:11:11 AM

creatorin3: You getting any?

12:13:23 AM

creatorin3: It shows they sent. Let me know

12:15:49 AM

annasteele_16: yeah got it..

12:16:08 AM

annasteele_16: and they are yummy

12:32:33 AM

creatorin3: Yeah? You like that cock. Big enough for you?

12:32:51 AM


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