Love Traingle

By: Annalisa Starzzzzy

Chapter 1, Brad, Rick and Jill find another way to make the endless lunchtime hours pass by....

Brad pulled Jill to his mouth and passionately kissed her scarlett, succulent, luscious lips. Rick's lips consumed his ten inch, throbbing,firm manhood. He consumed Brad into his mouth, tugging at his foreskin with his lips. Brad moved his hips ryhmically grinded his hips against his mouth, as they synchronised in a slow, passionate pace. Jill watch lustfully as Rick continued to suck his entire length down his throat. Eagerly, Jill watched as Brad's entire length slid deeply down Rick's throat. She was aroused by Brad's low groans of pleasure. Rick moaned in ecstasy, closing his eyes blissfully, as he was fuelled by Brad's moans of sweet satisfaction. She craved him, she desired him. Rick released Brad's erect rod and traced sweet endearments across Brad's muscular torso, as Jill nibbled gently on his sensitive stiffness. Rick pulled Brad towards him and passionately and hungrily kissed him on the lips. His hands explored Brad's manly frame, roaming across his abs freely. Famishedly, Jill began to quench her thirst, slurping on his ten inches, as if she was dehydrated. Rick and Brad's lips parted, their tongues darted forwards and seductively embraced each other. Gently, Jill guided Brad into her, entering her deflowered flower, slowly. Slowly, and halfway in, Brad began to push through, causing Jill to moan in ecstasy. He began to increase the speed of his thrust, but in a slow, careful, gentle rhythm. Rapidly, he began to thrust harder and faster, picking up the pace, pleasuring Jill at the same time. "Oh God!"Jill moaned."Yes! Don't stop Brad... Fuck me, baby!" Brad plunged deeper and harder into her. Jill grunted loudly at each penetrating thrust. "Ugh...Ugh...Ugh!" Brad's loud grunts echoes in the isolation of the forest, nearby Green Lake High's netball courts. Rick suckled on her ample breast, his tongue lapped on her hardened nipple and his lips remained attached to her large, pink areola. Jill's pace quickened, her heavy breathing echoed every time Brad slammed into her deeply. Her climax thundered throughout the emptiness of the forest, as she milked Brad. She collapsed in exhaustion, panting heavily. Rick leaned in, and gave Jill an affectionate, passionate kiss. He then allowed his hands to roam freely across Brad's athletic chest, causing him to purr softly. Brad's nipples tingled as Rick caressed them in circular motions with his fingers, until they were hardened. Rick penetrated deeply into Brad's rear entrance, forcing himself deeper,until his stiffness rested deep inside Brad. Pleasure escaped Brad's lips. Brad welcomed him to embrace and caress him by uniting their bodies. Slowly, Rick began to grind his hips into Brad, who moaned at every thrust. Pounding harder, Rick drilled Brad mercilessly, as he stroked his erection, embracing it with a pampering massage. He nuzzled his neck as he fondled his stiff rod, both their bodies spooned each others as they merged into one. Moments after they all tired out, they wiped away any traces of the afternoon, cleaning themselves up and engaging in deep conversation. "That was fucking amazing!" Jill exclaimed as she smoothed the creases on her light, pink sundress and combed her fingers through her flaxen tresses that cascaded onto her back in a golden waterfall. Brad nodded in agreement. "Yeah...That was beyond amazing." He beamed, as he smoothed his crinkled ivory shirt and yanked up his light, blue denim jeans. His chestnut hair was tussled and appeared to be windswept."Didn't know that Rick was a great kisser and had amazing oral skills!" Rick blushed, his face flushed deep crimson, giving a pink tint to his creamy complexion. "Didn't know you were such a big boy, Bradley Carter!" He teased. He pulled his ebony, frayed jeans up, then buttoning up hi grey and white, checkered shirt. Brad ruffled Rick's short, sandy hair and gave him a delicate peck on his cheek, causing Rick to blush deeply. "You must have been practising how to work on big boys then, twinkle."Hungrily, he kissed Rick on the lips, passionately. The school bell called out, signalling that lunch was over. Forcefully, after an amazing experience, they trudged back to school, unaware that their fuck-fest had become someone's pornography.

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