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Merry Christmas, Baby

Novel By: Anjela Myrick

Victory get a Christmas surprise when an ornament turns into a hunky man that wants nothing more than to please her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 14, 2012    Reads: 2,011    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

Chapter 1

Victory Reynolds sat in her apartment living room watching the fireplace on Christmas Eve. She just finished decorating her small artificial tree, nothing like waiting until the last minute she thought to herself. She was dressed in her pajama bottoms and a tank top, even in the winter she would get hot so she never wore long sleeve and would often take off her bottoms sometime during the night. She had long auburn hair and wide hazel eyes, She was by no means thin but average with a curvy figure.

She held the last ornament to place on the tree; it was a strange ornament her grandmother gave it to her before she died last year. It was blue a silhouette of a naked man artfully posed as to not show anything too provocative. It looked like a statue you would find in an art museum. She smiled thinking if only you were a real man. Times like this she missed her grandmother so much. She had spent the last year taking care of her in the house that now belonged to her.

She sat on the couch drinking a glass of wine she poured herself. She walked over to the bookshelf browsing for something to read to pass the time. She often read on her ereader but tonight felt like holding a physical book. She spotted a plan black leather bound book she picked it up and her mouth dropped it was her Grandmother's diary. She couldn't resist she took it and sat down and began reading. It was like reading a romance but real life. It was her grandmother's story. About how she fell in love with her Grandfather even the intimacy between them, she mostly skipped that over those parts it was just too strange to read. Finally she came to a part that shocked her it was referring to the ornament. She continued reading

This ornament is magical, I did countless hours researching. A man centuries ago was casted into an object, only to be released to give women pleasure. Once time was up the woman could cast him into any object of her choosing. I couldn't find out how old or who cast this poor man into the ornament. I dare not release him, I love my husband too much and there will never be another for me. Perhaps someday someone could release him and for good, this time.

Below the entry was detailed instructions it looked to be some kind of spell, this is preposterous she thought. She continued drinking her wine consuming the entire bottle; she poured another glass after opening a second bottle. She was feeling more than a little tipsy siting on the couch with her ornament. Maybe I could try the spell if it didn't work no harm done.

She headed up stairs to her bedroom she set the ornament on her bed and took one last long drink from her glass before setting it down on the table beside her bed. She took off all her clothes and stood next to the bed. She concentrated and imagined a man, a man who would love her and she recited the strange words. She felt a breeze enter the room swirling around when she opened her eyes there was a naked man on her bed. Victory Screamed, grabbing her robe to cover herself.

"Who are you?"

"I am Jared, you summoned me." He replied looking confused. He was a tall man, muscular with some sort of tribal tattoo around his arm. He was very handsome with dark brown hair and green eyes. She felt her breath quicken at the sight of him. He grabbed a pillow from the bed to cover his naked manhood.

"Why did you complete the ritual if you don't want me?"

"I had a few drinks I didn't think it would work."

"Well. Madam it worked now I'm yours." He said defiantly. He threw off the pillow giving her a very good view of his entire body. Victory felt herself blush; she had never seen a naked man before. She was 21 and taking care of her grandmother took up most of her free time, she never really much she had kissed a few boys but nothing beyond that.

"You blush, why?"

"I'm not experienced I've never seen a man naked." She stammered shyly.

Jared's face fell; he quickly grabbed a blanked and pulled it around himself. "I apologize my lady, I am an honorable man I would never do anything unseemly to an innocent.

"I'm sorry, Jared." She murmured. Not daring to look him in the eye, those beautiful green eyes. She felt a heat flow through her settling in her pussy.

"I am the one who should be sorry; women only want me to please them. After they have their fill I am casted into another object." He said as he approached her. "How long is the spell good for?"

"What do you mean?" She asked puzzled.

"You specify a time frame without it I cannot be casted into an object."

Shit,shit,shit "Um, I sort of forgot that part." She murmured.

"You what!" He yelled. "Do you know what you've done?"

"I'm sorry, I'm a little tipsy. How can I fix it?"

"You can't, you have basically declared to the universe that you want me for life, I cannot return."

And with that Victory promptly passed out.

Victory opened her eyes there was only a dim beside lamp, she felt confused. There was a man arms wrapped around her his body dwarfed hers. She couldn't help but to snuggle against him. She felt his slow rhythmic breath against her neck, she felt herself come alive with desire for this strange man she just met. She turned around facing him, her body against his. He began to wake he opened his eyes and smiled.

"Merry Christmas, baby." Jared wispred. As he awoke.

"Please, Jared please make love to me."

"Are you sure." He whispered as his erection pressed into her belly. "Tell me your name, sweet girl."

"Victory, my name is Victory."

"Yes, you are. My Victory."


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