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Life through the eyes of a live-in submissive. View table of contents...


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Morning light seeped in through the curtains; crawling it's way over the wooden floorboards, over the table I'd fallen asleep on. Master's weight was still upon me; I opened one eye to look and smiled, unable to help myself. He looked so peaceful, sated.

I knew it wouldn't be long before He woke, himself though. And then there would be chores to do, things to get done. I had to resist a smile at the heat I felt nudging my naked thigh; morning chores were the best. I wasn't allowed to wake Him though, not until He awoke Himself.

So I exhaled and did my best not to let the feeling against my leg get to me - it made me wet just thinking about having Him inside me again. It throbbed gently, pulsating against my cool flesh - that happened when you slept naked with the windows open.

Master's chocolate eyes opened , looking up at me. A weary smile played on those firm, but soft lips, and He pursed them, gesturing me closer. I didn't deny Him and leant forward placing a chaste kiss upon His mouth, smiling softly. "Good morning Master." I whispered.

"Good morning, my Tiger." His voice was a little gruff; aroused. I wasn't surprised, feeling His hard-on press against my leg a little firmly. I squirmed a little beneath Him; but it only made things worse. His cock now laid hard against my inner thigh, brushing my moist heat just barely. I bit my lip.

"My Tiger is wet.." Master murmured, His fingers drifting along my bare skin, up my leg and over my heated sex. "Yes, Master." I responded, inhaling in the process and trying to deny my feelings of wanting to be fucked- again. This happened a lot and I never really got used to resisting being horny.

As soon as his fingers dipped past my nether lips: they withdrew. I looked up at my Master, confused, as He held his finger tips up in the air; parting them and letting me see the clear liquid that draped from forefinger to middle finger. My cheeks reddened. "Don't be shy Tiger." It was a command. Leaning up I parted my lips, and He pushed his fingers past them; rubbing his cum-coated fingers against my tongue and allowing me to taste the sweet saltiness that was myself. I groaned in appreciation, rolling my tongue over His fingertips, between his fingers, sucking on them. I heard Him chuckle in front of me, but didn't have a chance to say anything with His fingers in my mouth, and soon enough, something that I assumed was one of our toys pressing into my ass.

Unable to help myself I bit down gently on His fingers; not used to being entered so quickly and without warning - especially anally. He chuckled again. "Sh, Tiger, Sh. I'll be gentle, don't fret my precious."

Thankfully, I trusted this man. He knew better than to hurt His Tiger. I felt whatever it was press gently further against me; past the ring that allowed entry into that passage, and fully inside. I bit my lip at the feeling - full, pleasurable. Mm. I exhaled and relaxed around the thing, the way He had taught me to do. "Good girl.." He murmured, watching me take it all in. I was well trained.

His fingers left my mouth, and He got up. I was confused. I watched him move around the room, picking up bits of clothing and a pair of my panties before returning to the table and placing them in front of me. "I want you to wear that inside you all day today." He spoke firmly, softly, knowing I would not defy His word. Though my cheeks were tinged pink, and my flower was leaking, I nodded subtly and got up; slowly, feeling the toy move inside me with each move I made. "Y-yes Master.." I responded.

With some effort I rose from the table, dressed myself, and went about my daily chores: Dishes, tidying the mess we'd made on the table; clearing up any mess in the rooms, and so on,

As I bent to straighten out a bed sheet; a memory that had haunted me since I can remember, but a good one, mind, I inhaled as the toy began vibrating inside me! Unable to help it my knee's buckled, finding myself on the floor of the bedroom at the foot of the bed, whimpering. It felt too good, Master was cruel…

He stood not far from me, leant against the doorframe. Smiling. Chuckling. He knew how frustrating this was to me, and was finding it amusing. Why would He not?
He stayed where He was, watching me. My green eyes watched Him, staring back. An intense air of arousal thickened the air between us and He stepped closer, dropping to his knee's but not touching me. He whispered in my ear; leaning close, so close that I felt the hairs on His lower lip brush my outer ear and made me shudder at the sensation. "Play with yourself, pet."


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