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Debbie's Adventures

Novel By: Angela101

Sequel to Next-door Neighbour, The ongoing sexual perversions of young Debbie; and all the dirty old men that she meets along the way. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 7, 2010    Reads: 1,666    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

Debbie was up early the next morning. She took a leisurely shower and then sat at her dressing table mirror with a towel wrapped around her.

She brushed out her copper coloured curls, and her blue eyes narrowed as she examined her creamy white skin, she frowned slightly at the faint freckles that sprinkled over her little upturned nose.

She was twenty two years old, and at five foot two inches and with her petite little figure, she could pass from anything from twelve years old to thirty, depending on how she dressed and acted.

She supposed that, that was her appeal to all those dirty old men, and why so many persisted on calling her things like little girl, and little Debbie.

The knock on her front door at nine o'clock, was enough to make her want to throw up.

Debbie swallowed nervously and went to answer the door.

"Morning miss." The chauffer - a middle aged portly looking man grinned at her in a friendly fashion. He held out a white envelope to her.

"Good morning." She responded politely as she took the envelope from him.

"You're to read this before we leave miss." He told her in a firm voice.

Debbie glanced at him uncertainly for a moment before opening the door wider. "You'd better come inside for a moment then."

She wandered through to the kitchen opening the letter as she went.

'Debbie!' The letter began.

'I owe Mr. Jenkins the chauffer some over-time.

He's agreed that an hour with you will write it off.

Do what he tells you.

J. Paterson.'

Debbie looked across at the man who had followed her into the kitchen.

"You know what this says?" she asked her hands shaking.

Jenkins smirked at her, his eyes filled with lust. "I know what it says." He agreed.

"And do you know what will happen if I refuse?"

He shrugged indifferently. "That's not my concern. Mr. Paterson told me to remind you of how happy you mother is right now though."

Debbie swallowed the tears and looked him in the eye. "So what do you want to do about it?"

His smirk turned into a full malicious grin. "I want to fuck your brains out." He whispered coarsely.

Debbie felt a little jolt in her stomach but she managed to keep her expression calm. "Where would you like to do this?"

His chuckle was like nails down a chalk board. "I think you need to get your things and we can discuss it on the way."

Jenkins waited while she locked up the house and then he led her out to the classic Rolls Royce that was parked outside her house. He held the front passenger door open for her and helped her inside.

The first ten minutes or so they achieved in almost total silence, aside from his cheerful whistling that grated along her fragile nerve ends.

Finally Debbie could stand it no more. "What about your just deserts?" she asked sharply.

He shot her a side long glance as he turned the car down a quiet country lane.

"I watched a movie once." He told her, "Where a wife did something for her husband when he was feeling stressed."

"I'm not your wife." She snapped as he pulled up into a little lay-by.

"Would you like to argue the point with Mr. Paterson?" he asked as he unfastened his trousers.

"Not really." Debbie muttered grumpily.

"Good." He sighed as he put his hand on the back of her neck and forced her head into his lap.

For a while all that could be heard was the odd slurp from Debbie and an occasional grunt from Jenkins.

"That's it." He gasped as his erection throbbed in Debbie's mouth. "Yes you little slut - suck it like that. Yeah! Oh yeah baby!"

When he came into her mouth, Debbie swallowed it back quickly.

She moved away from him, wiping her mouth as she did so, and sat staring miserably out of the passenger window.

Jenkins sat for a while catching his breath, but making no effort to fasten his trousers or start the car.

After a while Debbie looked back at him questioningly. "Shouldn't we be going?"

He grinned at her suggestively and her gaze dropped into his lap, her eyes widening in surprise at the size of his fresh erection.

"I've not had sex for more than two years." He told her. "And Mr. Paterson had a spare Viagra pill."

'Well that accounts for the colourful cheeks and the silly grin!' Debbie thought hysterically.

"Come on then Miss Debbie in the back with you." He pushed a lever and their seats dropped back suddenly, sending Debbie sprawling.

She never got a chance to get herself together before his pulled up her skirt and ripped of her knickers. Her face was pushed again the back of the backseat upholstery and her right knee pushed up onto the seat at a very painful angle.

Jenkins shoved his sizable very hard dick into her and then putting his hands on her stomach he started to pump violently at her.

Debbie gave a little whimper followed by a grunt which seemed to drive him wild as his hand snaked up to paw at her breast.

This aggressive coupling didn't go on for too long as he plunged himself deep inside her and Debbie felt the warm fluids gushing out of him into her.

He pulled out of her and fell back onto the driver's seat panting heavily.

Debbie pulled down her skirt and moved back to the passenger seat her hands shaking.

"Is that it?" she whispered tearfully, "Are we done now?"

Jenkins gave a sidelong grin. "Aye miss we're done now." He nodded.

"Good!" she sobbed slightly. "You had better get moving then!"

They accomplished the rest of the journey in absolute silence. Even Mr. Jenkins seemed a little subdued.

He pulled up outside the sprawling old house and he opened her door to help her out.

Debbie looked to see Mr. Paterson standing in his door way waiting for her. As she walked towards him she remembered her shredded knickers still lying in the back of the car. She gave a bitter little smile, - at least that was one pair he couldn't keep.

"Good morning Debbie, come on inside." Mr. Paterson barked at her.

"Morning." she muttered as she walked past him and entered his home.

The door closed behind her with an ominous thud and Debbie swallowed back another little sob as she squared her shoulders and turned to face the evil old man.

"I paid your debt for you." She told him her eyes latching on to his.

Mr. Paterson scowled at her. "You don't have to be like that about it girl." He reproached.

"So how should I be?"

He ushered her into his study where he closed and locked the door.

"You should be damned grateful girl!" he snarled at her angrily.

"Oh? Grateful for what?" she challenged

"Grateful that your beloved mother is getting a world cruise at my expense." He snapped his colour rising at an alarming rate.

Debbie felt the anger and defiance drain from her and her shoulders slumped in defeat.

"So I suppose you want to fuck me now?" she whispered her head lowered in submission.

"Huh!" he grunted in anger as he turned away. "The doctor told me to stay off the Viagra for a couple of weeks." He told her angrily.

Debbie's head came up hope brightening her eyes.

"And don't you look at me like that miss!" he barked. "Just because I can't fuck you today, doesn't mean you aren't going to get fucked!"

"What do you mean?" she asked anxiously.

He went and sat on a little sofa in the corner of his office. "Come over here Debbie." He ordered coldly.

She walked over to him, but when she would have sat next to him he stopped her making her stand in front of him.

"Lift up your skirt so I can see your pretty little knickers." He commanded.

Debbie hesitated for a split second then lifted her skirt with a malicious little smile.

His eyes shot up to hers his rage purpling his face again. "Where are your knickers?"

"Jenkins tore them off me." She told him innocently.

He shoved his hand in her crotch to feel the sticky dampness there. "You're filthy!" he snarled in disgust. "You dirty little tramp!" he forced her over his knee and began to slap at her naked bottom with a hard heavy hand.

Debbie cried out as the pain shot through her. "Please!" She sobbed. "No more! Stop Please!"

Mr. Paterson kept going venting his rage on her poor little bottom until it glowed bright red.

By the time he let her go he was breathing heavy and huffing and puffing. He wasn't done with her yet though as he stood up and forced her across the room. He pushed her down onto a hard wooden chair that had straps attached to it. Debbie was so bewildered by the events that she was fastened to it before she knew what was happening.

Her arms were fixed to the back of the chair, with a strap going around her waist, and her ankles were fixed to the outside of each leg.

Now he had got her where he wanted her, Mr. Paterson seemed to calm down a little bit. He smiled down at her as he pulled open her top and pulled down her bra, he left her pert little boobs hanging over as her massaged them and tweaked at the nipples.

"You like that don't you girl?" he muttered croakily.

His hand went down as he hooked his fingers into her pussy and began to push. His fingers slid into her and he started to finger her with hard thrusts, while his other hand continued to pinch and tweak her nipples.

He knelt in front of her, his breathing heavy and his eyes excited as he used her and abused her.

"Tell me to stop." He said with a cruel smile "Beg me to stop!"

Debbie gave a little sob. "Please sir, it hurts, it hurts so bad. Please don't sir." She whimpered softly.

He laughed as he leaned forward and began to suck hard at her breast, his teeth nipping at her as his fingers continued on their assault of her lower body.

Debbie began to cry as the pain simply increased until finally he seemed to have had enough.

He pulled away suddenly and went over to his desk, where he pulled out the little bullet he'd used on her before. He pushed it against her clitoris and then quickly he released her ankles to tie them together tight. He tied her at the knees and then again on her thighs, making sure her legs were pressed firmly together. Then he switched on the little bullet and at Debbie's gasp he grinned.

"Now you just sit there and enjoy yourself while I finish some work." He ordered her as he walked back over to his desk.

The constant humming and buzzing against her pussy was something she just could not resist and it wasn't long before her first orgasm hit her, her moans earning her harsh looks from the man trying to work.

As time went by she became more vocal as she called out to him.

"Please sir my poor little pussy! Please make it stop sir. Oh sir!"

He threw down his pen and stomped over to her. "What is the matter with you girl?" he demanded gruffly although his eyes were still excited.

"My boobs sir." She gasped. "Please could you suck them like you did before?"

He gave an impatient little sigh but knelt in front of her again to suckle on her.

He made her endure several more forced orgasms as he kept her there like that and by the end Debbie's tummy was aching.

The bullet suddenly went silent as the batteries died and Debbie's head slumped forward with relief.

Mr. Paterson untied her without further comment and took his little toy back to his desk.

"You can go home now Debbie." Mr. Patterson said abruptly. "I'll have Jenkins bring the car round and I'll see you next week."

She looked at the evil old man with dislike. "Whatever else happens I will never service your staff for you again." She told him quietly.

He gave a little snort. "No girl I suppose not."

She left the room and Connor the butler after having a little word with the master arranged for her ride home.

While she sat in the hall waiting, Conner walked over to her. "Are you alright Miss Debbie? Is there anything I can get for you while you wait?" his gentle voice and soft sympathy was almost her undoing.

"No thanks Conner." she smiled tearfully.

She sat in the back of the car aware of the lustful glances from Jenkins. "You've had your bit." She told him at one point. "And I've made sure that you NEVER get a look in again."

His eyes returned to the road but she could feel his animosity and sexual frustration, it rolled of him in waves and she knew she'd earned an enemy in him.

She resolutely ignored him and at her home she climbed out the car before he could assist her and absolutely refused to let him near her home.

"I'm fine Jenkins you go on back now, don't wait for me." She told him haughtily.

She locked her front door behind her and as she leaned against it was aware of a letter on her mat.

She tore it open and read its contents with a little frown. It was from Mr. Groves. He'd had to go away for a few days, maybe even a week.

Debbie gave a little sigh and went upstairs to take a much needed shower. As she sat at her dressing table with a towel wrapped around her, she became aware of the sun shining through her window, and something glinted in the corner of her room up near the ceiling.

Curiously she climbed up onto her bed to look closer and let out a little gasp a she realised there was a camera in her room!

With a shaking hand she grabbed it and wrenched it out, snapping the little wire that was attached to it.

She threw it to the ground and started to run around the house searching the rooms frantically.

She found four more of them. She found one in her bathroom, one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one on the landing. Her mother's room seemed to have been spared.

She sat at her kitchen table clutching at her towel and shaking. Could Mr. Groves have done this? She wondered, but no he had open access to her he wouldn't need to do that.

As she sat thinking she remembered the phone calls she had received when she had first been with Mr. Groves.

Debbie ran upstairs and pulled open a draw. Sure enough her mobile was still there switched off. She switched it back on and plugged in the power whilst it hunted for a signal.

"Come on!" she sobbed as it beeped at her. "Ring!"

She was so upset she didn't hear the quiet tread on the stairs.

She let out a little squeal as her door was suddenly flung open and a tall young man stood there. His usual friendly grin was gone, and now he just looked slightly unhinged.

"Rick!" she gasped in disbelief as she remembered him from her mum's garden party.

She'd known him for years as he'd hung around doing odd jobs for her mother. He'd even looked after this place while she and her mum had gone away for a few days once.

"You did this!" she gasped tearfully. "You had a key cut and you've been coming in and taking my things."

"Yes Debbie all me." He snarled as he kicked the door too with his foot. "I was the one phoning you up and getting you all hot and bothered. You shut me out though when you got that little pervert next door." He eyes narrowed at her accusingly as he walked closer to her.

"What do you want?" she whispered in real terror.

He held up some handcuffs as he stood in front of her. "I'm going to have you like you let him have you." He whispered. "Now hold out your hands Debbie and be a good little girl."

Debbie had become a bit of an expert at playing the little victim over the last few months, but with Rick, she had alarm bells going off in her head as she caught the hint of madness in his expression. She stood up abruptly, praying that Pete would be looking over as usual.

Rick must have realised though as with a little hiss he pushed her back down onto the bed.

"Hands Debbie." He snarled.

With a little sob she held out her shaking hands and he snapped the cuffs onto her wrists. He then pushed her down onto her bed and attaching a second set to one of the bars at the top of her bed, he pulled up her arms and clicked the second cuff over the chains on her arms.

She was anchored to her bed, but he could still move her around a little, should he wish to.

He stood looking down at her and slowly pulled away her towel.

"Yes Debbie, I knew how beautiful you would be up close." He whispered hoarsely as his hand started to stroke her body.

"Do you remember what HE did when he tied you to this bed?"

Debbie shook her head her eyes bright with fear.

He held up a little bottle. "He fucked you with this while you sucked him off."

She blinked as she remembered that time but again stayed silent.

"It's my turn now." He chuckled manically.

He wedged his hand between her legs and rammed the little bottle into place and then he was on top of her. His knees either side of her head as he pulled out his long hard dick.

"Open up bitch!"

Debbie had no choice, she opened her mouth and as his cock entered she sucked as hard as she could, her tongue tickling at the end.

Rick closed his eyes as a wave of sheer pleasure washed over him.

"Oh yeah Debbie like that. Me and you are going to have such fun together. I've brought whips and chains and all sorts with me and I'm going to use you like you've never been used before."

Debbie let out a little sob as she continued to suck him off. Her whole body was shaking with terror at what this mad young man might be capable of.

As he let her lie back and have a breather she looked at him with her huge blue eyes, a picture of innocence and fear.

"Please Rick." She whispered. "Please don't hurt me, I promise to be a good girl and do whatever you tell me to do."

As he shoved his cock back into her mouth he gave a little shiver of excitement at her total submission to him. He was going to do her but good, he sighed as he felt his first orgasm approach.


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