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The Krasian and The Princess

Novel By: Andrew Jay

This is the tale of a young Elven girl’s attempts to do her duty for her people. A couple of chapters are told like a fairytale, but is not for children! It is erotic in places, but this is a story lead novel and I think the age rating of young adult is appropriate. The novel is firmly set in the fantasy realm - it has sexy elves, big bad guys, big good guys, and... some people who are rather vampirish – what more could Booksie readers want?

I should add that I have learned my lesson (yes Booksie chapter character limit, I am looking at you!) and have kept the chapters down to a few pages. It isn’t a long novel, 9 chapters in all, so please dip in. I will release the chapters over the next few days.

I hope you enjoy it, so please take a moment to comment or just hit the ‘Like’ button.
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1.The Princess and the Krasian

The elder stood before the class of young elves. The attention of the class upon her was rapt, partly because of their respect for her great age, and party for their respect for the punishments they would receive if their attention lapsed.

She opened a large, old tome and began to read.

"Once upon a time over 200 years ago, the elves lived under an Elven King called King Ranmir the Great. He was a wise and just ruler, and it was said that the Great Forrester came to him in his sleep to guide his judgement. Under his rule, the elves had peacefully prospered - no one was hungry, everyone had somewhere warm to sleep, and his people loved him.

The peace was rudely broken one day by the arrival of an army of huge green warriors. Each one of them was nearly twice the height of an adult elf. The Krasians marched into the Elven lands destroying every village in the way. Of those captured, the old and the young were killed immediately. Able bodied male elves were castrated and cast into slavery. The females forced into harems."

"What is a harem?" One of the younger ones asked.

The elder considered her answer so that the young elf would understand. "It is like being told to marry someone just so that you can slake their animal desires and nothing else."

The elder returned to her book. "The elves moved their armies against the Krasians, but Elven soldiers wore leather armour and carried wooden weapons whilst Krasians carried metal swords, spears and shields, and wore metal armour. The elves fought for every village and farm, but had no chance. For every Krasian killed in battle, twenty elves littered the battle fields. Elven archers, who were by tradition female elves, did inflict heavy losses on the Krasians, but their numbers were too low. When they were captured they were staked to the ground using their own arrows for the amusement of every passing Krasian solder. Elven women are resilient, the archers more so than most, but they too succumbed either to the spear or the Krasian 'life giver'."

The elder showed a picture in her book to the class depicting a bloody battlefield. There was gasps from her audience.

"So finally, the Krasian army arrived at the walls of the Royal Palace. The Krasian King who lead every attack decided to wait until morning before making the final assault. Meanwhile, inside the castle, King Ranmir, who had been waging a hopeless battle for weeks, wearily sat in his throne, knowing the end would come by the next day. He fell asleep and it was then that the Great Forrester came to him.

'You must sue for peace, Ranmir.' The Great Forester said.

'How? They kill everyone I send to ask for a parley.' The king asked in his dream.

'Send queen Ashir, dressed in her royal regalia tonight. Their king will listen to her message. She should ask their king to meet you in your palace.'

'What do I offer for them to stop this war?'

'You must offer him one of your daughters to forge an alliance.'

'I can't do that!'

'It is the only way Ranmir. Krasians understand such gestures, and it will be the start of an alliance between the elves and Krasians. One more thing Ranmir, before you send the Queen to the Krasians, you must join with her once more.'

His dream slipped away from the King who had more questions to ask. As his eyes opened, he saw his wife, Queen Ashir bending over him. He looked at her sadly and explained he had spoken to the great forester in his dream.

'What did he say to do?'

'You must go to the Krasian King tonight, and ask for parley. He will see you if you wear your robes and your crown. Ask him if he will meet with me to discuss terms at dawn in the palace.'

He looked at her. Although she was forty summers old, she was still fair of skin and firm of breast. He had seeded her with two beautiful daughters, both with her looks. Before the Krasians had attacked he still had hopes of seeding her with a son. He still loved her as much now as he did twenty summers before when they first joined, but right now she had a look of horror on her face - she had heard what was happening to the female archers in the Elven army. They both knew that once she left to see the Krasians, she would not return.

'It is the only way, my love. We must end this before the elves lose everything.'

She turned to ready herself, but the king caught her hand.

'Join with me,' he asked.

She nodded, then lifted her robes and joined with the king one last time before leaving for the Krasian camp."

"Some time later, the queen stood at the Palace gate, ready to step into the blood stained battlefield outside. Her hands trembled as she straightened her crown. She stepped through the palace gate, and immediately saw the body of the last messenger who had been sent to the Krasian King."

The elder paused to show another illustration, depicting a resolute queen walking out of the gates, passing the decapitated body of a messenger.

"They say the Krasians went to run her through with their spears, but when they saw her robes, they held back. Like the royal she was, she held her ears up straight and walked towards the Krasian pavilion behind the army encamped outside the palace walls."

"What happened to her?" One of the class asked.

"That isn't written in the book, but they say the Krasian leader - King Huzzar - listened to her message, then took her crown and robes and ears as trophies, joined with her, then gave her naked to his men."

"They took her ears?"

"Yes, as you know, there is no greater loss to any elf. Even if she had the chance to escape, she would instead have taken her own life."

"So she died?"

"Eventually, yes." There was some murmuring from the class which the elder allowed to cease.

"The next morning the Krasian leader arrived at the palace with a small escort. Ranmir welcomed him to his home, then asked the Krasian for news of his wife. In reply the Krasian king said 'She was still alive when I last saw her entertaining my men. I liked her teats, but her cavern was too loose for my taste. I have something of hers for you though.' He tossed one of the queen's ears still containing her earrings to Ranmir. He remembered giving her those earrings on Forrester's day and then knew with certainty that she would never return to him.

Ranmir held his emotions under control. 'I have asked you here so that we may forge a peace.'

'A bargain? What have you got that I can't take?'

Ranmir paused. 'I offer you one of my daughters.'

'What is to stop me taking them when I take the palace?'

'Unless we have an agreement, when the palace is lost, I will kill them with my own hand.'

The Krasian could see Ranmir was telling the truth. He had already joined with the queen and was curious to see if her daughters were cast from the same mould.

'Let me see them and I will decide if I want one of them.'

The two daughters were ushered in. The eldest was 19 summers. The younger was 16 summers. The Krasian was immediately struck by the eldest's beauty - she was tall for an elf, and had large breasts, broad hips and a slim waist. She would surely make a pleasing join and a strong mother. He ordered her to him. He used his blade to cut her clothing from her until she was standing naked before him.

Ranmir held his courtiers back from trying to prevent this - he knew what would happen if the Krasian was stopped.

The Krasian examined the young woman. She was indeed comely. He breasts were large and firm and her mound strong. He sniffed her deeply, but stopped at her mound. Unknown to her parents, she had been dallying with a stable hand and the Krasian could smell the boy's seed within her. Without delay, he pulled his dagger and plunged it into her.

'I don't want this one.' Is all he said.

There was a pause whilst the King watched a large pool of blood form around his mutilated eldest daughter's body.

'My second daughter then?' the king said, holding back tears from the loss of his daughter.

'It seems you are running out of daughters.' The Krasian sneered at Ranmir, but Ranmir bravely sent his other daughter over to him. She was perhaps less pleasing on the eye than the other. She had short hair, and her ears were more prominent. When the Krasian removed her clothing, he found her breasts were smaller than her eldest sister's and unlikely to grow any more. Her scent indicated that she was pure however, so the Krasian ordered her to join with him."

"They joined with her father watching?" one of the class asked, incredulously.

"Her father, and the other members of his court." The elder replied.

"The girl was new to ways of flesh but she showed the Krasian how the love of an elf can be. Their joining was lengthy and passionate. The Krasian finally spent his seed within the her, and as it was evident he had seeded her with a child, he carried her back to his pavilion himself saying he would give the king his terms in a week."

The elder looked up from her book. "Does anyone know the name of that Elven princess?"

The class all knew, but were too shy to speak up.

"The name of the princess was 'ElJin' and she is now a heroine to the elves." The elder prompted. "Princess Eljin provided five sons to the Krasian king over the years, and it is said she intervened when the original terms were drawn up for the elves.

The Krasian King took all the lands he had conquered, and kept the slaves he had captured to build his new realm. Finally, in order to bolster the Krasian army, he demanded all pure, eldest daughters join with a Krasian when they turned 16. In return, the elves were to be protected by the army of Krasia, and as a result, the last 200 years have been the longest period of unbroken peace in Elven history, all thanks to the bravery of Princess ElJin and Queen Ashir, the wise actions of King Ranmir, and of course the guidance of the Great Forester."


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