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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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"Where do you think he is?"

The small house was dark, the chain link fence surrounding it like a mini prison wall. The yard was more dirt than grass, and in the corner a large, multi-breed dog lay half out of a weathered dog house, head on paws. A spike collar was fastened about its neck and a strong chain secured it to a heavy anchor in the ground.

Tony shifted in the passenger seat of the black Sedan and continued to watch the house through the Sedan's deep tinted windows. "I don't know." He spoke low, barely audible. "But I've got a bad feeling."

Tony stared at the house for a moment longer then opened the passenger door.

"What're you doing?" Sammy asked from behind the wheel.

Tony stepped out then looked back in at Sammy. "We're going in."

"He isn't here."

"He has to come home eventually." Tony straightened up and closed the door. The house was located at the far end of a dark, nearly deserted street. The paved road had ended about two hundred yards back, turning to gravel. Tony looked back down the street. It was a seedy neighborhood. The kind where people closed their doors and curtains, turned their television up louder and pretended not hear when one of their neighbors were in trouble. That was good.

Sammy got out of the car, stuffed a handgun in the back of his pants and covered it with his jacket, then grabbed Bruno from the back seat and followed Tony across the road.

The gravel crunched beneath their feet as they approached the chain link fence. The dog's eyes opened and his ears pricked up slowly. He raised his head and a low growl rumbled deep in his throat. A warning to stay out.

Tony looked at the dog and opened the gate. It screeched on its hinges, hung at an odd angle and scraped the ground when he pulled it open. It only opened half way before digging into the dirt and gravel where it refused to budge any further. Tony and Sammy stepped around it and entered the yard.

The dog rose up slowly on its feet, his head low, the growl deepening, growing louder, more threatening. It's dark, multi-colored body nearly camouflaged it in the darkness. Sammy gripped the bat tighter and watched the animal, but Tony touched his arm and shook his head.

"He's all right." Tony said quietly. His eyes passed over the dog's water bowl, barely more than a puddle of mud. A nasty bone with partially rotted meat lay in the dirt next to the bowl. "He lives with a predator, so that's all he knows how to be."

Sammy lowered the bat a little but kept his eyes on the dog as it trotted to the end of its chain and bared its teeth, releasing a deep throaty snarl. When Sammy and Tony moved closer to the house, the dog started to back away. Sammy walked around Tony, unaware he'd moved into closer range of the dog when the animal suddenly lunged at the end of his chain, snapping his teeth and nicking Sammy's leg.

"Fuck!" Sammy jumped, clutching the bat, as saliva from the dog's mouth splattered his leg.

Tony chuckled. "Not an animal lover, Sammy?"

"Not this fuckin' animal." Sammy kept his eye on the dog as it strained against the end of its chain for a moment then backed off again. Sammy pointed the tip of the bat at the animal. "I ain't fallin' for that again, fucker."

Tony chuckled again and shook his head. "I like him already. Maybe we should hire him to guard the Shamrock."

"Yeah, right." Sammy wiped at the wetness the dog left on his pant leg. "The fuckin' psycho mutt would eat our customers."

"Well, considering who most of our customers are." Tony grinned. "That might not be a bad thing."

"You got a point." Sammy spoke low as he stepped up on the small porch of the dark house. He moved to a window and peered inside. The place was pitch black.

"See anything?" Tony tried the door handle. Locked.

"Not a damn thing." Sammy mumbled, straining to see beyond the window. "Black as hell in there."

Tony nodded. "Well, since our host isn't home. I suppose we should just invite ourselves in."

Sammy turned back to the door. "We could do that."

Tony smiled. "It's what he would want."

Tony stepped to the side as Sammy used the tip of the bat and hit the door real hard, right below the handle. The door burst open, tiny splinters from the frame flying loose. Tony rubbed his fingers over the broken lock and damaged frame. "Hardly noticeable."

In the yard, the dog barked and snapped, reefing at his chain.

Sammy turned and looked at the animal. He pointed the bat at it again. "You better pray that chain don't break, motherfucker."

Tony looked at the dog. "He ain't so bad. He's just misunderstood."

Sammy slowly turned his eyes on Tony, a hard frown pinching his brow. "Are you serious? The fuckin' mutt tried to chew my leg off."

Tony shrugged and grinned. "Misunderstood." He stepped through the broken door.

Shooting one more look of warning at the dog, Sammy followed him inside.


"I came prepared this time." Jackson panted against her shoulder as he drove his cock hard into her ass, bringing fresh tears to Sabrina's eyes. He withdrew suddenly, pulling his dick out and leaving the bed.

Sabrina's heart raced wildly. He'd just left her laying there, nothing restraining her. She looked around tentatively, barely able to see him in the darkness of the room. He was by the door, rifling through some sort of bag. There was no way she could get around him and get out the door.

She glanced around the room, frantically searching for a weapon. He'd caught her by surprise, but she'd be damned if she was going to just lay here and let him violate her body any way he chose. But he was already coming back towards the bed before she could think what to do. As he approached her, she grabbed the bedside lamp in a panic and swung it at him. He caught it and threw it to the floor, smashing it.

"Cliche move, honey." He grinned.

Sabrina scooted away from him, fear and anger gripping her, tightening her chest. "Stay away from me!"

"Aw, baby, come on." Jackson reached for her. "Didn't I show you a good time, last time? I know you were into it, you came for me twice. A woman doesn't cum if she ain't enjoying it."

"Shut up!" Sabrina screamed as the memory of her previous rape flashed through her head. It still nauseated her to know he had controlled her body into giving him two orgasms. But that hadn't been her doing.

Jackson rested one knee on the bed. He was totally nude. Even in the heavy shadows, Sabrina could see his cock, long and hard, swollen with need. It curved up a bit towards his stomach and bobbed loosely as he scooted towards her on his knees. He caught her looking and smiled, wrapping one hand around his dick.

"Gorgeous, ain't he?" Jackson stroked his cock. "Bet he feels real good stuffed in your tight ass, huh? You tell me to stop, but I know you don't mean it. The way your ass sucks my cock, mmm...that tells me all I need to know."

"You're out of your fucking mind." Sabrina trembled, her whole body shaking.

Jackson chuckled, clearly amused and turned on by her unwillingness to be fucked by him. His hand darted out suddenly and grabbed her wrist. She screamed and thrashed but he jerked her to him, her body colliding with his hard chest. He secured her arms quickly and held her like a vice in his strong arms. "You and me." He groaned close to her ear. "We're gonna have a lot of fun all night long." His fingertips pinched one of her nipples hard, making her flinch and whimper.

Working one of her hands free, Jackson slipped something over her wrist and then cinched it tight. Sabrina winced as it pinched the skin of her wrist. "What...what're you doing?" she shuddered.

Jackson didn't answer as he untangled his arms from around her and pushed her down on the bed. He stretched her arm above her head and fastened her captured wrist to the headboard, then grabbed her other wrist and slipped the same device on it, cinching it real tight, then fastening that arm to the headboard as well.

Gasping hard, Sabrina watched in horror as he systematically bound her to his will. He straddled her waist and clutched her tits, squeezing and gripping hard. His swollen cock lay against her stomach, his hard balls pressing into her naval. He leaned down and bit the tender skin of her throat. She cried out and bucked, but she barely moved him. His hot mouth moved up the side of her neck, his tongue slowly licking a wet path up over her ear then across her cheek.

Sabrina squeezed her eyes shut as her nausea from earlier that night swelled dangerously. She tried to send up a silent prayer, but her mind refused to release the words. It was clear that God wasn't listening to her anymore. And maybe she deserved to be forsaken. She'd tried to justify her actions, tell herself that it was okay to be with Owen because her sister was having an affair with Charles, because her sister had put her where she was right this second, because her sister had never really loved her. But she realized quite suddenly as Jackson's probing mouth moved closer to her lips, that the sins of her sister...were fast becoming her own sins as well.

Jackson's lips moved over hers and his wet tongue thrust into her mouth. Sabrina gagged and tired to turn away from him, but his hands came up and gripped her head as he kissed her hard and forceful, his thick tongue snaking around in her mouth like a living thing, wrapping around her tongue, sucking it hard into his mouth. Then his tongue was in her mouth again, probing the back of her throat like his cock had done out in the stable. She gagged again and almost wished she would puke. Maybe if she vomited in his mouth, it would kill his mood. But then again, it might just kill her. She forced down the nausea rising fast inside her. Her stomach pinched and cramped as she fought the urge to be sick. The weight of his body and his full, firm balls pressing into her abdomen wasn't helping at all.

Jackson's tongue slithered from her mouth like a recoiling snake. Sabrina continued to squeeze her eyes shut. She didn't want to look at him while he did these things to her.

She felt Jackson scoot up her body until he was straddling her ribcage. His strong, rough hands grabbed her tits and held them together as he slid his hard cock through the tunnel they made. Sabrina squeezed her eyes harder and turned her face to the side as more tears slipped free. Jackson's weight on her ribcage made it hard to breathe and she began to gasp for air. Jackson interpreted it his own way.

"Like that, baby." He panted as he thrust his dick through her tit cave. When she didn't answer, he grabbed her face hard with one hand. "Open your eyes and answer me, bitch."

Sabrina's eyes opened slowly, fearfully. Fresh tears spilled out the corners and into her ears. Jackson was leaning down close, his fingers squeezing her cheeks. His hard, heavy cock lay nestled between her tits, the plump head resting against the hollow of her throat. She could feel the sticky wetness of pre-cum on her skin.

"Open your mouth." Jackson said as he forced her mouth open. "And suck my cock while I fuck your big tits." When she just stared at him and made no move to comply, he slapped her hard across the face. "Suck my fucking cock, bitch."

The nausea welling dangerously, Sabrina tilted her head down and opened her mouth as Jackson thrust through her tit cave hard, driving the head of his dick into her mouth. The juices leaking from his cock left a nasty, bitter taste in her mouth. She waited for him to pull the head out so she could spit out the nasty fluid but he held the head between her lips and fucked her mouth with just the tip as he massaged her tits around his swollen shaft.

Jackson tilted his head back and closed his eyes, groaning loud. "Ah, suck it, bitch. Suck my cock head." He opened his eyes and looked down at her. "Don't just hold it in your mouth, Suck it."

I'm gonna puke. A heat spread through Sabrina's face and seemed to inflame her whole head as acid bile rose in her throat. The head of Jackson's cock was thick and swollen and filled up her mouth, pressing her tongue against the bottom her mouth and forcing it to curl back a little into her throat, which only enhanced her need to vomit. She tried to suck on it but could barely work her mouth at all.

With an annoyed, frustrated grunt, Jackson grabbed a handful of her hair on the top of her head and held tight as he pressed his hips forward and drove his cock deeper into her mouth, then began to stroke her mouth. He was driving his dick in too deep and Sabrina's eyes began to roll back in her head as her gag reflex kicked in. Just when she was certain she would vomit and, in turn, choke on it, Jackson pulled his cock from her mouth and lifted his weight from her body.

Sabrina gagged and coughed and sucked in air. Her eyes were blurred and hazy from her tears, but she could make out Jackson's form by the bedroom door, taking something else from the bag, but she couldn't tell what it was. When he returned, he laid the item on the bed and grabbed one of her ankles. She instinctively kicked and fought his grip, but to no avail as he slipped on another restraint like the ones he'd fastened her wrists with. He cinched it up tight and fastened her leg to the corner post of the bed.

"Why're you doing this?" Sabrina cried. Her voice felt thick, rough.

Jackson looked up at her and grinned. "Because it's fun." He stated simply. "Celine was a good fuck, but like I said, she was too willing." He slid his hands up her inner thighs as he placed one knee on the end of the bed then leaned down and licked his tongue slowly through her pussy. He raised his head and licked his lips. "And you can't rape the willing."


"What a shit hole." Sammy stepped into the dark living room, found a lamp near the sofa and turned it on. A dull light spread through a portion of the room, pushing the shadows to the corners. He moved around the room, looking things over.

Tony stepped across the hall and into the kitchen. He flicked on the light. Dirty dishes lay in the sink, food still crusted to their surface. He opened the refrigerator and winced at a rancid stench emanating from inside. He took out a partially eaten steak sandwich wrapped in plastic. He unwrapped it, smelled it, and recoiled from the smell. He returned to the front door with the sandwich and tossed it to the dog. "Here ya go, buddy."

The dog pounced on the sandwich and devoured it in seconds. When it raised its head again, it looked at Tony expectantly and chuffed. Tony nodded at the animal, returned to the frig, found more food and threw it out to the dog.

When Tony finally entered the living room, Sammy was squatting before the television. In the entire crummy place, it seemed to be the only thing that was new and well attended. Sammy looked up. "What were you doing?"

"Feeding the dog."

Sammy frowned. "Why?"

"He was hungry." Tony said simply. "This prick sure as shit doesn't feed him properly."

"What's with you and that dog?" Sammy asked, shaking his head. "Did you forget he tried to eat my leg?"

Tony smiled. "Like I said, he was hungry."

Sammy shook his head again and went back to studying the television. A black box was hooked up to it with a remote laying on top. Sammy picked up the remote. "How does a guy that lives like this ever get a woman?"

Tony moved closer to Sammy. "His home life is of no consequence. Because he doesn't date. He rapes. And even then, it's highly unlikely he brings them here. He might live like a pig, but he isn't entirely stupid."

Sammy turned on the tv then aimed the remote at the black box and clicked it on. A menu popped up on the tv screen. Short titles in the menu, just two or three words per title. Sammy read them aloud. "Checkout Slut. Bitchhiker. Gag Whore."

"What the fuck is that?" Tony asked as he hunkered down next to Sammy and read the menu silently to himself.

"Don't know." Sammy aimed the remote at the box. "Let's see." He clicked on Bitchhiker.

Sammy and Tony watched as a scene came on the screen. A woman in tight jeans and short top that barely covered her tits was walking down the side of the road. The film was being shot from inside a convertible car, from the POV of the driver. The car was moving slowly up behind her. A low, lusty male voice sifted from the tv speakers, as if speaking to himself. "Oh baby, that's a sweet ass."

The woman heard the car and turned, walking backwards, holding out her thumb, smiling enticingly at the driver. Her large tits pressed out against her tight shirt. The car slowed to a stop and she walked up to the passenger door and leaned over, resting her arms on the door. She was pretty with long dark hair and big, sexy eyes. She provided a full view down the front of her shirt as she leaned on the door.

"How about giving a girl a ride?" She smiled again, the look in her eyes clearly the look of a slut.

"Hop in." The driver told her.

The woman opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. She looked sideways at the driver, her eyes inviting. "What's this ride gonna cost me?"

The screen shot moves up and down the woman's body as the driver looks her over. He looks down at his crotch and the screen shows his hands unfastening his pants. He tugs out his hard cock then reaches over and grabs the woman by the back of the head and directs her mouth down on his dick. He stares down at her as her head bobs up and down in his lap. He groans deep and begins thrusting his cock into her mouth. He holds her head firmly and fucks her mouth harder. She gags a little and tries to pull off but he holds her there, fucking her mouth rapidly, bouncing her mouth up and down on his cock.

When he finally releases her, she sits up and wipes her mouth, frowning at him. "Fuck, you don't have to be so rough. I would've done it on my own."

"I like it rough." The driver tells her. A moment of silence as the woman wipes her mouth again. The driver is watching her, focusing on her tits.

Sammy shook his head. "Where's the camera? Wouldn't she see it?"

Tony shook his head slowly and stared at the screen, a hard frown on his face.

The woman looks at the driver. "What?"

"Show me your tits."

The woman hesitates only a moment before pulling up her shirt. Her tits are big and nicely rounded, her nipples hard and protruding. The driver's hand comes into view and grabs her tit, squeezing it hard. The POV closes in on her tits as he leans over and sucks on them. He draws back and continues to look at the woman. She's becoming visibly uneasy.

"Why do you keep looking at me?" She asks with uncertainty. "And why don't you take off those sunglasses, let me see your eyes. I don't like it when I can't see a man's eyes."

"Do you think I care what you like?" The driver asks bluntly.

"What?" The woman's eyes keep darting outside the car as if she's planning a sudden escape.

The driver's hand reaches over and caresses her tit again, then he runs the back of his fingers across her cheek lightly then combs his fingers through her hair. "You ever fantasize about being raped?"

The woman's head snaps towards him, alarm in her eyes. "No."

His hand grips her hair and yanks her head back. "Too bad." He says as he punches her hard in the face, knocking her out. "We could've both enjoyed this."

The screen went dark for a moment then lit up again. The woman was laying on a bed, face down. Her hands were bound and tied to the headboard. Her feet were left loose. The camera was clearly stationary this time with a clear shot of the bed. A man approached the woman. He had a strong muscular build and was naked. His cock was hard as steel and leading the way to the woman. When she saw him coming towards her, she started crying and begging him to let her go.

The man ignored her pleas and crawled on the bed, opening her legs and kneeling between them. He gripped her under the hips and lifted her up on her knees, her face pressed down against the bed. He spread open her ass cheeks and teased her ass hole with the head of his dick.

"I bet you like it in the ass, don't you?" He said. "A slut like you. You probably prefer it that way."

"Please...no." The woman cried into the blanket.

The man slapped her hard across the ass. "Shut up, cunt. Take it like the whore that you are." He shoved his dick into her ass in one single hard thrust. The woman cried out but he ignored her. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and fast.

"Shut it off." Tony said, disgust twisting his face.

Sammy stopped the video and the screen went back to the menu. He stood up. "Do you think all those titles are his personal videos of women he raped?"

"What do you think?" Tony stared at the screen. His eyes narrowed as he noticed a title at the bottom of the menu. The Boss' Wife. "Play that one." He told Sammy.

Sammy clicked on it but nothing came on screen. It was only a title with no video attached. "Where's the video?" Sammy looked at Tony.

A severe frown turned Tony's face to granite. "My best guess...he hasn't made it yet." He looked around the room absently as a sense of deep unease tightened his gut. "Or he's making it tonight."

Sammy grew visibly tense. "Do you think he's with her now? What about the other guy? Her brother-in-law?"

Tony shook his head slowly. "She was alone when she called me at the Shamrock. I could feel it in her voice."

"You think maybe this guy knew she was alone too?"

Tony headed for the door. "I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about all this."

The two men left the house in a hurry. The dog rose up and whined at Tony. "Don't worry, buddy." He said. "We'll be back for you."

Sammy cast Tony an incredulous look. "You can't be serious."

Tony smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. The sense of unease was growing stronger, forming into a hunch. A hunch that was telling him Sabrina Braxton was in serious trouble. Tony had learned long ago not to ignore a hunch.


The rain hit the windshield in a torrent, as if buckets of water were being hurled at it. Owen's foot pressed steadily down on the gas pedal. The pickup hit a deep sheet of water on the road and hydroplaned, swinging the ass of the truck one way and another. Owen let up off the gas just a little as his hands gripped the steering wheel so hard he was in danger of snapping his knuckles.

He wouldn't be any good to Sabrina if he killed himself trying to get home.


The name ricocheted through his head as his face hardened and his eyes narrowed trying to see through the downpour and keep the truck on the road. She'd been with him all along. Everything he'd said and done to her since that night she came home in Celine's stead tightened Owen's chest until he felt he would pass out. The pain and anguish he's caused her, thinking she was Celine. The things he'd unwittingly confessed to her about Celine and Charles.

The tears were running down his face before he knew he was crying. Good god, he'd practically raped her the first morning she was there. With that thought came the reality of where she was at right now, and what was happening to her. He couldn't waste time pussy-footing his way home because of a little rain.

"Fuck it." Owen raged and stomped on the gas, pressing the pedal to the floor. The truck sped forward, spitting rooster tails from the rear tires as the taillights shot down the road into the storm, disappearing into the enraged night.



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