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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 22, 2012    Reads: 5,407    Comments: 11    Likes: 17   

* NOTE TO READERS: This chapter has been revised due to a lackluster "Payback" for Jackson's crimes :)


She felt the touch through the fog of sleep. It drew her slowly to the surface of consciousness. Relief curled around her; relief that Owen was home and not somewhere out in the stormy night. She moaned softly as his hand reached beneath the blanket and touched her thigh then moved slowly up over her hip and the gentle curve of her waist. His strong body pressed up close behind her as his hand cupped her breast and massaged her warm flesh.

"Owen..." She moaned through the thick fog still clouding her mind with sleep.

He pressed more firmly against her. His dick was hard and he pulled up the back of her night shirt with urgent hands. His mouth was on her neck, his breath heavy, hot. He jabbed the head of his cock against her pussy, then pushed it inside with force.

Sabrina gasped and felt a tendril of unease suddenly wrap around her. The fog began to clear as his hands gripped her hips hard and he began to fuck her with urgency. His hot breath burned her skin as he began to pant and groan.

"Owen...?" Sabrina gasped as his thrusts grew harder, more forceful. Something felt different about him, about the way he was fucking her. It frightened her and she wasn't sure why. "Owen...please...stop."

He bit her shoulder hard and she cried out as he grabbed her arms and held them secure. He pulled his cock from her pussy and began working it into her ass.

"No..." Sabrina whimpered in panic as she realized too late that it wasn't Owen in bed with her. "No!" She struggled in panic against the strong hands confining her. Tears filled her eyes and ran down her cheeks. "No! Please! Let me go!"

"I missed you, baby." Jackson panted against her ear, his steaming breath puffing against her neck. "I've been so horny for another piece of your sweet tight ass. When I saw the boss man in town...I knew you were out here all alone, wishing I was here with you."

"No." Sabrina choked out, tears flooding her eyes. Was this really happening? Please, God, let this just be a horrible nightmare. But the searing pain that suddenly spiraled through her as Jackson forced his cock into her ass screamed that this was really happening again.

Sabrina cried out and struggled harder. "Let me go, you fucking freak!" She cried out again as he shoved his dick hard into her ass, repeatedly. In desperation, she twisted her head down and bit his hand. He swore loudly and, on reflex, jerked his hand away. Gaining control of her arm, Sabrina quickly grabbed at the cell phone on the night stand. She managed to get it open and hit a speed dial number before Jackson knocked it out of her hand and sent it flying far out of her reach. She screamed and fought him but he was too strong. He regained control and turned her onto her stomach, pinned her arms at her sides as he lay on her back, his cock squeezed deep in her ass.


The keys dangled from the ignition. Owen's hand gripped them but didn't turn the truck's engine over. He let go of the keys and leaned back. His gaze settled on the small church across the street. Large raindrops began to splatter on the windshield, distorting the structure.

Owen shook his head slowly. What the hell has he hoped to find by going in there? But then, maybe the preacher was right; maybe God had to tear his life down to nothing before he could rebuild it. If that were the case, the destruction was going well.

"What do you want from me?" Owen spoke low, tired, as he stared at the church. "Why can't you just tell me, straight up? At least give me a clue." He closed his eyes as his throat tightened. "Just one clear fucking sign what I should do, right now, tonight? Is that too much to ask? Really?"

His cell buzzed loudly, startling him. He released a shuddering breath and dug it out of his jacket. He stared at the display.



"You fucking bite me again, cunt." Jackson gasped hard in Sabrina's ear. "And I'll rip your teeth out one by one." He slammed his dick into her ass for emphasis. "Maybe I will anyway...and make your mouth a lot sweeter hole to fuck."

Sabrina gasped for air as the weight of his body pressed her down into the bed, and a swelling panic gripped her. She had the horrifying feeling that he didn't plan to just rape her this time, but beat her and possibly kill her.

She squeezed her eyes shut as hot tears spilled out and wet the blanket beneath her face. She tried to breathe, but inside was praying she would just suffocate and, once and for all, be done with the nightmare that had become her life.

Jackson violated her ass with long, powerful strokes. His cock seemed extra thick and long, as if he were more turned on this time around than last time. The length and thickness of his invading dick felt like it was tearing skin, sending a shooting pain into Sabrina's lower abdomen.

"Please stop." She cried, her face pressed into the bed while he fucked her as arrogantly as if he had every right to be where he was right then.

He grunted loud, hard, as he shoved his dick in hard and deep. "You know what, baby?" He gasped loud. "You're so much more fun to fuck than Celine. She was too...willing. It's no fun when they're willing."


Owen held the phone in his hand and stared at the name on the display as the device continued to buzz in his palm. A part of him ached to answer it and hear her voice. Lately the sound of her voice had a way of soothing him. He didn't understand it anymore than he understood anything else these past few days. She didn't even feel like the same woman he married. And he found himself feeling extremely grateful for that. He'd come to hate the woman he'd married. But now...

His thumb slid over the talk button when the call suddenly ended and the phone beeped, informing him he had voice mail. He hesitated a moment then pressed Listen Now.

He held the phone to his ear and waited for the voice message from his wife. He could hear muffled background noise, but no message. He frowned. "What the hell?"

Maybe she had dialed his number by mistake. He started to take the phone away from his ear and close it when he heard his wife scream in the background. A sudden stabbing fear cut through him. He pressed the phone tight against his ear and covered his other ear with hand to block out the rain that was beating down on his truck.

A hard, frightened frown pinched his brow. She was screaming at someone. Then he heard it, a male voice. Hard and forceful. His wife cried out again and begged him to stop. The man was panting and grunting loud. Owen's chest heaved as he gripped the phone so hard he heard it crack in his hand.

The man spoke, loud and clear. And the voice was unmistakable. Jackson.

"You motherfucker!" Owen screamed into the phone. But it was Jackson's words that turned his blood to ice.

"You're so much more fun to fuck than Celine."

Owen trembled as he tried to make sense of Jackson's words. Then as the angry sky overhead suddenly opened up and dropped down a torrent of rain...the reality he'd been holding at bay, afraid to believe, burst open like a dam crumbling and everything fell into place all at once. His head began to spin and a wave of dizziness hit him so hard he thought he would pass out. Celine had never come home from her sister's party last weekend.

The dizziness began to overwhelm him when his head cleared in a single shot as another cry of pain and fear stabbed straight into his heart from inside the phone.

Owen squeezed the phone fiercely in his hand.




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