Sins of the Sister

By: AMS1971

Chapter 6,





A chill swept through Sabrina when she stepped inside the house. She hugged herself and turned to watch Owen pulling the pickup down to the stables to unload the bags of grain. Jackson came out and began helping him haul the bags inside. How could Owen work alongside the man? Was it because he couldn't afford to fire Jackson and lose a man who did the work of three? Was his work skills really more important to Owen that the reality that the man was screwing his wife?

Sabrina turned away and closed the door. Considering who Owen's wife was...maybe it was more important to keep a good worker. She couldn't be angry at Owen for putting up with everything the way he did. He was just trying to get through. He'd already lost his wife, or perhaps never really had her, and he didn't want to lose his ranch as well.

The house was cold and would grow colder as the sun slowly descended towards the mountains. Sabrina went to the living room and built a fire in the fireplace. She sat on the hearth hoping the warmth of the fire would chase away the chill inside her, but it wasn't a physical chill. It was that cold breeze that blows through one's soul when they've just taken a step that will forever change who they thought they were. When they've looked deep inside themselves and realized they were capable of acts that would have once horrified them.

The chill was there...but not the guilt. How could there be no guilt? She closed her eyes as her encounters with Jackson played through her mind like a horror movie. She couldn't stop hearing Jackson's words – You're every bit as good as Celine said you would be. Celine had used Sabrina to pay her debt to Jackson.

Sabrina didn't realize she was crying until tears dropped on the back of her hands. What Celine had done...there was no coming back from that. No way of forgiveness. No excuses could be made for her sister. She was truly heartless. Not a shred of goodness in her at all. She had poisoned Owen's life, and now Sabrina's as well.

As far as Charles was concerned? Nothing could make her feel guilt over him. The man was a parasite.

She left the living room and went into the kitchen to fix dinner. It was doubtful Owen had ever come in from a hard day's work to find a hot meal waiting for him. It was damn time he did.




The tantalizing scent of pork chops reached Owen before he even set foot in the house. And when he came through the door, a multitude of delicious smells kicked in his appetite. Wondering if he'd somehow stepped into the twilight zone, he moved slowly down the entry hall to the kitchen doorway.

The kitchen was empty but the table was set and two pans were on the stove. He frowned. “What the hell?”

A hand touched his back and he flinched, turning quickly. His wife stood there, dressed nicely, her makeup fixed. “I thought a hot meal might be nice for a change.” She smiled warmly. “I mean one you didn't have to cook yourself.”

Owen stared down at her. Maybe his twilight zone theory was right after all and this was some pod person posing as his wife. Because it sure as hell wasn't the Celine he knew. If that were the case, he would keep the pod woman and the aliens could have Celine – but only if they promised to never switch them back.

Her hand was still resting gently against the small of his back. It felt good. Comforting. “Go take a shower.” She told him softly. “I'll keep dinner warm for you. Then we'll eat together.”

At a loss, Owen went into the downstairs guest bedroom and pulled open the top dresser drawer to grab a clean t-shirt, only to find the drawer empty. He checked the other drawers; all empty. He went to the closet and found everything gone. He turned quickly then stopped short when he saw his wife standing in the bedroom doorway.

He frowned and asked slowly, “Where are my clothes?”

“Where they're supposed to be.” She said quietly. “In your bedroom. In your dresser. In your closet.”

His eyes narrowed with uncertainty. “I don't understand.”

“The master bedroom.” she said. “That's where your things are. Because that's where they belong. That's where you belong.”

Owen stared at her as his chest slowly tightened. He couldn't take anymore of this shit. Tears burned behind his eyes. “What the fuck are you trying to do to me, Celine?” He choked out tightly. “Why do you hate me so much that you feel the need to torture me? To play these cruel games with me? You would be showing me more mercy if you went into the kitchen, got a knife and cut out my fucking heart.”

He turned away and sat down heavily on the edge of the bed. He leaned forward with his head in his hands. “Please tell me what I did to deserve your cruelty? Just tell me and I swear to God I'll get on my knees and beg your forgiveness.” He choked on a sob. “Just tell me.”

“Stop it.” She whispered. “God, Owen, do you really think you did something to deserve all the shit you've been handed? You're an amazing man. The best.”

Owen lunged to his feet and spun on her. “Knock it off, Celine!” He raged. “Just knock it the fuck off! What the hell are you trying to prove? You've taken everything from me, what do you want now – my balls? Well you've got them too.”

He stormed past her and left her standing alone in the bedroom.




Any guilt she might have felt for the choices she'd made that day – were wiped away in one fell swoop. Sabrina wiped the tears from her face. She would make up for everything Celine had done to Owen, and then some. But he was breaking down fast. She prayed he could make it through just another day or so, then they would be free.

She went upstairs to the bedroom. The shower was running in the adjoining bathroom. She opened the bathroom door slowly, quietly. Through the frosted glass of the shower doors, she could see Owen's hands planted against the wall and his head hung beneath the spray of hot water. He looked like a man beaten.

Before she could think about it, she stripped out of her clothes and opened the shower door quietly, slipping inside behind Owen. He was unaware of her presence as her eyes moved over his strong body. How could he look in her eyes and not see how much she really loved him?

She moved forward and slid her hands up his back. He flinched hard and tried to draw away from her touch.

“Please just leave me alone.” He groaned, his tone weary. “Whatever it is you're can have it. Just leave me alone.”

Sabrina pressed her naked body up close against his and slid her arms around him, caressing her hands up his chest. She kissed him between the shoulder blades and whispered, “You're all I want, Owen.”

His hands gripped the wall as a sob shuddered through him. She pressed her forehead against his wet back and let her hands rub down his chest, his stomach, and lower. His breath caught when she slid her hands down the length of his dick, already hard and thick with need. She stroked him slowly with both hands as his chest began to rise and fall more rapidly.

Another shudder rippled through him and she knew he didn't have the strength or will to fight her. He was giving up, surrendering. And she hated Celine for beating him down so fiercely that he'd lost his will to fight back. She pressed closer to him as her hands squeezed and stroked his hardening dick. She moved around in front of him and knelt before him. She stroked his dick a few more times then began to lick up the length of it. A fierce shudder ran through Owen's body.

Sabrina slid her tongue up over the swollen head of his dick then covered it with her mouth. Owen gasped and pressed his face into his arm as his chest heaved. Slowly, steadily, she drew his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth, taking him in until the head pressed into the back of her throat. She held his hard flesh deep in her mouth and sucked at him for a long moment before she began to stroke her warm, wet mouth up and down the throbbing shaft.

“Oh my god.” He gasped thickly as he reflexively began to thrust in rhythm with her stroking mouth.

She moaned and sucked his dick harder.

“Fuck.” He groaned as he thrust into her mouth. She could feel him getting close to release and the thought of him cumming in her mouth didn't repulse her as it had when Jackson had forced her. Even so, when she felt his dick swell thicker and his breathing become more ragged, he tried to pull out of her mouth.

“No.” She gasped softly and continued to suck his dick with fervor.

“Fuck, baby.” He cried out unsteadily. His jaw clenched as his body arched and his dick pressed deep into her throat. He released a strangled cry as he exploded, his hot fluids squirting down her throat.

Sabrina swallowed without any sense of revulsion and sucked at his pulsing dick, swallowing every drop of his creamy juice. When she felt the tension slowly recede from his body, she stood up and slid her arms around him, kissing his throat. His arms wrapped around her and held her tight. He clung to her like a man drowning and pressed his face into her hair, his body trembling.

“I'm not playing a cruel game with you, Owen.” She whispered against his throat. “Everything is going to change...for the better. I promise.” She kissed his throat again, with more passion. “I love you, Owen Briggs. I've always loved you, from the moment I first saw you.”

His hands were on her face, lifting her mouth to his. He kissed her hard and fierce, his hunger and passion and desperation all coming out in that kiss. His arms were around her again, his hands gripping her butt and lifting her up. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he shoved her up against the shower wall. His dick was instantly hard again as he drove it into her, stealing her breath. Their kiss broke and he buried his face in her throat as he thrust his dick into her welcoming pussy, again and again, stroking her with all nine hard, thick inches.

“Yes!” Sabrina gasped and clung to him as he fucked her hard and urgent. “Yes, Owen!” She cried out sharply as a fierce orgasm burst. The feel of her cumming intensified his need and he thrust at her harder, faster, fucking her with renewed urgency.

“Oh my god!” He groaned loud and came hard. His thrusts quickened erratically as he emptied himself inside her. He continued to hold her pinned against the wall, though his thrusts began to slow as the hardness left his dick though it remained heavy and ready to come back to life.

Sabrina flattened her hands on his face and kissed him deeply, passionately. When he drew back and looked at her, his eyes were glazed with sexual satisfaction. “I'm starving.” His voice trembled. “Do you think dinner is still warm?”

She stroked his face. “If not...I can heat it up for you.” She kissed him again.

“Lets go eat.” He groaned into her mouth. “Then we can fuck some more.”

Sabrina smiled and kissed his mouth lightly. “Sounds good to me.”







“I need you to answer something for me.” Owen said.

Sabrina sat across the table from him as they ate the dinner she'd cooked for them. His statement made her tense a little. “What?”

“In town...” He paused as he lowered his fork and looked at her intently. “What did you mean when you didn't fuck Jackson in our house by choice?”

Sabrina looked away from his penetrating stare. What could she say really? That Jackson had forced her? That he'd raped her? How could Owen even believe that when he knew what Celine was? When he'd witnessed the scene in the stables?

“Can we please not do this now?” She whispered, her appetite steadily fading. “It's been a long time since we ate dinner together, Owen. Since we did...anything together. Can't we just enjoy the moment?”

The weight of his eyes was like the weight of the world. “It isn't something we can just pretend didn't happen.” He spoke low, but without the usual bitterness or cynicism. It was simply a statement.

Sabrina pressed her lips together and swallowed the tears thickening her throat. “I know.”

She could feel him looking at her for a long time as she pushed her food around her plate. “I'm sorry.” He said softly. “For ruining...the moment.” He sighed and his eyes left her. “God knows, we can use all the moments we can get.”

The weariness and defeat in his voice lifted her gaze to his face. He stared at his plate as now he too simply pushed his food around. “Things are going to get better, Owen.” She said quietly. “I know it doesn't feel that way right now. I know you think...that there's not enough of us left to save. But you're wrong. I love you.” He raised his eyes slowly and the look he gave her filled her own eyes with tears. “And when you look at me, I know you love me too.” A tear broke loose and slid down her face. “You have no reason to trust me anymore or believe in my love for you, I understand that, Owen, I really do. But please...don't give up on us just yet. Things will get better, soon. I promise.”

“Yeah.” Was all he offered in response. He didn't believe her and why should he?

Sabrina laid her fork on her plate as a sudden bout of nausea hit her. This stress was too much, it was literally making her feel sick. “I don't feel so well.” She whispered and stood up. Her head felt a little light but she managed to walk out of the kitchen without any major dizziness overwhelming her. She felt Owen watching her as she left, but he said nothing to bring her back. Maybe Celine had damaged him beyond repair. Broken him down so much that even Sabrina couldn't bring him back from it.

She climbed the stairs slowly, her hand gripping the rail. The light-headed sensation came and went. About time she stepped inside the bedroom, the slight nausea welled fiercely and she ran to the bathroom, dropping to her knees and vomiting in the toilet. When she had nothing left to deposit, she wiped her mouth with some toilet tissue and closed the lid of the toilet and laid her head on her arms. Her stomach pinched painfully and her throat burned from puking so hard. For a moment, she just wished God would take her from this life. She was so tired of pretending to be someone she wasn't. Even her years married to Charles, she was pretending to be someone else. She just wanted to be Sabrina. And she wanted to be Sabrina with Owen.

When she finally managed to get to her feet, she washed her face and rinsed out her mouth with mouth wash. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was pale, her eyes distraught. Even her hair looked limp, but she was sure that was just her current impression. “You look like shit, woman.”

“Well, not shit.” Owen said from the bathroom doorway, startling Sabrina. “But you don't look great.”

“Who does look great right after throwing up?” Sabrina asked tautly. She wasn't sure why she was suddenly feeling defensive and on edge, but Owen's next words clarified it for her.

“Are you pregnant?” He asked bluntly.

Sabrina stiffened. Pregnant? She turned towards Owen. “I'm not pregnant.” She brushed past him and entered the bedroom. But what if she were? And if so...would it be Owen's? She'd only been here a few days. Did a woman even start getting sick that soon? Her greatest fear was that it might be Jackson's, but her encounter with him had been even more recent. Surely it couldn't possibly be his. And Charles...he hadn't touched her in at least a month. But that meant it could still be his, even more likely be his.

Stop it! She ordered silently. Just throwing up once didn't make her pregnant. The level of stress she was under made more sense as to why she was sick.

“Would it be so bad?” Owen asked.

“What?” She whispered as she dug into the top drawer of her dresser for something to sleep in.

“If you were pregnant.”

She said nothing. Her hands wanted to shake as she found a moderately decent negligee and closed the drawer.

“If you were pregnant.” Owen pressed on. “What are the chances it would be mine?”

Sabrina took the negligee and returned to the bathroom. “I really don't feel well, Owen.” She said quietly. “I can't talk about this right now.” She slowly closed the door.


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