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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Sabrina woke the sound of her cell phone buzzing on the night stand. She grabbed it and answered with sleep in her voice, "Hello?"

"You still in bed, sis?" Celine's light, chipper voice sang through the phone. "It's almost eleven."

Sabrina sat up on the edge of the bed and rubbed her eyes with her fingertips. "Aren't you supposed to be leaving for New York today?" Sabrina asked.

"Yes. But first I wanted to call say thanks again for doing this for me." Celine said. She actually sounded sincere. "I've always wanted to go to New York. I can't wait."

Sabrina felt empty inside. It was as if Celine didn't even consider that she was betraying her own sister. But this morning Sabrina was too tired to point out the discrepancies of the whole situation. "I hope you have a good time." Sabrina offered.

"When I get back, we'll take a day for ourselves and I'll tell you everything I saw and did- in detail."

Sabrina closed her eyes. Please, don't. She thought as she got a sudden image of Celine and Charles having sex in a fancy hotel room. "Okay. Sure." She managed. "And be safe. New York is a big city. Lots of dangerous people there."

A sudden, unbidden image of Jackson rose in her mind. But then, there were dangerous people everywhere.

"Yes, ma'am." Celine chimed. "Hey, I got to go."

"Okay." Sabrina said, then ventured quickly, "Hey, uh...do you know anything about that hired hand named Jackson?"

A slight pause on Celine's end. Then, "Why do you ask?"

"No reason, really." Sabrina lied. "It's just...sometimes, the way he looks at me..."

Celine laughed softly, but it sounded forced. "Jackson is harmless. Just stay away from him and he won't bother you."

Did she really believe that? Sabrina wondered. If not, then that meant Celine had deliberately placed Sabrina in a precarious position by trading places with her. How could she not at least warn her about Jackson?

"Okay." Sabrina said quietly.

"So anyway." Celine announced, quickly dismissing the subject of Jackson. "I got to go. Don't let Owen drive you crazy. His bark is worse than his bite. I will see you when I get back. I love you, Brin. You're the best."

"I love you too, Celine." She said softly. She felt as if she were standing outside her body and taking everything in from a distance.

After she closed her cell phone and laid it on the stand, Sabrina sat for a moment on the edge of the bed. She tried to figure out how she really felt about her sister, now that she knew her twin had conspired with Charles concerning the New York trip. Were feelings of betrayal really warranted, everything considered?

All the questions that filled her head and heart brought on a sense of fatigue, but rather than laying back down, she decided to shower instead.

Once she was beneath the hot spray, her body and mind began to relax a bit. Her first encounter with Jackson had been disturbing, but maybe Celine was right about him not bothering her if she just stayed out of his way. He had only done what he'd done because he had thought she was Celine, and apparently Celine had made promises of a sexual nature. That wasn't hard to believe. So she would just stay away from the stables for the next week and a half, and then Celine would be home and could deal with him as she pleased.

A low ache settled in her chest at the thought of Celine coming back, and her returning to Charles. As tense as this situation was, she realized she was in no hurry to go home. Home posed a whole different level of tension. At least this was new.

Sabrina shut off the shower and stepped out, wrapping a towel around her damp body. She thought about the night before. Did Owen dream of that New Year's Eve party a lot? When he was awake, did he think about what had happened between them? For the last two years, she'd blocked it from her mind with all her force. But these new circumstances she found herself in made the memory impossible to ignore. Especially when she was gradually creating even more memories of her and Owen.

She sighed and combed her fingers through her wet hair. She wished there were some way to just turn her mind off for awhile.


When Sabrina entered her bedroom and headed for the clothes bureau, the bedroom door slammed behind her. She gasped and spun around, fully expecting to find Owen standing there, glaring at her for reasons she could only imagine.

But it wasn't Owen. "What...are you doing in here?" Sabrina gasped as her throat tightened and closed at the sight of Jackson standing at the door, blocking her only avenue of escape. "Why are you in my house?"

"Well, it's like this, baby." He spoke low, his voice moderately deep. Had he not posed a threat, Sabrina might have found his voice to be pleasantly masculine. "I got to thinking about what you said. About you being Sabrina and all." A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Again, had he not been a threat, the crooked smile could have been quite charming. "If that's true, then that would mean you and sis are playing a little joke on Mr. Owen Briggs. What happened? You two ladies get bored with your own husbands and decide to swap?"

Sabrina felt like she was being cornered by a grizzly. She'd confessed her identity to Jackson in desperation, hoping it would deter him. But he hadn't believed her. Did he believe her now? And if so, what was he planning?

"It...it's not like that." She winced at the tremor in her voice.

"Oh?" Jackson raised one eyebrow and advanced a foot or two closer. "So that wasn't you fucking Owen the other morning?"

Sabrina felt panic rising inside her. "That wasn't supposed to happen." She whispered, fully aware of how lame it sounded.

"Of course it wasn't." He smiled. His eyes moved over her body with obvious desire.

The towel covered all her important areas but she may as well be standing before him fully nude for all the security it gave her. "Please...leave." She whispered, clutching her towel around her.

He gazed at her as if she hadn't spoken. "I've never done twins before." He murmured. "I wonder...being Celine's twin and all...does your pussy taste the same?" His eyes grew heated as he very slowly advanced closer. "Do you fuck like she does?" He shrugged. "A good fucking, that's what she promised me. But since she's not here, I guess you get to foot the bill."

Tears filled Sabrina's eyes as she backed away, but too soon, she was flat against the wall with nowhere to run.

"Don't worry, baby." He drawled low as he approached Sabrina and fingered the towel. "Hubby's gone for the day. He won't see a thing. You and me...we're gonna have us a good time."

Jackson lowered his hands to the bottom of the towel and flattened his palms on her outer thighs and began to slowly rub them up underneath the towel and behind her. He pressed his crotch against her and she could feel his solid erection through his jeans yearning to get loose.

"No." She whimpered loudly and shoved at him. He stumbled back only a foot or two, but it was enough. She darted away from him, running for the door. But he was much quicker than she'd anticipated. His arm shot out and caught her around the waist, sucking her back against his hard body. Sabrina screamed and kicked as he lifted her off the floor and threw her down on the bed, ripping away the towel.

Jackson quickly straddled her waist, sitting on her, his strong hands pinning her wrists to the bed above her head.

"No!" She screamed, panic welling inside her. She bucked and twisted frantically. "Get off me, you fucker!"

"Yeah!" Jackson shouted as she continued to try and buck him off. "That's it, baby! Show me some spirit! The more spirited the filly the better the ride!"

"GET OFF!" She screamed shrill.

"Oh I'll get off, baby." He grinned. "I'll get off good and hard riding this wild pussy." He gripped both her wrists in one hand and held them pinned while his other hand worked at his belt then whipped it out of the belt loops of his jeans. He quickly wrapped the belt around her wrists and fastened it to the headboard.

Sabrina twisted and looked up at her bound hands. Oh god, this couldn't be happening. He was going to rape her and there was nothing she could do. Tears streaked her face as she watched him unfasten his jeans then reach inside and tug out his fierce erection.

He sat on her, slowly stroking his cock, grinning down at her. His eyes fell on her full, heaving breasts. With one hand still stroking his dick, he grabbed one of her tits with his other hand, squeezed it hard and leaned down, covering the nipple with his mouth. He sucked hard at the nipple then bit it.

Fresh tears stung Sabrina s eyes as the pain shot through her entire breast. "No." She cried again.

As he pinched the nipple hard between his lips, he shifted, positioning himself between her legs.

"No..." She whimpered when she felt his swollen cock touch her moist opening. "Don't..."

With one violent thrust, he slammed his dick balls deep into her pussy. She gasped hard from the force and the pain. Even in his anger and frustration, Owen hadn't tried to hurt her.

Jackson groaned and bit her nipple again, hard, as he drove his dick into her again and again.

Tears streamed from her eyes as the throbbing in her breast and the agony of his violent thrusts combined into one universal pain. She stopped pleading with him and just prayed for it to be over soon.

Jackson drew back and ripped his shirt off then dropped down on her, crushing her breasts with his hard, sweat damp chest. He squeezed her tits with both his hands as he fucked her hard, each forceful thrust twisting his face with dark pleasure. He crushed her mouth with his, forcing his tongue between her lips and into her mouth. He groaned loudly into her mouth, his hot breath rushing down her throat, as he slammed his cock into her unwelcoming pussy.

Just when she was sure she would suffocate from his harsh smothering kiss, he drew back and gasped, his lips brushing hers as he groaned, "Come on, baby, I know you don't break this easy. Show me some more of that spirit."

Sabrina turned her face away as fresh tears spilled from her eyes. She refused to give him what he wanted.

A sudden searing pain spiraled up her neck as he bit her tender skin hard. She screamed and bucked him on reflex.

"Oh yeah!" He shouted. "There's my wild filly! Come on, baby, lets buck and fuck!"

Fear and panic taking over, Sabrina twisted and bucked and kicked, but she couldn't budge him. Her attempts to get him off her only turned him on more and made him fuck her harder until his pelvis was smashing against hers painfully, already bruising her.

"Stop!" She cried out in desperation, choking on her own tears. "Please!"

To her surprise, he did. But she realized too quickly that it wasn't over. He flipped her onto her stomach, spread her legs and began fucking her from behind.

She cried into the blankets beneath her, gasping for air as he slammed his cock into her without mercy. She felt him push up on his hands, giving himself more leverage, enabling him to fuck her with even more force. His pelvis smacked against her ass as his thick cock jack hammered her pussy, bruising her inside and out.

He dropped down on her back, knocking the air from her lungs, as his hands forced under her and once again gripped her tits, squeezing painfully as he continued his assault.

She gasped for air as the weight of his body pressed her down against the bed. His hot breath blasted her shoulder as he panted and grunted with each torturing thrust. He licked her ear and she flinched. He bit her lobe then snaked the tip of his tongue inside her ear, stabbing her ear in rhythm with each thrust of his dick.

Get off me you sick fuck! She wanted to scream but she could barely breathe, much less scream.

"Fuck!" Jackson gasped hard and sudden in her ear. "You are one hot bitch, sis." He swirled his tongue in her ear again, licking and sucking all around it as he slammed his pelvis against her ass with urgency. "Oh yeah, baby, you got me worked up now. This cock is gonna explode." He panted against her ear, tugging at it with his teeth. "Ah fuck!" He released her ear and threw his head back, roaring loudly as he came hard and fierce, his cock spewing hot semen through her vaginal canal.

For a moment, his fucking intensified as he pumped her full of his fluids. Then suddenly, he was done. He collapsed on top of her, panting and gasping. And chuckling deep.

Sabrina said nothing. She closed her eyes and waited for him to go. But he lingered, as if the torture he d already administered wasn't enough. He laid on her back, his cock still thick enough to hold itself inside her, as he rubbed his hands up and down the sides of her body.

"You are some kind of prime meat, baby." He groaned against her ear. He pressed his pelvis tight against her ass, holding his cock inside her pussy. "Did you know, after I cum, I can get hard again in minutes and ready to fuck again?"

No, God, please. Sabrina whimpered against her will. But she knew he wasn't lying because even as he caressed her body with his hands, she could feel his cock swelling inside her.

"How would you like it..." He murmured into her ear. "If I stayed all afternoon with you and just fucked you and fucked you and fucked you?"

Sabrina squeezed her eyes shut tighter. What kind of nightmare had Celine sent her into? Her sister was on her way to New York to have the time of her life, while Sabrina paid for Celine's whorish ways.

The weight of Jackson s body lifted as he sat back. He rubbed his hands down her back and over her ass, squeezing her cheeks forcefully, digging his fingers into her firm flesh. "Fuck, woman. You have a sweet ass." He squeezed her ass cheeks harder, spread her cheeks open and groaned, his cock growing bigger inside her pussy. "You ever been ass fucked, baby?" He rubbed one thumb over the small entrance hole to her ass. "Hmm?"

Sabrina felt her stomach turn. She was suddenly overwhelmed with the sudden horror that this would never be over. Somehow she was caught in a nightmare loop.

"Most women like it." He said thickly, his recently sated hunger welling up again. He dipped his thumb down into her moist pussy then rubbed the wetness over the entrance to her anus. "They say the orgasm is twice as good as when they re pussy fucked."

Shut up! Sabrina screamed at him in her head, too afraid if she spoke aloud it would only encourage him.

He wet his middle finger with her pussy juice then slowly inserted it into her ass. She flinched and felt sick to her stomach. He thrust his finger in a few times then withdrew it. She felt him tug his cock from her pussy and place the thick wet head at her ass opening.

"No." She whimpered against her will.

"It'll only hurt for a minute." He assured. "Then it ll start to feel good. Trust me."

Trust you! She wanted to scream. Are you fucking kidding me?

He held his cock in his hand and nudged the opening of her ass with the thick head. Instinctively the small hole puckered and drew away from the impending intrusion. Jackson dipped his cock into her pussy again and dragged more fluids up between her ass cheeks. When it was wet and slick enough, he again pressed the head of his cock to the small hole, nudged, then applied a pressure that didn't let up.

"Please...no..." Sabrina cried as she felt the thick head stretching her anal opening. New tears burned in her eyes as she began to feel the pain as if he were tearing the hole bigger.

He groaned as the head forced inside. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he spread them painfully wide and steadily sank his dick into her asshole. When he was half way in, he drew his cock back out a little then pushed it back in, going a little deeper. "Oh yeah." He gasped. "Such a sweet tight ass. I love to be the first cock in a virgin ass."

The pain was spreading to her lower stomach. She felt like she was going to vomit. Would he even stop then? Or would he make her lay in her puke while he finished ass fucking her? Nothing he did would shock her at this point.

When he was all the way in, he began to long stroke her with the full length of his cock, driving it deep in her ass over and over. He released her ass cheeks and leaned over her, planting his hands on the bed on each side of her as he ass fucked her a little harder, a little faster.

It seemed to Sabrina that he was enjoying this more than when he was fucking her pussy. She wondered if he was bi-sexual and liked fucking men as well.

He panted, grunted and groaned as he drove his cock into her ass, his hard meat seeming to swell thicker and longer with each thrust in. The pain was beginning to subside a little as he'd said it would, but she had yet to find enjoyment in it.

His intensity increased until he was slamming against her ass cheeks, fucking her ass with renewed urgency. Even through her fogged mind she couldn't believe that he could be close to cumming again, not this soon. But to her shock and dismay, he clutched the blankets and cried out in pure ecstasy as he emptied his load deep in her ass.

"Oh yeah." He gasped hard as he drew his cock from her ass and this time left the bed. "Now that's what I'm talkin' about, baby." He grabbed her towel off the floor and wiped his dick off then tugged his jeans up, stuffing his cock back inside. When he came back to the bed, he rolled her back over and stared down at her naked body. Her face was flushed, damp with sweat and tears.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" He grinned. He rubbed his hand over her breasts, fingering her nipples. He leaned down and sucked on one nipple, moaning against her firm tit. "Mmmm." He popped the nipple out between his lips. "Damn, you have some sweet tasting tits."

He sat next to her on the bed and studied her body. He ran his hand down her stomach, over her nearly shaved mound and along her inner thigh. "Just one more thing." He spoke low, conspiratorial. He slid down the bed and leaned in between her thighs. "Can't call myself a good lover if I walk away without giving the lady an orgasm or two of her own."

No. She didn't want to cum for this fucking freak. The very thought made her violently sick. But as he dipped his tongue between her pussy lips and the tip of his tongue teased her clit, she flinched. She couldn't stop it from happening. It was a pure physical reaction.

He spread her pussy lips open with his fingertips and licked at her clit. When he felt her respond, he sucked at it with his lips, using his tongue at the same time.

An unbidden and unwelcome moan rose in Sabrina's throat. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to imagine it was Owen sucking her pussy, teasing her clit, bringing her to the height of ecstasy. She pictured Owen's handsome face, his warm lips. She let the fantasy take her, knowing it was the only way she could handle what was happening.

Slowly her body began to relax as she envisioned her sister's husband down between her legs, licking her, sucking her, making her...cum. A shuddered cry escaped her as the orgasm let loose inside her. But the mouth in her pussy didn't stop, the tongue continued to lick and tease her sensitive clit, the lips sucked at it hungrily.

She gasped and trembled fiercely as a second orgasm burst free, crying out louder this time.

"Knew you wanted it, baby." Jackson murmured into her wet pussy as he sucked her juices out of her, licking her clean.

Sabrina trembled again, but this time with disgust. Even though she knew it was virtually impossible for a woman not to cum when a man- any man- licked her pussy, she still felt sick inside that he'd made her cum- twice!

Jackson sat up and wiped his face. "Nothin' quite like the taste of hot pussy."

Sabrina turned away and closed her eyes. She couldn't look at him. To her relief, he untied her hands and looped the belt back through his jeans and buckled it. He stooped over and grabbed his shirt off the floor, slipped it back on and went to the door. "It's been fun, baby." He winked at her and opened the door. "But I gotta be getting back to work before boss man catches me with my pants down and my cock in his wife." He shook his head. "Oops, I mean in his wife's sister." He started to leave then turned and flashed her a smile charming enough to be found on the cover of GQ. "You're every bit as good as Celine said you'd be. Better even."

"What?" Sabrina choked out, a new kind of horror invading her mind. But Jackson was already gone. Sabrina rolled onto her side, feeling soreness all through her body, and tucked up in the fetal position and cried, her sobs shaking the bed. Celine had handed her to him like an offering on a silver platter? Had known what he was going to do to her when they'd made their plans to switch places?

Fuck you, Celine! She screamed in her head. I hope your plane fucking crashes! How could she do this to her? How could she just give her own sister to a monster like Jackson? How?!

Sobbing uncontrollably, Sabrina left the bed and slowly made her way to the bathroom where she fell to her knees and vomited in the toilet. When she was done, she stepped back into the shower, slid down in one corner as the hot spray mingled with her tears and tried to soothe her bruised and abused body, heart and mind.


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