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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Sabrina had lost her courage. She hadn't mentioned anything to Celine about her knowledge of her sister's affair with Charles. But doing so would have brought everything to a halt, and Sabrina had already concluded that she wasn't ready for it to all come to a stop.

So what now? Sabrina asked herself as she turned onto the long gravel drive that would take her to the ranch. Just gonna go back and keep fucking Owen like it's perfectly okay?

Sabrina sighed. She wanted to believe that, in fact, that was not her intentions. But was she just trying to fool herself? Even now, she ached for Owen with all her body, heart and soul. If he came to her again, even in anger, she knew she would not refuse him. And he would come to her again. Even if he believed Celine was just playing games with him, he still needed the sexual release. He would take what he could get, while he could get it. She was certain of that.

It was almost five in the afternoon when she finally pulled to a stop before the ranch house. Owen was walking up from the stables as she got out of the car. On reflex, she glanced towards the stables and saw the hired hand who'd sexually assaulted her gathering tools and taking them inside. She shuddered and again felt a wave of nausea.

As Owen approached her, he followed her eyes back to the stables, then returned an icy glare to her face. "Fucking Jackson too?" He spit at her. "I guessed as much."

Sabrina flinched at the harsh accusation and turned to stare at Owen's back as he stormed into the house. Was he being serious? If so, why was Jackson still working for him?

Sabrina cast one last quick glance at the stables and caught Jackson leaning against the opening to the stables, watching her. He tipped his hat, grinned and disappeared inside. Sabrina wondered what would happen if Jackson ever really caught her alone? But the thought was too unnerving and she shoved it away quickly and went into the house.


Looking to give Owen space after their brief encounter outside, Sabrina went to her room to change into some lounge wear. The best she could find in Celine's wardrobe was a pair of silky pajama type attire. At least it was actual pants and a shirt. After she changed, she remained in her room for half an hour then returned downstairs.

The wonderful smell of frying steak reached her before she made it to the kitchen. She paused in the kitchen doorway. Owen stood over the stove, tending to the steak in the frying pan. He wore jeans, socks, and a white t-shirt. His wet dark brown hair glistened almost black from his recent shower and his musk cologne mingled wonderfully with the scent of cooking meat.

"Smells good." She said softly, not sure if she meant the steak or the man.

Owen flinched and tossed her a brief glance before returning his attention to the frying pan. "Since when does dead animal smell good to you?"

"Excuse me?" Sabrina entered the kitchen slowly, cautiously.

"Vegetarians don't usually like the smell of cooking meat." He stated without looking at her. "Have you forgotten how much you've bitched at me for stinking up the house with the smell of dead animal cooking?"

Vegetarian? Oh god, she d forgotten. Celine hadn't eaten meat in years. Great. Was she supposed to go the entire two weeks not eating any meat at all?

Sabrina laughed lightly. "Can't a girl's tastes change?"

Owen frowned and looked at her. Really looked at her this time. He eyed her attire as if he d never seen it before. "What the hell is with you lately?"

Panic tweaked the edges of Sabrina's heart. "What do you mean? I'm the same as ever." Of course that wasn't true. Even she could see how her actions and demeanor were worlds apart from that of Celine.

"No. You're not." He said tightly. He covered the frying pan with a lid and turned off the burner then faced her full on. "Ever since you came home the other night from that party at your sister's you've been different."

Sabrina swallowed tightly. "Different? How so?"

"Nicer. For one." He stared at her and she looked away. She knew the truth was in her eyes.

"And that's bad?" She asked softly, avoiding his eyes.

"No. It's fuckin' great." He said with a hard edge to his voice. "But it ain't you. The only time you've ever been this nice was when you wanted something. So why don't you just tell me what the fuck you want and lets be done with the game."

Sabrina raised her eyes slowly and met his. He was searching for whatever it was she wanted from him, when all she wanted was him. But she couldn't tell him that. She backed away and turned from him, moving towards the kitchen doorway. "I don t want anything." She whispered as tears burned her eyes. Nothing I can really have anyway. The tears spilled over as she hurried back up the stairs to her room and threw herself on the bed, crying into her pillow like a heartbroken teenager.

There was no way she could win in all this. She was married to Charles. Owen was Celine's husband. But Sabrina loved Owen. Loved him like she could never love Charles, or any other man. She realized she'd fallen in love with Owen at first sight. That very first time Celine had introduced him to her. That's when it started- not two years ago, but six years ago. How could she live six years- five of which she was married to Charles- without knowing she was in love with another man?

"Stop it." She snapped at herself as she sat up and wiped her eyes. "Just fucking stop. It doesn't matter when it happened, Owen isn't yours for the taking and you'd better get that through your fucking head."

She sat on the edge of the bed and wondered at her language. She'd never used such words before, never wanted to. Even if she had wanted to, Charles would've slapped her head off. It wasn't lady-like to speak that way. Of course, he could spew filth from his mouth and that was fine, apparently. But of course, he was a man and men were supposed to talk that way. But not women. Women were supposed to be submissive and meek and always speak with respect to a man.

A sudden image of Celine and the cabana boy jumped into her mind. Somehow she suspected that Celine didn't use the cleanest words when she was fucking Charles. But apparently that, too, was okay. Just not for his wife.

Sabrina's head was boiling. "Fuck you, Charles Braxton." She spit out fiercely. "You can go straight to fucking hell for all I care."


Sabrina gasped and flinched when she realized Owen was standing in the doorway. She stared at him wide-eyed. Oh god, he d heard her.

"What s the matter, sweety?" Owen drawled coldly. "Finding out that your perfect man ain't so perfect after all? Now it's all making sense."

Still fuming from her thoughts, Sabrina stood to her feet. "Never once did I think Charles was the perfect man-" She faltered, cutting herself off. "What's making sense?"

"You." Owen said, leaning against the door frame. "Why you're being so nice, why you let me fuck you without giving me shit."

"What're you talking about?" Sabrina pressed, frustration and anger and pain welling up inside her all at once.

"Charles dumped you, didn't he?" Owen smiled but it lacked humor. "And you ain't used to that. A man don t leave you till you're through with him, right? Charles turned the tables on you and now you're feeling uncertain and vulnerable, and you've come running back to me to lick your wounds, not to mention other areas."

Sabrina bit her lower lip to prevent herself from blurting out the truth. Tears filled her eyes. Owen stood and watched without a shred of compassion in his eyes. But why should he feel sorry for her? From where he stood, his wife had just been dumped by the man she was having an affair with. Inside he must be ecstatic, reveling in her humiliation and pain.

"You don't know what you're talking about." She told him quietly. "Can you please just close the door and leave me alone."

"As you wish." He said tightly. "Not like it's the first time you kicked me out of our bedroom." Owen pulled the door closed hard and she could hear his heavy footsteps as he returned downstairs.

Why had he come up here in the first place? Was he going to offer her dinner when he overheard what she said about Charles? Despite the turmoil inside her, she realized she was starving. She hadn't eaten lunch at the club, and the little she'd had for breakfast came back up after her encounter with Jackson. She was running on empty- literally.

Instead of going back downstairs though, she laid back on the bed and tried to fall asleep. She couldn't face Owen right now, and she was certain he really didn't want to be looking at her either.

Out of pure emotional exhaustion, she quickly fell asleep.


When Sabrina opened her eyes, the bedroom was pitch black but for the glowing red digital clock on the night stand. She rolled over and picked up the small clock. Midnight.

She replaced the clock and sat up slowly. She'd slept over six hours, yet her body still felt tight with tension and a throbbing in her forehead was beginning to move steadily through her head.

A faint nausea welled inside her. She needed to eat something.

She turned on the bedside lamp then left the bedroom. She moved quietly through the second floor hallway and down the stairs. The house was dark on the first floor but for the dim stove light in the kitchen.

Sabrina considered turning on the overhead light in the kitchen but decided against it. Owen seemed to fall asleep on the sofa occasionally and the bright kitchen light would reach into the living room. If he was in there tonight, she didn't want to chance waking him.

The stove light was enough to guide her through the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and studied the contents. There was a plate with plastic wrap covering two of the steaks Owen had cooked for dinner. If she took one, he would know it was her and Celine was a vegetarian. But she was too tired and too hungry to care at this point.

She took the plate to the counter near the stove, unwrapped it and picked up one of the cold steaks. She considered nuking it but didn't want to create any unnecessary noise. Besides, she didn't think she could wait even a couple minutes to eat. She picked up the steak and bit into it. Even cold it was delicious.

She moaned in ecstasy and took another bite. In minutes the steak was gone. She considered going for the second one but decided she'd better leave one for Owen in case he wanted it for lunch tomorrow.

After returning the plate to the frig, she searched for something else to devour. One medium steak was not enough to satisfy her raging appetite. She discovered some sliced ham and grabbed it along with some cheese and mayo. In moments she had a ham sandwich. She poured herself a glass of milk and returned all the contents to the frig, gathered up her midnight snack, and headed back up the stairs.

With her appetite sated for the moment, Sabrina laid on the bed and gazed up at the ceiling. What was she going to do? How could she go on letting Owen believe she was Celine? She hated lying to him. And by not telling him what he had a right to know, in her book was the same as lying.

Her skin began to grow chilled as she lay on top of the blankets. For a summer night, it seemed to be getting awful cold. She started to crawl beneath the blankets when she thought about Owen. Had he fallen asleep on the sofa again? She hadn't checked when she was downstairs. The last time she saw him that night, he hadn't been dressed very warm.

She left the bed and returned downstairs. The sofa was empty. She glanced towards the guest bedroom. Was that his room now that Celine no longer wanted him in their bed? It occurred to her that she didn't even know where he slept.

She crept to the bedroom door and opened it slowly. The shades on the window were open and bright moonlight flooded the room. Owen was asleep in the bed. Sabrina watched him for a moment, started to leave, then noticed his blankets had been shoved down. She went to him quietly, and carefully covered him up. He mumbled something in his sleep, unintelligible words. She smiled sadly and longed to crawl into bed with him, let his warm body chase the chill from her own.

Before she realized what she was doing, she leaned over and kissed his lips softly, lightly. "You're a good man, Owen." She whispered close to his mouth. "I'm sorry for everything."

She started to turn away when he mumbled in his sleep again, but one word was recognizable; Sabrina. Had he really spoke her name or was she imagining it. She gazed down at his sleeping form. "Just my imagination." She whispered and turned away.

"Charles is a fool..." Owen murmured in his sleep. "He don't deserve a woman like you."

Sabrina froze. Her pulse quickened. That's what he'd said to her that night two years ago, just before he'd kissed her. Just before they had...

She walked slowly back to the bed. Was he dreaming about that night? Was that the only time he remembered? In his dreams? Or had he remembered it all along?

Owen began to grow restless. He kicked his blankets off. He was nude and his arousal was clearly visible. "Sabrina..." He moaned.

Sabrina's heart thundered in her chest and throat. He was dreaming of that night. She knew she should go, leave him to his dreams and memories, but instead she sat down on the edge of the bed then slowly laid down beside him without touching him.

Her heart broke for the man. Much like her, he was caught in a life he hadn't bargained for. All he had was a few stolen memories to keep him warm at night. The same memories that warmed her when life itself felt cold and unwelcoming.

She knew it was wrong to be here with him this way, but she didn't care. Celine had robbed him of the life he deserved, as Charles had robbed her of the same. If it was wrong, then it was wrong. She didn't give a damn anymore. You couldn't play by life's rules when life didn't play fair.

Sabrina shed her silky lounge wear then reached down and pulled the blankets up over them both, scooting close to his strong body. He seemed to calm a bit when he felt her next to him. She caressed his face with her fingertips and whispered softly, "Shhh...I'm here, Owen."

He shifted in his sleep and pulled her into his arms. She wrapped her leg over his hip and slid her slick pussy across the top side of his hard dick. He responded instantly, found her mouth with his and kissed her with the hunger of a starving man. His arms tightened and he rolled on top of her, his throbbing cock quickly finding entrance to her aching pussy.

She gasped at his size and thickness as he sank to the very bottom of her canal and the head of his dick pressed even deeper into the opening of her womb. Except for her two other encounters with Owen, she'd never had cock this size inside of her. And even now it was different. Owen wasn't fucking his wife in anger and frustration, and he wasn't drunk. He was with her. Really with her. And unlike the swiftness of their love making that New Year's Eve night, this time he moved against her with slower thrusts as if he wanted to really explore her, make it last.

"Owen." She moaned softly against his ear as she held him close. She wrapped her legs up around his waist and lifted her hips to each of his thrusts, sliding her pussy up his long, thick dick.

His mouth moved to her throat, kissing and sucking her tender, heated skin. His strong hands found her full breasts and squeezed them in his palms, his fingers pinching her hard nipples then massaging away the slight pain. Then his mouth was on her breasts, sucking and nipping at the firm flesh, finally seeking out a hard gumdrop nipple and sucking it hungrily into his mouth.

She gasped and tightened around him as he continued to fuck her with slow, controlled thrusts. She wondered if it would be sacrilegious to pray and ask God to make this night last forever? Still, she longed for it never to end.

She caressed the back of his head as he moved to her other nipple and devoured it as hungrily as the first. Slowly, his thrusts quickened a bit as he drove his dick into her with more force, beating at the door of her womb. Tears filled her eyes at the thought of having his baby. But that couldn't happen, she couldn't allow it. Yet here she was, no protection, with no will of her own to stop what was happening.

Owen's lips found hers again and he kissed her hard but with passion rather than anger or frustration. He was lost in his sweet dream, and she was awake in hers. She kissed him back, allowing his tongue to slip inside her mouth. She sucked at it, causing him to fuck her even harder.

She broke their kiss with a sharp gasp as he began to rock them on the bed. Her nails dug into his muscular back as his strong body moved against hers fast and urgent.

"Owen..." She cried out softly as she felt the orgasm rising inside her. "Yes...oh god, yes..fuck me, Owen..."

His thrusts gained urgency as his control steadily faded away. He clutched the sheets on both sides of her and used all his strength to drive his dick into her pussy.

"Yes!" She cried out, afraid she might wake him, but at the same time unable to stay quiet.

He panted and groaned loudly, his hot breath searing her skin. His fucking intensified rapidly as he grew closer and closer to ejaculation.

Sabrina gasped and cried out sharply as she climaxed hard. The feel of her inner vaginal walls flexing and squeezing around his cock brought Owen the rest of the way.

He yelled loudly and came hard, filling her up with his hot semen, pumping her fast and fierce until there was nothing left for him to give. He gasped deeply and relaxed on top of her, his heart pounding through his chest, his breathing erratic.

With a satisfied groan, he rolled off her onto his back and lay still, his chest still heaving but slowly settling into the smooth rhythm of sleep. Sabrina gazed at him in the moonlight, breathless but thoroughly satisfied. Could he really still be asleep? She wondered.

After a moment to catch her breath, she left the bed, covered him again with the blankets then leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips. "Sweet dreams, Owen." Her lips lingered against his as she added in a bare whisper. "I love you."

With that, she slipped from his room and returned to her own. Only when she was crawling into her own bed did she remember that she'd left her clothes on the floor beside Owen's bed. But she was too exhausted to return for them.

Maybe he won't notice them, she thought tiredly as she drifted off to sleep.


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