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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 1, 2013    Reads: 4,226    Comments: 6    Likes: 10   

Owen came awake to the ringing of the phone. Sabrina was cuddled against his body, her head on his chest, asleep. She stirred as he moved, but didn't wake. He grabbed the phone and answered it before the ringing could disturb her peaceful sleep.

"Hello?" Owen's voice was thick with sleep.

"Hello." A male voice came through from the other end. "May I speak with Celine Briggs?"

Owen frowned and glanced at Sabrina still fast asleep. It took a moment for his mind to clear. "She's...still asleep." Owen said slowly. "This is her husband. Can I help you?"

There was a pause on the line, then, "This is Detective Riley from the New York police department."

Owen's guts tightened and cramped. The New York police? "What is this about?" Owen asked cautiously, quietly. He glanced at Sabrina again then slid out from under her and left the bed. He was still naked and grabbed his jeans as he went to the bedroom door and slipped out into the hall.

The detective hesitated then offered reluctantly, "Your wife's sister - Sabrina Braxton - was found dead in her hotel room this morning. Gun shot...to the head."

Though the real Sabrina lay safe and asleep in his bed, just hearing the detective speak her name, say she was dead...it filled him with a crippling sickness and dread.

"I...I don't understand." Owen spoke low, unsteady. "She was...murdered?" Owen's mind was spinning. Had Tony somehow... "And her husband...Charles Braxton?"

"Mr. Braxton was found shot in the back of his limousine. It seems Mr. Braxton had given a woman a ride to the airport, according to the limo driver. But the driver didn't get a look at her. He heard the gunshot but the woman was already out of the car and gone before the driver saw her."

Owen frowned. "A woman shot him?"

"According to the driver."

"And...Sabrina? Was she the one who..."

"The thing is." Riley stated slowly. "The bullet that killed Sabrina Braxton...matches Charles Braxton's gun, which he had on him when his body was discovered."

Owen frowned and shook his head slowly. What the hell? "Charles shot Sabrina?"

"It appears that way." Riley said. "But this is an ongoing investigation and we're still gathering facts."

Owen spoke with the detective a few more minutes then went to the kitchen. He set the cordless phone on the counter and tugged on his jeans. It was still dark outside but the clock read 4:45. He fixed a fresh pot of coffee as his mind raced. Had Charles really shot Celine? Or had it merely been set up to look that way? When Owen had asked Tony about Charles and Celine, the man had simply said Karma would take care of it. He wondered now what exactly Tony had meant by that.

Owen returned to the bedroom, shed his jeans and slid back under the blankets with Sabrina.

"Where'd you go?" She murmured through her sleep.

"Nowhere, baby." He kissed her hair and laid back on the pillows, staring at the ceiling. Sabrina cuddled up to him once more and laid her head on his chest, quickly sinking back into sleep. He stroked her hair with his fingertips.

Am I supposed to feel bad, God? He asked silently as his entire marriage flashed behind his eyes, scene by scene, heartache by heartache, betrayal by betrayal. Images of Jackson rose in their place. Jackson raping Sabrina right here in this house. In Owen's own home. Celine had handed Sabrina over to the bastard in payment for her own debts.

"Forgive me, Lord, if I don't get choked up." Owen whispered tightly. He looked down at Sabrina sleeping peacefully on his chest. He stroked her cheek with his fingertips. "We're free, baby." He murmured. "It's over. Rest easy."


Sabrina opened her eyes slowly and reached for Owen. When she touched empty bed, her eyes opened wider. Owen wasn't in bed. She pulled his pillow into her arms and breathed deep, the lingering scent of his cologne still clinging to the pillowcase. She smiled and closed her eyes.

"Lucky pillow." Owen spoke up suddenly from the doorway. He held a steaming cup of coffee in each hand. A incredibly sexy smile danced across his lips, making Sabrina's heart flutter in her chest. "I'm jealous."

Sabrina smiled. "Well, then, come here and take it's place."

Owen grinned and came to the bed. He wore an open button down flannel shirt that exposed his deeply tan, muscular chest, and jeans. He handed her one of the cups and sat on the bed next to her, his back against the headboard and his legs stretched out on top of the blankets, ankles crossed.

Sabrina scooted up to sit beside him. She held the sheet up over her naked breasts with one hand while she sipped her coffee. Owen sipped from his own cup as his hungry eyes lingered on her chest. He set his cup on the bedside stand then reached over and slowly tugged the sheet away from her breasts.

"Shouldn't cover up such a beautiful sight."

Sabrina smiled and held the cup with both hands as Owen gently caressed her full breasts. Her breath quickened a bit as his thumb circled a hard nipple.

"I love how your hands feel." Sabrina murmured as she touched the rim of the cup to her lips and gazed at Owen from beneath her thick lashes.

"My hands love to feel you." He smiled and leaned in to kiss her neck. He squeezed her breast more firmly and sucked at the tender skin of her neck.

"Owen..." Sabrina moaned. She set her cup aside and gripped the back of his head.

Owen's mouth moved lower to her breasts. He tugged at her stiff nipples with his strong lips, moving from one to the other, sucking, biting gently, igniting the fire inside her.

"Oh god, Owen..." She shuddered. "You don't play fair."

Owen lifted his head and gazes at her with heavy, heated eyes. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Never." Sabrina breathed and smiled.

Pleased by her answer, Owen pulled her down lower in the bed and began to taste every inch of each breast, licking up between them, underneath each swell of flesh, biting and sucking her nipples. Sabrina gasped and clutched at him. Her inner core ached fiercely, painfully, as her body cried out to be taken by Owen.

Her hands grabbed desperately at the fly of Owen's jeans. She could feel his raging hardness beneath the course material. Owen dropped one hand down and helped her unfasten his pants as he panted against her heaving breasts. He gasped hard when her hands tugged loose his throbbing erection and began to stroke him firmly. The plump head was already leaking juices and Sabrina used them to lubricate the thick shaft as she stroked him with more urgency.

"Oh fuck, baby." He gasped around a hard nipple as he thrust his cock through her hands. "Oh my god, I want to be inside you so bad."

Sabrina gripped his shoulders and shoved him over onto his back. She left the blankets and knelt between his legs, wearing only silky pajama shorts. She grabbed his jeans and tugged them down his legs as he kicked them off. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he watched her slide her hands up his legs then lean in drag her tongue up the underside of his dick.

"Oh my god." He shuddered violently.

She engulfed his cock in one shot, taking him deep into her throat. Owen swore sharply and clutched the blankets on both sides of him, gasping hard as she began to stroke him and suck him with enthusiasm.

Owen gripped the blankets more fiercely as his jaw clenched. "Oh fuck, baby!" He thrust his cock into her mouth in time with her strokes. "Yes...oh god...your mouth feels so good..."

Sabrina sucked and stroked him until he was panting and groaning erratically. A sudden strangled cry rose in his throat as his cock swelled in her mouth. She worked him with hands and mouth.

"GOD!" Owen cried out fiercely and released.

Sabrina closed her eyes as an intense sexual pleasure rushed through her as she accepted all Owen surrendered to her.

When he began to relax, she moved up beside him and dropped warm kisses on his damp chest. He cupped her face and kissed her deep, passionate, his breath hot and ragged against her lips.

"When you're able, baby." He groaned through their kiss. "I'm gonna pay you back a hundredfold for what you're doing for me now." He kissed her with hunger. "You'll pass out before I'm done with you." He kissed her again. "But I know how to revive you."

Sabrina smiled and touched his face. Her soft lips brushed across his mouth in a light kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too." Owen murmured against her lips, then drew back and gazed at her. Something flicked through his eyes.

"Owen...what is it?" Sabrina asked softly, uncertainly. Something in his eyes was making her insides tighten with anxiety and she didn't know why.

Owen stroked his fingertips across her cheek. "Get dressed." His voice had a veiled tightness to it. "We need to talk."

"Is something wrong?" Fear invaded Sabrina's heart. She knew there was a part of just waiting for everything she loved to be ripped away from her. She didn't know if it was an irrational fear, but it gripped her nonetheless.

Owen kissed her softly. "Just get dressed, baby." He murmured against her lips. "And then we'll talk." Owen left the bed and pulled on his jeans. "Come down to the kitchen when you're dressed." He opened the bedroom door then looked at her. "It'll be okay, baby. Don't worry."

Sabrina nodded slowly. He left the room and closed the door behind. The anxiety inside her remained. She was certain Owen wouldn't let anything tear them apart now, but there was clear unrest in his eyes when he said they needed to talk.

Leaving the bed, Sabrina began to dress slowly.

Please, God, let everything be okay.


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