Sins of the Sister

By: AMS1971

Chapter 21,


Night pressed heavily at the large windows. Rain ticked and splattered in a non-stop assault as the strong wind whipped it against the glass.

An emptiness hollowed out Sabrina's chest. Too much had happened too suddenly and her mind was struggling to deal with it, piece it all together and figure out how it fit. The only good thing in this nightmare that had somehow become her life – was Owen.

As if he had been cued, the door opened and Owen entered. She didn't have to look to know it was him. She'd grown familiar with the sound of his footsteps, his strong stride. And the way her heart just seemed to know when he was near, even when her mind didn't.

He grasp her right hand in both his, his warm, strong fingers closing around it. Her eyes closed briefly as the warmth spread throughout her body, easing her physical and mental anguish. A tear slid down her cheek. His warm lips kissed it away.

“Sabrina.” A tightness squeezed his masculine voice, resonating a fear that she felt responsible for. She had suffered more than her share in this night alone, but Owen had suffered as much or more. He was the innocent bystander riddled with the shrapnel of this chaotic battle. A battle between her and her sister that she hadn't even known was raging...until it was too late.

“Sabrina. Baby, it's me.”

Sabrina opened her eyes slowly. Her head felt heavy as she turned to him. His handsome face gazed at her, tight with tension and fear. But a deeper emotion overshadowed the worry, enhanced the warmth inside her and chased away the chill of that awful night.

“I love the way it sounds.” Sabrina whispered, gazing softly at Owen.

“The way what sounds, baby?” Owen asked thickly, squeezing her hand gently.

Sabrina drew her hand from his and touched his face, tracing her fingertips over his lips. “My name on your lips.”

Owens eyes glistened. He smiled. “I love the way it sounds too, baby.” He leaned over and kissed her mouth, then took hold of her hand again.

“Did...did you talk to the doctor?” Sabrina whispered.

Owen drew up a chair and sat down. “Yeah. I did.”

Sabrina bit her lower lip as fresh tears filled her eyes. “It wasn't yours, Owen. It couldn't have been...not yet.”

“I know.” Owen pressed his lips to the back of her hand.

Tears slid down Sabrina's cheeks. “I...I feel relieved.” She choked out over a sob. “God, Owen, what kind of person does that make me? To feel relieved that I'm not...that I'm not going to have another man's baby? How horrible does a woman have to be to feel relief that she...she lost her child?”

A fit of violent sobs overwhelmed her. Owen left the chair and pulled her into his arms, holding her tight against his warm, strong body.

“Don't do this, Sabrina.” He murmured against her hair. “It was God's choice to take the baby. You didn't give it up.”

“But how can I feel...” She choked on a sob and buried her face in his throat.

“Answer me something, baby.” Owen whispered, holding her securely. “Would you have loved this baby if it had been born?”

Sabrina trembled in his arms. “God, yes.”

“Would you have resented it because it wasn't mine? Because it belonged to a man you didn't love?”

Hard sobs shuddered through her. “No. Never.”

“Then that's all that matters.” He told her softly. “There are a lot of awful, horrible people in this world.” He drew back and lifted her chin so he could look in her eyes. “But you, my darling Sabrina, are not one of them.” He dipped his head and kissed her lips.

“I love you, Owen Briggs.” She trembled against his mouth. “I've always loved you.”

“I love you too.” Owen kissed her again, more deeply. Sabrina could feel the passion in him flaring even now. She also felt him resist it and pull it back, knowing this was not the time or place.

The door opened suddenly, drawing both their attention. Dr. Kwon stepped in. “The officer's here to speak with you.”

Owen nodded. “Can you give us just a minute before you send him in?”

“Of course.” Kwon stepped out, closing the door.

Sabrina tensed in Owen's arms. “What officer?”

“It's all right.” Owen assured her. “He just wants to ask us about what happened tonight.”

“They have to do it right now?” Nausea pinched Sabrina's stomach. The last thing she wanted to do was recount the night's horrifying events.

“Apparently so.” Owen looked down at her, his eyes sober, serious. “I need you to do something for me.”

“I would do anything for you, Owen.”

Owen drew in a deep breath and released it slow. “I need you to tell the cop that you don't know who...attacked you. Tell the cop the man was wearing a mask.”

“Okay.” Sabrina said slowly, frowning. “But why do I need to lie?”

Owen cleared his throat. “Jackson has been dealt with. He can't be implicated in this. If he is...the cops will start looking for him. And when they can't find any trace of him...”

“They might look to you as a suspect.” It wasn't a question. Owen would be their prime suspect when the man who raped his wife suddenly disappeared. She met his eyes. “Then I'll lie.”


“Why are we going back to the guy's house?” Sammy was still visibly on edge from their encounter with Jericho, every now and then a shudder running through him as if he were trying to physically shed the unsavory sensations left behind.

Though amused, Tony pitied the younger man. Nothing like a huge beast of man wanting to get his cock in you to undermine a young man's masculinity.

“I made a promise.” Tony said.

Sammy glanced at him as they pulled up to the old fence that wrapped the grungy yard. He followed Tony's eyes to the mangy dog laying half out of its dog house. Sammy began to shake his head slowly.

“Oh, no fucking way.” He rubbed his hand over his mouth and shot Tony with a hard stare. “Are you fucking kidding me? That thing hates me.”

Tony grinned and opened the door. “Guess you'll just have to make friends with him.”

Sammy snorted. “This night just keeps getting better and better.”

Tony chuckled and stepped out of the car then headed for the lopsided yard gate.

Sammy sat behind the wheel, shaking his head. “The dog.” He groaned. “Really?


When the officer left, a measure of relief spread through Owen. The cop had bought their story that the attacker was a stranger. They would conduct their investigation, but they wouldn't find anything. Jackson hadn't been mentioned. There was no cause for them to consider that Owen's hired hand had been the one who attacked Sabrina.

“You should rest.” Owen squeezed Sabrina's hand. She held onto him tightly.

“Stay with me.” She whispered.

Owen sat in the chair next to the bed and held her hand in both of his. He kissed her fingers. “I'm not going anywhere, baby.”

Sabrina gazed at him. Her eyes were weary and heavy but they refused to close, as if she were afraid he would be gone when she opened them again. The depth of love resonating from her was nearly more than he could take. Even at the beginning of his marriage, Celine had never looked at him this way. He doubted she had ever loved him. And now the mirror image of her face was looking at him with a love that squeezed his chest tight and tore at his heart. He couldn't imagine spending another second of his life without her.

“Marry me.” The words shuddered off his lips before he realized they were there, but he had no desire to draw them back.

Tears glistened in Sabrina's eyes. “And Celine?”

Owen shook his head slowly. “I'll divorce her.” He kissed Sabrina's hand and squeezed his eyes shut then opened them slowly. “I would've left her that night two years ago...if I'd thought you would leave Charles to be with me.”

Sabrina untangled her hands from his and traced her fingertips down his face. “I would've left Charles for a heartbeat.”

Owen stood and leaned over her, kissing her lips softly, then more deeply. He drew back a little, his lips still touching hers. “It's our turn now, baby.” He murmured. “Our turn to live our lives for us...and no one else.”

Sabrina slid her arms around his neck and kissed him warmly. “I will.” She whispered thickly, the shimmering tears slipping free. “I will marry you, Owen hell with Charles and Celine.”

Owen smiled and slid his arms around her, hugging her tight against his chest. “To hell indeed.”

To hell. He suspected Hell was truly their destination...with Jackson along for the ride.


"Didn't Tony call for a clean sweep?" The short, stout man went to the bed and looked at the woman.

"Don´t worry about Mr. Braxton, Ian." Ace said absently. "He´s taken care of."

Ian glanced over his shoulder at the taller man. "Karma?" He raised an eyebrow.

Ace nodded and looked around, then settled his attention on the body on the bed. "Is it clean?"

Pressing two fingers beneath the curve of the woman´s jaw, Ian held them in place a moment then withdrew his hand. “It's clean.”


Karma straddled Braxton's hips and rode his cock with enthusiasm. Her full, beautiful tits bounced in his face. His hands gripped her ass tightly and moved her up and down on his shaft.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby.” Braxton panted hard. “Get it, girl. Get this cock.”

Karma moaned loud, whimpered and cried out as she arched her back and worked her pussy on his member. They liked it when the woman made noise, made them feel like they were getting the job done. Not that Braxton wasn't getting the job done. Her moans and cries weren't forced. He knew what he was doing.

He laid her back on the floor of the limo and held her knees in the crooks of his arm as he fucked her deep and hard. His cock was like a steel rod. He'd already cum once, but he hadn't went down. The man was insatiable. But Karma had yet to meet a man she couldn't handle.

“Yes!” Braxton grunted hard and he slammed his cock into her, hitting bottom with force. “Fuck! Baby, give it to me! Give it to me!”

Karma fucked him back, thrusting her hips up to him, pumping her pussy on his cock.

“God, I love a horny bitch!” Braxton growled, gripping her legs and pulling her onto his cock forcefully. His body slapped against hers as his face twisted with sexual agony. He began to howl with the intensity of a powerful orgasm, then drove his cock in hard and held it as his back arched and he yelled out loud, bursting inside her, filling her with more cum than most men excreted in two or three ejaculations.

“Oh fuck.” He gasped hard when the orgasm released him. He dropped back against the seat, his cock slipping from her full pussy. It remained firm and heavy, laying up against his heaving stomach.

Karma scooted up beside him, rubbing her hot, damp tits against his chest. He grinned and played with her hard nipples. She rubbed her hand up and down his cock.

“Suck it again.” Braxton said breathlessly as he gripped the back of her head and gently but firmly pushed her mouth down to his wet cock.

Karma took his cock in her hand then sucked it into her mouth. She could taste herself on him, but she had tasted herself many times on men's cocks. She liked the taste of her own heat. Braxton leaned his head back and closed his eyes, groaning thickly. His chest rose and fell as his hand rested on the back of her head, holding her on his cock.

“Damn, baby, your mouth was made for cock sucking.” He thrust his dick into her mouth, moving her head up and down on it. “Oh my cock could live in your mouth. Maybe one day I'll invite you out to my mansion and you can spend days on end fucking and sucking me. How's that sound, honey girl?”

Karma moaned around his cock.

“Yeah, baby...I'd love to fuck you in my large bed.”

Karma raised her head, drawing her mouth off his cock. “You're not married?”

Braxton grinned, his eyes were beginning to droop from sexual exhaustion. “Sabrina? Shit, I've been fucking around on Sabrina since before we were married. She's not a problem.”

“Good.” Karma smiled. “Some wives can be such bitches to the women their husbands are fucking.”

Braxton chuckled. Karma's phone vibrated in her small black purse. She retrieved it and read the new text message. A smile pulled at the corner of her mouth as she closed the phone and put it away.

“A boyfriend?” Braxton asked.

Karma shrugged. “Something like that.” She nuzzled his neck, licking his damp skin. “Not important.”

Braxton drew in a deep breath and released a sigh. “We're almost to the airport.” He said reluctantly. “We should get dressed.”

Karma drew back as Braxton scooted up on the seat and slipped back into his shirt then tugged on his pants. He leaned against the back of the seat and began fastening his shirt buttons. Karma dressed and sat on the seat next to him. She slipped one hand into her purse as she combed her fingers through his hair with the other.

“Want to know a secret.” She murmured close to his ear.

The limo pulled to a stop. The driver's voice came over the small intercom announcing their arrival at the airport. Braxton pressed a button on the roof. “One moment.” He smiled at Karma and raised an eyebrow. “Sure. Why not.”

Karma kissed his ear softly, sliding her tongue around the perimeter. “That woman you shot?” She whispered. “She's waiting for you in hell.”

A sudden tension gripped Braxton and he jerked away from her, looking at her hard. “What the fuck did you say?”

Karma smiled coolly. “Is something wrong, Mr. Braxton?”

“Who the fuck are you? How do you know my name?”

Karma slowly withdrew her hand from her purse, bringing with it a very small handgun. “My momma named me Carmen. But my special friends call me Karma.”

Braxton stared at her uncertainly, even fearfully. “Special...friends?”

Karma slowly raised her hand, bringing the gun into view. A slow smile curved her sensuous lips.

Braxton's chest heaved as he whispered thickly, “Tony.” The name dissipating in the sudden soft gunshot.

The intercom came alive. “Sir? What was that?”

Karma kissed two fingers and pressed them to Charles Braxton's dead lips. “It's been fun, baby.” She murmured. “You were a great fuck.”

Karma opened the door and stepped out, walking away through the crowd as the limo driver's door flung open and he rushed to the back. She reached up, peeled off her blond wig and tossed it into a trash can then slid into the backseat of a black car idling at the curb.

She glanced out the rear tinted window as the car pulled away. The limo driver was searching the crowd as he stood at the open rear door of the limo. She turned away and smiled, ruffling her hand through her short black hair.


“When can I go home?”

Owen squeezed Sabrina's hand, kissed it softly. “Tomorrow, baby. The doctor just wants to keep you overnight for observation.”

“I wish we were home, in our bed together.” Sabrina whispered.

Owen smiled and pressed his lips to her hand again. “You know we couldn't make love.”

“I know.” Sabrina gazed at him and she could feel the love pouring from her own eyes. “But you could still hold me.”

A troubled look skittered across Owen's face. “Are you sure you can even sleep in that bed again, after...Jackson...”

“That's our bed, Owen.” She spoke softly, tears in her eyes. “And the more we make love in it...the more it will wash away what Jackson did there.”

It broke her heart to watch the tears slide down Owen's beautiful face. She wondered if he would ever fully get over the guilt he felt for what happened to her. She longed to be able to make him understand that he was in no way at fault, that he was the only truly innocent one in all this insanity.


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