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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Sabrina burst through the front door and ran for the bathroom. She dropped to her knees before the toilet and this time vomited full force, emptying the contents of her stomach.

Shaking, she finally stood to her feet and flushed the toiled then closed the lid and sat down. She hugged herself, her body trembling, as she cried openly. What kind of world had Celine created for herself? She was certain that what just happened with the hired hand was more Celine's fault than anyone's. How could her sister send her into all this with no warning? Was she really that heartless and selfish?

Knowing the answer whether she wanted to admit it or not, Sabrina went upstairs and took a quick shower, feeling dirty. Afterwards, she dressed for her meeting with her sister and left the house. She didn't look towards the stables, just the sight of it made her want to puke again.

When she arrived at the Braxton Manor (as Charles so eloquently named their home), she found Celine waiting impatiently inside.

"You're late." Celine announced as Sabrina walked through the foyer of her large home. For the first time in a long time, she took in her surroundings with a fresh eye. It was a beautiful place, with her husband's wealth evident in the expensive art on the walls and sculptures on their marble stands. She did understand why so many envied her for all she had- material wise. But when it came down to the important things, what did she really have? A cheating husband and a sister's betrayal. Even money couldn't buy peace of mind from that.

"Sorry." Sabrina said quietly, her throat tight as she looked at her twin. Despite all that Celine was, they'd still had a sister's bond. Now that was being taken away as well. And it hurt. It hurt like hell.

Celine gave Sabrina a quick once over with her pretty eyes. "You look like hell, sis."

Sabrina forced a smile. "A statement like that could backfire on my twin sister."

Celine laughed lightly. Sabrina could see why men were so taken in with her. She radiated life and excitement. Sabrina was aware that she herself did not radiate the same things. She was quieter and preferred solitude to the noise and chaos of parties and socials. She thought about Owen and Charles. Perhaps she and Celine should have switched places on their wedding days. Somehow she thought they would both be happier now.

"Earth to Brin."

Sabrina blinked. Celine was snapping her fingers in front of Sabrina's face. "Huh?"

Celine laughed. "I see life with Owen is already taking it s toll. It took me a good year to learn to zone out like that."

Sabrina smiled weakly. "Shall we go?" She didn't want to be here if Charles suddenly made an appearance. She was certain he knew exactly what was going on and she wasn't ready to face him yet.


Sabrina sipped at her glass of iced tea. The hot summer sun beat around the edges of the covered terrace of the Huntington Country Club, but the shade did little to ward off the heat.

Across the small round table from her, Celine was smiling and eyeing a good looking cabana boy who was lounging at the bar. Sabrina watched as her sister plucked an ice cube from her glass and began to slowly rub it on her neck and down between her barely concealed breasts, her eyes never leaving the cabana boy who watched with a pleased smile on his lips.

Sabrina looked down into her own glass. "You are married, you know."

Celine glanced from her object of desire, to her sister. "So?"

"So you shouldn't be flirting with other men." Sabrina pointed out. "How do you think that would make Owen feel?"

"Owen?" Celine chuckled lightly. "Oh sis, you have so much to learn about men. Do you really think he doesn't scope out other women? Come on. He is a man, after all. So why can't their philosophy be our philosophy?"

"What do you mean? What philosophy?"

"I may be married but I ain't dead." Celine chimed.

Sabrina stared at her sister. "Do you really think that's how Owen feels?"

Celine shrugged and lifted her glass to her full, red lips. "Don't know, don't care." She slowly licked up her straw then drew it into her mouth with her tongue as her eyes returned to the cabana boy.

"Owen's a good guy, you know." Sabrina said quietly. "And he would be a good husband if you'd let him. Why are you so cold towards him?"

"Been watching Oprah again?" Celine rolled her eyes. "Just because you and Charles have it made, that doesn't mean everyone's marriage is a fairytale. Owen loves that ranch more than he ever loved me."

"That's not true." Sabrina said. "And mine and Charles marriage is hardly a fairytale. Money doesn't equal happiness."

Celine smiled sweetly as if addressing an innocent child. "You are so naïve, Brin. Money is everything. Without it, you are nothing in this world."

"You don't really believe that." Sabrina said softly.

"Of course I do." Celine insisted. "Just the fact that you are the Mrs. Charles Braxton automatically sets you up for life. You're blessed, Sabrina." A sour look crossed Celine's face. "Something I'll never be with Owen. The only substance that man has is in his jeans."

"Celine!" Sabrina stared at her sister, incredulous.

"What? I m serious." Celine said smoothly. "Wait till you see it. It is impressive, can't deny that. But that's about all that's impressive about him."

Sabrina's face flushed at the recent memory of hers and Owen's morning love making session. "First of all, I don't plan on seeing your husband's..." She let the sentence finish itself. "And second, how can you talk about him like that? Don t you love him?"

Celine release a short, humorless laugh. "Love." She spoke the word with distaste. "Love is...incidental." She took a long sip of tea through the straw then set her glass back and stood up. "I'm all sweaty from the heat. I'm going to go out to the cabana and take a quick shower."

Sabrina said nothing as she watched her sister pass the cabana boy, smile, and walk on by. Moments later, the cabana boy left the bar and followed after her.

"You don't deserve Owen." Sabrina whispered. But wondered- was she any better than Celine? Did her sister really have to talk her into changing places with her? Deep down, didn't Sabrina want to play the role of Owen's wife, if only for a couple weeks? Twice now she d had sex with her sister's husband, and as much as she tried to deny it, she wanted it to happen again. She could still smell Owen's cologne in her nostrils, feel his strong, rough working man hands on her body. And yes, his impressive cock filling her up to capacity.

Sabrina shook her head as she felt her skin growing hot with a different kind of heat. What is wrong with you? She quietly berated herself. Owen is Celine's husband- not yours.

Celine. Sabrina glanced in the direction of the cabana cabins. Despite her own indiscretions, she was not her sister. She didn't screw every guy she encountered. Just your sister's husband, she reminded herself.

She sipped at her tea but couldn't stop her mind from envisioning Celine with the cabana boy. Maybe if she actually saw her sister in the act of cheating on Owen, she herself wouldn't feel so guilty for giving him what he deserved to get from Celine.

"Thin." She muttered as she left the table. "Fucking thin, chic. But it's all you got."


Sabrina crept along the secluded side of the cabana cabin that belonged to her sister. Even before she reached the window into the bedroom, she could hear the unmistakable sounds of two people fucking.

She peered cautiously around the edge of the window. Celine and her cabana boy were stripped naked and on the bed. Celine was on her knees and gripping the headboard of the bed while the cabana boy knelt behind her and fucked her doggy style.

Celine's back arched as she threw back her head and screamed for him to fuck her harder, faster. His hands gripped her hips fiercely as he drove his cock into her wet pussy like a piston in a well oiled machine. Her ample breasts bounced with the force of their fucking as she gasped and panted and moaned.

Sabrina had never watched two people fuck for real. She'd seen the occasional x-rated movie Charles, at times, insisted she watch with him. But that was on screen.

The cabana boy's handsome face glistened with sweat as did his entire muscular body. Deep pleasure resonated from him as he stabbed Celine's pussy with his swollen cock. "You like it like that, bitch?" He growled as he fucked her mercilessly. "Can't get enough of this cock, can you?"

Celine moaned loud and slammed her pussy back on his dick in answer to his question.

"Oh fuck!" The cabana boy yelled suddenly. "I'm gonna blow my wad, baby!"

Sharp cries fell from Celine's lips as she climaxed first. The cabana boy yanked his dick from her pussy as Celine turned around and covered his cock with her mouth and pumped him till he was cumming hard and fierce. She pulled the head out of her mouth and let the cum shoot into her mouth and on her face.

Sabrina felt her stomach turn at the memory of her encounter with the hired hand. But she wondered if it would feel as disgusting if she were doing it with Owen. Somehow she couldn't imagine anything seeming disgusting with him.

She turned away from the cabana room and made her way back to her table. Her body was tingling and a steady ache had settled between her thighs. She could feel wetness down there and told herself she was disgusting for getting turned on by what she just witnessed. Her sister had just cheated on Owen- again. And she got all hot and horny by watching. But wasn't that natural? The sight of two people having sex rarely failed to excite anyone watching. It was a pure physical, carnal reaction. It didn't make her want to join them or take her own turn with the cabana boy. Although it did make her long to be in Owen's bed right about now.

"Stop it." She hissed at herself. "For crying out loud, what the hell is wrong with you?" But she knew, didn't she? Yesterday morning, when Owen reminded her how it felt to be fucked good and hard, he awoke something inside of her she d been carefully holding at bay since that New Year's Eve party two years ago. She'd conditioned herself to a life without intimacy, but that session with Owen yesterday had shattered all that. He'd reminded her that she was every bit as sexual as Celine, just not as loose. She only wanted to fuck one man- even if it was her sister's husband.

Fifteen minutes later, Celine returned to the table looking refreshed and freshly showered. She took her seat across from Sabrina and hailed the waiter for a fresh glass of iced tea, then smiled at her sister as if she hadn't just fucked yet another man who wasn't her husband.

"So." Celine smiled when the waiter set a fresh glass of tea before her and she began to sip at it. "Is all well? Is the plan going to go forward?"

Sabrina gazed at her sister, the recent image of Celine's infidelity fresh in her mind's eye. A part of her despised her twin for the way she was. But another part almost envied her for her lack of inhibition concerning just about everything in life. What did it feel like to just not give a damn about anything? To be totally free of guilt? Sabrina wasn't sure she really wanted to know, but still she wondered at the sense of freedom it must award someone.

"Everything is still on track." Sabrina assured quietly. Despite what she had learned about Celine and Charles, she found that she had no desire to derail their plans. To do so would mean going home to Braxton Manor, returning to a husband who had never really loved her but simply wanted a trophy wife to hang on his arm. Home for her was cold and lonely. But the ranch...even with Owen's hostility towards her...it had a warmth to it, the sense that it could be a real home if it was just given a fair chance.

A sudden, unbidden image of the incident in the stables arose in her mind. The hired hand's words rang in her head. He wasn't through with her. Was she really prepared for another such encounter? One which would likely be even worse next time? But then there was Owen. She would find a way to deal with the hired hand, but for now, despite the deceit- and possible threat- involved, Sabrina wished to stay where she was.

"Awesome." Celine smiled winningly. "You are the best, little sister."

"Little sister?"

"You know I'm older." Celine reminded.

"By barely a minute." Sabrina pointed out.

Celine's laugh floated gently on the afternoon breeze. Her pretty blue eyes sparkled as the breeze lightly lifted her honey blond hair. She was beautiful. Am I really as beautiful as her? Sabrina wondered as she stared at her twin. It didn't seem possible, and yet looking at her sister was like looking in a mirror.

A sudden sadness welled deep inside Sabrina. She was slowly losing her best friend. And it wasn't just Celine s fault. She herself was playing a big part, but she didn't know how to end the game. Didn't know if she even wanted it to end. Not if playing the game meant being with Owen.

"I love you, sis." Sabrina said softly, and she meant it. Despite everything that was crumbling down around them, she still loved her sister.


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